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T-ara’s Hyomin received a special gift on her birthday

May 31, 2012

T-ara’s Hyomin revealed a certification shot with Sunny. The photo was most probably taken during the filming of ‘Invincible Youth 2′.

On May 30th, through her personal Twitter account, Hyomin posted, “Today is May 30th, I’ve received my birthday present. This kid…Sseobyung’s resurrection’. Along with her tweet, Hyomin attached a photo of herself and Sunny.

Sunny and Hyomin showed their close friendship by putting their faces close to one another while having the photo taken. Sunny’s cute facial expression particularly, has been garnering a lot of attention.

Sunny and Hyomin were known for their close friendship in the first season of ‘Invincible Youth’ back in 2010 and the special bond between the two had since become the topic of interest among fans and viewers of the show.

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Sunny is Hyomin’s daily vitamin

December 11, 2011

T-ara’s Hyomin showed her affection towards Sunny once again.

On December 11th, through her personal Twitter account, Hyomin tweeted, “Gulping my drink. Kick off the morning strongly yeah~ it’s good (thumbs up)” and revealed a photo of Vita500 with Sunny on the label. Sunny and Hyomin are known for their close friendship in KBS 2TV’s ‘Invincible Youth’ (Season 1).

Netizen who saw the photo commented, “I like to see the reunion Sunny and Hyomin as the SoonByung couple once again” and “It seems that she really likes Sunny very much”.

Credit: (Hyomin’s Twitter account)

Hyomin sent a birthday greeting to Lee Soonkyu

May 15, 2011

영화 써니 정말재밌다.. 그건그렇고 5월15일이네 써니야?? 생일축하한다!❤

“The movie ‘Sunny’ was really fun… It’s also May 15th, Sunny?? Happy Birthday!❤” – Hyomin

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Jessica-Hyomin Doppelganger story explained!

December 19, 2010

T-ara’s Hyomin was dubbed by netizens as Jessica’s ‘Doppelganger’ AGAIN after her recent transformation.

For the sake of the promotional activities for T-ara’s latest song ‘Ya Ya Ya’, Hyomin who kept her long hair for 4 years had to transform herself to suit their new concept and that involved cutting her hair short.

Due to her hairstyle transformation, netizens commented, “After cutting her hair, she seems to resemble Jessica” and “Hyomin is Jessica’s Doppelganger”.

About this ‘Doppelganger’ matter, Hyomin commented, “Jessica and I know about this. As much as I love to keep my long hair, I also want a transformation and thus, I have decided to cut my hair. After the transformation, a lot of stories about my resemblance to Jessica came along. It was fun though”.

She added, “Of course Jessica knew about this too. During her trainee days, Jessica was told ‘There is someone who looks like you’ and upon hearing that, she actually came to look for me. Since then, there were so many stories about us looking alike. Nowadays, Jessica and I laugh along whenever we hear these Doppelganger stories”.


Hyomin likes Sunny more than Shin Min Ah

October 30, 2010

Sunny and Hyomin’s close friendship at the 1st anniversary of KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth (IY)” garnered much interest from viewers and netizens.

KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth 1st Anniversary Special” was aired at 11.10pm on October 29th. The show highlighted the value of hardwork in country life as well as sweet memories and friendship among the members. A year had past since its first broadcast and the unity among its members did not change.

For the 1st anniversary broadcast, the first generation members who left the show half way due to their respective commitments were being called up again for the special broadcast. Sunny, HyunA and Kim Taewoo who had left IY for quite some time were reunited again with the members and the production crews of IY.

Sunny, HyunA and Taewoo were welcomed with warmth especially Noh Juhyeon, Narsha, Goo Hara, Han Sunghwa and Hyomin. Hyomin who is very close with Sunny from the beginning of IY’s broadcast, hugged and greeted each other.

In this episode, Kim Taewoo asked Hyomin with a calm voice, “Between Sunny or Shin Min Ah, who do you like more?” This question was asked because Hyomin and Shin Min Ah who both acted in SBS’ drama “My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox” recently are very close to each other as well. The photos of Hyomin and Shin Min Ah’s close friendhip were disclosed on the internet.

In reply to the question, Hyomin proudly said, “Sunny”. Taewoo then mentioned that recently, Hyomin and Shin Min Ah are close to each other but he thinks that Hyomin has not changed and she still likes Sunny more. Hyomin instantly said “The drama has ended”. Upon hearing that, Sunny smile and gave Hyomin a hug.

Meanwhile, Yuri could not make it to the 1st anniversary broadcast due to SNSD’s comeback schedules. However, Yuri sent a video message to all the members. Here it is:

..and here’s the translation:

“Hello! This is Invincible Youth’s nations daughter in law Yuri! I heard that today was IY’s 1st anniversary, but unfortunately because of our comeback schedule I am only sending member Sunny. Soonkyu, you have to do well okay? Noh Joo Hyun and to members of G7 you guys are doing well, right? I really really miss you all. Even though I couldn’t make it, I am always cheering for you by watching the shows. Everyone stay healthy! Fighting!”

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Short girl setting the bar really high

July 17, 2010
Sunny reunited with G7, Hyomin acting cool.

Sunny reunited with G7, Hyomin acting cool.

Yes, we all know that Lee Soongyu’s height is 155 cm +/- 3 cm but she’s not short at all in terms of being a singer, dancer and ….. GAGDOL. Most probably you won’t find this word in the dictionary but it is simply a combination of gag and idol.

Despite the fact that Sunny is no longer a member of G7, she proved that her gagability (another new word…lol) is natural. The G7 met up with Sunny in Hokkaido, Japan and as expected, she entertained everyone, on the set and in front of TV. Hyomin was excited to meet up with Sunny but acted cool at first and later gave in to her own feelings. We know she loves Sunny very much. Here’s a fact for you. Sunny and Hyomin’s birthdays fall on the same month on the same year. Yes, they were born in May, 1989 but Sunny is older by 15 days.

To be honest, Invincible Youth is really a great show, mainly because of Sunny and Yuri. Without them on the show, I’m sort of ‘not motivated’ to watch. Bring them back, KBS 2TV! The good news is that, Sunny will appear again on the episode to be aired on July 23rd.