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Sunny reunited with G7 besties for IY 1st Anniversary shoot

October 13, 2010

SNSD’s Sunny, 4minute’s HyunA, Kim Tae Woo will once again be reunited with the cast of KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth(IY)”.

On October 13th, the shooting for the 1st Anniversary of KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth” took place at Gangwon Province.

According to a staff, “Sunny, HyunA and Kim Taewoo participated in the recording of “Invincible Youth” and it has been a while since they met up with the current members of the show”.

Unfortunately, Yuri who left IY with Sunny in June this year could not participate in the recording due to her busy schedule.

Due to their Japanese debut, SNSD’s Sunny and Yuri and 4minute’s HyunA had to leave the show in June. Kim Taewoo on the other hand, had left IY temporarily in August to prepare for his upcoming new album.

The staff added, “It has been one year since the first broadcast. “Invincible Youth” has created a place for all the members to come together and have a meaningful gathering”.


[UPDATE 1]Sunny and Yuri – G7 no more!

May 14, 2010
Whos replacing Yuri and Sunny?

Who's replacing Yuri and Sunny?

It is now certain that Girls’ Generations’ Sunny and Yuri will not be showing up in Yuchi-Ri for the filming of KBS 2TV’s Invincible Youth from June onwards.

On May 14th, KBS staff confirmed in a phone conversation with mydaily that Sunny and Yuri will longer be featured on Invincible Youth starting June due to the fact that Girls’ Generation are set to enter Japanese market and also busy preparing for their First Asia Concert Tour. There have been speculation about their departure from the show since the announcement was made by KBS regarding the change of members, earlier this week.

Regarding the replacements, auditions are being carried out at the moment among girl groups to choose the new G7 members. The staff also confirmed that the rumor about Seonhwa from the group Secret leaving G7 is not true.

KBS Invincible Youth lovers will definitely miss Yuri’s dorkiness and Sunny’s aegyo and her bond with fellow G7 members such as Hyomin, HyunA and Hara. Poor Sunny as she will definitely miss her pet cow, Peureumi and also, poor Kim Tae Woo as he will be missing someone dearly!

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Update 1HyunA will be leaving too!

According to Kim Ho Sang PD, 4minute’s HyunA will also be leaving Invincible Youth. Sunny, Yuri and HyunA will have their last filming for the show on May 19th. This means that 3 members of G7 will be replaced.

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Must-Watch Performances @ MBC Gayo Daejun

December 31, 2009

Maknae took Sarang Bi (Love Rain) to a whole new level. She’s just awesome and her voice blended with Tae Woo’s powerful voice so well. They should seriously produce some songs together. I love it!!

I thought JYP’s Billie Jean cover was much better than SuJu’s (Sorry, E.L.S). That guy has so much talent in everything. Finally, my wish of watching JYP performing MJ’s dance moves came true. I remember mentioning about it yesterday that I hope to see him performing MJ. Wow, he must have heard me.

So, this is the special performance we’ve been waiting for – Taec and YoonA dating on stage. I like the Night Fever performance at the end. Nichkhun and Yuri were cute together. I just hope those fangirls of 2PM understand that this is just a performance.

The white team – a showcase of 3 beauties from 3 girl groups in wedding dresses. So, who wore it best? You be the judge. If you asked me, I’ll say Ga In.

The black team – Yuri, HyunA and Gahee burned down the stage with sizzling hot sexy dance. Ouchh!!! They had my eyes on fire!! Lol…

2PM and JYP – Heartbeat, Again and Again and Dance Battle. I just love the intro. Don’t get me wrong…I didn’t scream like the fans did (underwater scene). Seriously, those who are afraid of heights and water, don’t watch. By the way, the Matrix stage effect for Again & Again was really cool. JYP loved that song. Seriously, he should consider including a solo version of the song in his next album.

Our girls! Our angels! The wings look kinda scary behind the screen. The slow-mo part reminds me of a beer commercial (I couldn’t remember which one).

and lastly……..HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!!