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Soshi made a comeback on Music Core with 3 performances

October 22, 2011

On October 22nd, SNSD heated up MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ with 3 songs from their 3rd album, ‘The Boys’.

SNSD kicked off their comeback stages with the Korean version of the Japanese hit which took Japan’s Oricon Chart by storm, ‘Mr.Taxi’ and then followed by ‘How Great Is Your Love’ which highlighted the girls’ unique cuteness and innocence.

The lyrics for ‘How Great Is Your Love’ was written by Sooyoung and the beautiful melody of the song blended well with the 9 girls’ delicate voices.

The girls then appeared in elegant and luxurious medieval-era costumes for ‘The Boys’ as they pulled off a powerful and energetic performance with explosive dance moves and their always-impressive singing ability.

For those who missed the awesome performances earlier, here you go! Enjoy!


How Great Is Your Love

The Boys