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TaeTiSeo’s special goodbye stages featuring Sooyoung and Hyoyeon

June 1, 2012

Sooyoung and Hyoyeon will be appearing along with Girls’ Generation – TTS for their goodbye stages.

On June 2nd, Sooyoung and TaeTiSeo will have a special performance of ‘OMG’ on MBC ‘Show!Music Core’. Hours after Sooyoung’s appearance on ‘Music Core’ was announced, fans were thrilled with another piece of exciting news. Hyoyeon too, will be performing ‘OMG’ with TaeTiSeo at SBS ‘Inkigayo’ which will be aired on June 3rd.

A few weeks ago, TaeTiSeo mentioned that they would recruit Hyoyeon as a member of their unit. It seems that their wish to have Hyoyeon performing with them is coming true soon. Along with ‘OMG’ which is an electronic retro pop song, TaeTiSeo will also be performing ‘Twinkle’ at both of their goodbye stages on MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ and SBS ‘Inkigayo’.

During its one-month promotion so far, TaeTiSeo’s ‘Twinkle’ had won ‘Triple Crowns (3 wins in a row)’ on major music programs such as MBC Music ‘Show Champion’, Mnet ‘M!Countdown’, KBS ‘Music Bank’ and SBS ‘Inkigayo’.

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Girls’ Generation – TTS bags first Mutizen Song Award on Inkigayo with ‘Twinkle’

May 13, 2012

On May 13th, Girls’ Generation – TTS won their first Mutizen Song Award on SBS Inkigayo with ‘Twinkle’.

With the win, Girls’ Generation – TTS continue their winning streak after taking no.1 on Mnet M! Countdown and KBS Music Bank K- Chart this week.

Upon receiving the award, Taeyeon said, “Thank you. We are thankful to the members who have been giving us a lot of strength during our promotional activities as a unit group”, and formed the shape of a heart with her hands to express her gratitude to Girls’ Generation members for their support.

Tiffany added, “To the parents of TaeTiSeo members, we love you and thank you so much. Also, to our fans, SONEs, thank you so much”.


Girls’ Generation won first Mutizen for ‘The Boys’

October 30, 2011

On October 30th, Girls’ Generation performed ‘The Boys’ on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ and won the mutizen!

After winning Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’ on October 27th, KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank K-Chart’ on October 28th, Girls’ Generation once again proved that they are Korea’s unrivaled, best girl group by winning the ‘SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Song Award’ on October 30th, the third award they received on music programs so far since the release of their 3rd album ‘The Boys’ on October 19th.

Upon winning the ‘Mutizen Song’ trophy, Tiffany listed out the names of the people whom the girls are thankful to and said, “Although I am really thankful to all of you but I would also like to congratulate all the members here who had done really well. In the future, Girls’ Generation will work even harder”.

Congratulations to the girls!

For those who missed today’s performance and the moment of glory, here you go!


SNSD makes a comeback on Inkigayo with ‘Mr. Taxi’ and ‘The Boys’!

October 23, 2011

Despite not being able to attend SBS’s Inkigayo due to ‘SMTOWN Live in New York’ concert on Sunday, SNSD presented their comeback performances of ‘Mr. Taxi’ and ‘The Boys’ through a pre-recorded performance.

During the first comeback stage of ‘Mr Taxi’, SNSD wore outfits that resembled police officers’ uniforms and their dynamic performance attracted a lot of attention. Repetitive lyrics like ‘Taxi’ and ‘Jeuk-shi’ (instant) are especially addictive.

SNSD then performed their next stage with their new song, ‘The Boys’. Members performed with outfits and hairstyles that match their unique characteristics. The integration of the dynamic dance steps into the strong music and beats, made viewers exclaim with admiration.

Netizens who watched the performance commented, “It’s happy to see SNSD coming back”, “Seems that they’re becoming more and more sexy”, “They have drastic changes in the style of music” etc.

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All white in Jeju Island

April 24, 2011

On April 24th, SNSD performed ‘Hoot’ on ‘SBS Inkigayo – Wonderful Jeju Super Concert’ at the Halla Gymnasium, Jeju Island.

Clad in all white, the girls were one of the main attractions at the concert. As usual, they pulled off an impressive performance in front of the audience. The atmosphere was further heated up when the girls performed their popular “arrow dance”.

If you missed their performance today, no worries. Here it is:

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“Right Now, Psy’s Generation”

November 29, 2010

Psy is one happy man!

The man who was enlisted twice in the army is well known for his unique and energetic stage performance. On SBS Inkigayo aired on November 28th, his performance was even more special, with the support of 8 pretty angels, doing the arrow dance at the end of his performance, “Right Now”.

After his performance, Psy updated his me2day with a new post entitled, “므..훗!!! ( ̄▽ ̄)” and attached a group photo of himself and SNSD members.

Psy’s adoration for SNSD is not something new. Once, he was asked about his favorite girlgroup while he was serving in the army. Psy replied, “SNSD is a religion in the army”. He also mentioned that Yuri is his favorite member in SNSD.

With that photo, Psy could go around and boast “Jigeumun Psyshidae!”


[UPDATED] Soshi won Triple Crown for “Hoot”, joined Psy on stage

November 28, 2010

Soshi sealed their promotion of “Hoot” with an explosive success. It’s sad to know that “Hoot” promotion lasted only about 5 weeks. Nonetheless, within that short period of time, the girls managed to make a big impact to the music industry.

With the win, Soshi have successfully won their 2nd Triple Crown on SBS Inkigayo this year. Right before Kara’s “Jumping” performance, fans were entertained by a splendid performance by Psy, who had 8 extra dancers doing the arrow dance. They are none other than Soshi and it came to a surprise to everyone watching the show. Nonetheless, it was really HOT!

Kara who were also in the Take 7 congratulated SNSD sincerely for the Triple Crown victory. It was such an awesome sight as they hugged and gave a pat on the back to one another.

As usual, the girls thanked their company, family, friends and SONEs for every achievements. The girls once again showed that they felt the ‘void’ left by Tiffany due to her injury. During the winning speech, Jessica said, “We hope that Tiffany who is not on stage with us today would be well soon and be with us again. Fany, get well soon“.

If you happen to miss the performances, you have some catching-ups to do then. No worries because here are the awesome performances:

Soshi joined Psy in “Right Now” performance


Mutizen win and encore

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2010 MAMA is a ‘colorless’ event, Kpop stars focused on Inkigayo

November 28, 2010

The first music award ceremony of the year, the 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) seems to be a rather ‘colorless’ and meaningless event, with the absence of some of the big stars in the Kpop industry.

Popular groups who have made their names heard throughout Asia such as SNSD, 2AM, Kara, Beast, T-ara, Davichi, Rain, MBLAQ, After School, Son Dambi, 4minute, G.NA, etc will not be attending the 2010 MAMA.

The 2010 MAMA will be held at The Venetian Macau Hotel’s Cotai Arena in Macau at 7.00pm KST on November 28th. Although their names are in the list of nominees, some of these artists will be appearing on music program, SBS Inkigayo instead.

On SBS Inkigayo which will be aired at 3.50pm KST on November 28th, the list of artists and songs in Take 7 are:

- SNSD (Hoot)
- Kara (Jumping)
- Beast (Beautiful)
- 2AM (You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls)
- Psy (Right now)
- Orange Caramel (A-ing ♡)

This week’s Inkigayo will also feature the debut of ‘SM the ballad’ consisting of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Jonghyun, Trax’s Jay, and Jino. They’ll be opening their debut stage on Inkigayo with “Miss You”.


SNSD collected 16th mutizen, surpassed TVXQ’s record

November 21, 2010

On November 21st, SNSD won their 7th mutizen of the year and the 16th since their debut in 2007 on SBS Inkigayo. The win bettered TVXQ’s all-time record of 15 mutizens. No idea about it? Don’t be afraid as we have all the records for you:

1. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award (Girls’ Generation) 25th November, 2007
2. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award (Girls’ Generation) on 2nd December, 2007
3. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award (Kissing You) on 3rd February, 2008
4. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award (Kissing You) on 17th February, 2008
5. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award (Gee) on 18th January, 2009
6. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award (Gee) on 1st Feburary, 2009
7. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award (Gee) on 8th Feburary, 2009
8. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award (Tell Me Your Wish) on 12th July, 2009
9. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award (Tell Me Your Wish) on 19th July, 2009
10. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award (Oh!) on 11th Feb, 2010
11. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award (Oh!) on 21st Feb, 2010
12. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award (Oh!) on 28th Feb, 2010
13. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award (Run Devil Run) on 4th Apr, 2010
14. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award (Run Devil Run) on 11th Apr, 2010
15. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award (Hoot) on 7th Nov, 2010
16. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award (Hoot) on 21st Nov, 2010

The girls dressed in the cowboy outfit for the second time for their “Hoot” performance and the only difference was the number of Soshi members on stage.

After being announced the winner, Seohyun thanked SONEs, their managers, stylists, the company, their families. Jessica then ‘snatched’ the microphone from maknae and said, “Tiffany, we got no.1 again. Let’s have our activities together soon”, wishing Tiffany a speedy recovery from her knee injury. During the encore performance, the girls also did the fan chants at the beginning.

Here are SNSD’s cut for today’s SBS Inkigayo:


Mutizen and encore