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Soshi won first Mutizen for “Hoot”

November 7, 2010

Soshi grabbed their 6th Mutizen of the year today, November 7th with “Hoot”, just a week after their comeback performance on SBS Inkigayo. The girls sported cute red and pink costumes on Inkigayo today. If you’ve forgotten when these girls got their mutizens this year, do not be afraid. We have all the records for you here:

1. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award ( Oh! ) on 11th Feb, 2010
2. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award ( Oh! ) on 21st Feb, 2010
3. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award ( Oh! ) on 28th Feb, 2010
4. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award ( Run Devil Run ) on 4th Apr, 2010
5. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award ( Run Devil Run ) on 11th Apr, 2010
6. SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award ( Hoot ) on 7th Nov, 2010

Here are the vids – “Hoot” and Mutizen:


The golden spy girls graced Inkigayo with impressive performance

October 31, 2010

On SBS Inkigayo, the girls performed Yuri’s masterpiece “Mistake”. Dressed in white, the girls’ strong and unique vocals captivated the viewers, proving that they are capable of pulling off awesome performances for songs of any genre.

Soshi appeared in gold jumpsuit for their “Hut” performance. Sunny’s close-up wink definitely have us all “killed” on this pleasant Halloween Day.

Here are today’s performances:




SNSD eyeing for Triple Crown on Inkigayo AGAIN!

April 11, 2010
SNSD won two mutizens on SBS Inkigayo

SNSD won two mutizens on SBS Inkigayo

It will be really daebak if SNSD win next week’s mutizen on SBS Inkigayo for ‘Run Devil Run’ next week. This year, the girls had their first Triple Crown for ‘Oh!’ and they are now looking to add another one to their name. It will also be a really awesome gift for Jessica as her birthday falls on April 18th, the same day Inkigayo is to be broadcasted. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the girls. Here are the girls’ performances on today’s Inkigayo.

Run Devil Run


SNSD in all black for Inkigayo

March 21, 2010
Soshi gangstas on Inkigayo

Soshi gangstas on Inkigayo

SNSD made their comeback to Inkigayo with ‘Run Devil Run’ (RDR). Clad in the black outfits they wore in RDR MV, the girls were the last to perform, just before the Mutizen Song result announcement. The girls were not in their best condition and at times look rather uncomfortable. Probably they are still feeling tired after the filming of a CF at Jeju Island. Looks like their hectic schedules are affecting them again. Take care, Soshi! Anyway, this week’s Mutizen Song Award went to T-ara’s ‘Crazy Because of You’.

SNSD @ Inkigayo on 7th of March

March 7, 2010
Maknae Seohyun showing her love for Yuri unnie

Maknae Seohyun showing her love for Yuri unnie

SNSD won last week’s mutizen award despite their absence. They were presented the award for last week’s win on today’s Inkigayo. The soshis sent out their love to Yuri in their speech and wish that she will have a speedy recovery. Yuri is currently taking a break at home since she was diagnosed with H1N1 on 5th of March. Was it just me or Sooyoung was really about to cry there?

Here’s SNSD’s performance on today’s Inki!

Absence didn't affect Inkigayo Mutizen Triple Crown victory

February 28, 2010
Triple Crown victory on Inkigayo for SNSD despite absence

Triple Crown victory on Inkigayo for SNSD despite absence

Yes..they were absent. I guess they’re too busy preparing for the Encore concerts but nonetheless, their absence on this week’s SBS Inkigayo has no effect on their Triple Crown win. The only thing we missed from the show is their “Oh!” performance. The Triple Crown win means that they will not be eligible for the next mutizen award. On today’s Inki, T-ara made their comeback with their new songs, “내가 너무 아파(I’m so hurt)” and “너 때문에 미쳐 (Go Crazy Because of You)” while Kara are back with “Lupin”. Here’s the Take 7 and mutizen song result announcement for today’s Inki. I know, there are faces you don’t like in that video. Well, just ignore them. So, just look at Sulli…lol.

One more to go for Inkigayo Triple Crown

February 21, 2010
2 Mutizens in the bag!

2 Mutizens in the bag!

After taking the no.1 spot for 3 weeks in a row on KBS Music Bank, Girls’ Generation maintained their domination on SBS Inkigayo with their second Mutizen Award for Kenzie’s masterpiece, “Oh!”.

The second Mutizen Award means that the girls are only 1 win away from grabbing the triple crown on Inkigayo. On today’s show, Girls’ Generation performed “Show Show Show” and “Oh!”. Can Girls’ Generation grab their third Mutizen Award next week? I certainly hope they can! Here are the vids for their performances today. Enjoy!

‘Show Show Show


SNSD won mutizen on SBS Inkigayo with "Oh!"

February 14, 2010
SNSD wished fans a happy new year on Inkigayo

SNSD wished fans a happy new year on Inkigayo

As reported a few days ago, SNSD won their mutizen on SBS Inkigayo with “Oh!”. It’s now confirmed! The girls wished their fans/viewers a happy new year and they also revealed their new year resolutions. The tall girls hope they won’t grow any taller anymore this year. Lol….. Here are the vids of their performance on Inkigayo today! Enjoy!

SNSD won first mutizen on SBS Inkigayo

February 11, 2010


SNSD performing at the recording session for SBS Inkigayo

SNSD performing at the recording session for SBS Inkigayo

You might think that this is a rumor or something but I’m telling you it’s not. This week’s SBS Inkigayo Lunar New Year Special was recorded earlier today and SNSD won their first mutizen on the show. Something else other than the mutizen made me really happy. I saw no.12 on the stage. It’s good to see her on stage despite her current illness. Not sure of her current condition though but I guess she’s feeling better. The girls wore a different outfit again! We’ve seen 7 different outfits so far. Today, they were wearing green shirt with white hot pants. Here’s a fancam of the ‘Oh!’ performance to knock you out. OMG, the fanboys were really crazy there! Enjoy!!!