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Happy Birthday to Tiffany Hwang, the one and only eyesmile angel!

July 31, 2012

A lot of little things in our lives have changed after we got to know Girls’ Generation and became SONEs. Little things such as the last day of the months, which used to be insignificant, are now the time to flip our calendars to see the girls of the next month on the calendar pages, be it from the official calendar or from fanmade ones. Of course, certain dates become more significant in our lives because they are related to the girls in one way or another.

Come midnight, August 1st is not only a brand new day, a brand new month but also a very special day, as it is the birthday of the one and only Tiffany Hwang from Girls’ Generation. August is made special not only because of Tiffany’s birthday but it is also complemented by the fact that the group’s debut anniversary falls on August 5th, mere days after Tiffany’s birthday.

2012 is the 5th anniversary of Girls’ Generation and it is also perhaps, the fifth birthday we have celebrated with the lovely Tiffany. For those of us who did not get to know Girls’ Generation right from the start, nothing can remove the sense of regret but with determination, we know that we will be right here to celebrate the many, many years to come and we shall walk along the path together.

Tiffany, the one who showed us the definition of eyesmiles, the one whom people will describe as sweet, kind and angelic, the one who is always there to support her members, be it dramas, musicals and Hyoyeon’s dancing competitions.

The past year has been a meaningful one for the girls and especially Tiffany. She took part in FAME the musical, her first attempt in musicals, and wowed everyone with her acting and singing. Along with Taeyeon and Seohyun, they formed a subunit trio TaeTiSeo and released a chart-breaking mini album ‘Twinkle’. Overall, we saw Tiffany maturing and taking a step further in various aspects as a performer.

The past year also saw Girls’ Generation taking a step towards the American music market and to American-born Tiffany, it was a dream come true to be performing on big stages in Los Angeles and New York, not to mention on the prestigious television programs such as ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ and ‘Live! With Kelly’. We can’t help but feel like we are bursting with pride for this girl who had left her hometown alone at such a young age to pursue her dreams and to be able to return home with her dreams completed.

For weeks, I pondered and fretted about what to write in this birthday tribute. However, at the end of the day, I realized that what matters most wasn’t the fancy words to use or the photos and videos to post. What’s more important was the memories we have shared of Tiffany and Girls’ Generation throughout the years (and certainly much much more to come in the future); these memories and fond thoughts will naturally make the heartfelt well wishes we hoped to deliver. Words and videos become repetitive but sincere thoughts from the hearts can only grow more, day by day.

With this, I would like to wish Tiffany a very happy, awesome, fantastic, great, fabulous [insert everything that's synonymous to nice] 24th Birthday! And huge thanks to the Thai SONEs and their warm welcome of Tiffany to the lovely country!

Also, a huge round of applause for Girls’ Generation’s 5th anniversary that’s coming up in just a few days! It’s the 5th anniversary but we know we will be around the 10th, 20th, 50th anniversaries to come! Happy 5th anniversary!

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Jessica is leaving KBS 2TV’s “Happy Birthday”

May 17, 2010

Jessica to leave Happy Birthday after just under a month on the show

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica will be making her exit from KBS 2TV’s variety show “Happy Birthday”

According to Star News’ Money Today on May 17th, Jessica will not be featured on the show after June 7th’s broadcast.

Jessica is scheduled to attend her last recording for “Happy Birthday” on May 25th. Her replacement is yet to be decided. The reason of her departure from the show is probably due to Girls’ Generation’s overseas activities in the second half of the year.

Jessica made her first appearance on the show on May 10th and looks like she is leaving after less than a month on the show. Jessica is the third Girls’ Generation member to quit a variety show after the departure of Sunny and Yuri from KBS 2TV’s Invincible Youth was confirmed last week.

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