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Want to shoot a CF with YoonA? You can now!

October 22, 2012

A mobile application that enables phone users to shoot CF with YoonA was released recently. As the title ‘Shoot CF with YoonA’ suggests, the application was launched to promote Innisfree’s ‘Forest for Men’ line of products and ‘transforms’ users into the main character to shoot the CF alongside YoonA.

In the application, YoonA dances cutely and transformed into an interviewer as well as a photographer, showing her different kinds of charms. There are a total of three episodes of CFs in the application for users to enjoy – the dance, interview and photographer episodes.

When a user select the version that he/she likes and starts shooting, the ‘direct’ interaction with YoonA gives an impression to the user that he/she is filming the CF on the set. In addition to that, at the end of the CF, YoonA will be spraying the ‘Forest for Men’ Skin Mist, applying the ‘Forest for Men’ Handsome BB Cream and Moisturizing Cream on the user virtually, adding even more fun to the newly-launched application.

On the application, YoonA said, “It’s a pity that I’m not able to meet up with the fans as often due to my busy schedules but through Innisfree’s fun application, I’m happy to be able to interact with domestic and overseas fans. Particularly, through this application, the fans could become the main character of the CFs and I’m really looking forward to see new and interesting videos soon.”

Meanwhile, Innisfree’s ‘Shoot CF With YoonA’ application is available in Apple iOS and Android versions and can be downloaded through the Apple Appstore and Google Play respectively.


Have a Green Christmas with Yoona and Innisfree!

November 18, 2011

A teaser video of a socks band’s unrevealed live practice scene was uploaded to YouTube by Innisfree on November 14th, featuring Girls’ Generation’s Yoona as the vocalist in the socks band, and the video attracted more than 20,000 views in just one day.

On November 18th, the full video was uploaded and it contains live scene of Innisfree’s surprise event held in one of its store, where Yoona made a special appearance as a member of a socks band instead of a Girls’ Generation member.

Yoona’s socks band surprise performance is prepared for a new campaign by Innisfree, where customers are encouraged to purchase Innisfree limited products with ‘clean Christmas’ seals, together with a 500 Won donation for a charity event ‘Save the Children’.

The full video of Yoona’s socks band is expected to attract more attention.

Check out the video below!

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YoonA charms with ‘Jeju Travel Diary’

August 9, 2011

YoonA’s recent photo shoot on Jeju Island was revealed.

YoonA went to Jeju Island for the publication of ‘Jeju Eco-Healing Travel’, which is a cooperated production with cosmetics brand ‘Innisfree’.

The ‘Jeju Eco-Healing Travel’ is a guide book published by ‘Innisfree’, which helps by purifying body and heart by providing travel tips on Jeju Island, covering areas like nature, people, food and accommodation.

At the same time, videos portraying YoonA’s ‘Jeju Travel Diary’ was released, revealing YoonA’s beautiful appearances. YoonA’s photo shooting scenes and her love for the island will be revealed in the special videos. The videos will be presented in 5 sections, which will be available on Innisfree’s Youtube channel.

Currently, the ‘O’Sulloc Tea Museum’,  ‘Camellia Hill’ and other sections are already available. YoonA’s natural images as she enjoyed Jeju’s nature and sceneries received good responses from many people.

Meanwhile, check out the four parts of YoonA’s ‘Jeju Travel Diary’ here!

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YoonA: No tissue papers, please

May 26, 2011

For the sake of Earth’s well-being, YoonA recommended everyone to use Innisfree’s eco-handkerchief instead of tissue papers.

As part of her activities as the model for the natural cosmetic brand, YoonA introduced Innisfree’s ‘YoonA’s Jeju Handkerchief’ which is produced in conjunction with Innisfree’s ‘Eco-Handkerchief Campaign’.

YoonA who is taking part in the 2nd ‘Eco-Handkerchief Campaign’ said, “While carrying out activities as a model for Innisfree, I’ve visited Jeju Island very often and without realizing, I was captivated by Jeju’s beauty and fell in love with it. As we have performed in many places overseas, I felt proud of the cleanliness and beauty of our country and realize the importance of maintaining it that way”.

In support of the campaign and expressing her love for the nature, YoonA added, “To kick of this campaign, I’ll use handkerchief instead of tissue papers. Through this small exercise, we could preserve the cleanliness and beauty of our nature. I hope many would come forward to participate in this campaign”.

In the limited period of just 1 month (within June only), customers who spend more than 10,000 Won will be entitled to a piece Eco-Handkerchief with YoonA’s autograph on it.

Along with the Eco-Handkerchief that illustrates YoonA’s kindness, limited editions of Innisfree’s best products ‘The Green Tea Seed Serum’ and ‘Green Tea Mineral Mist’ will also be made available. The limited edition of ‘The Green Tea Seed Serum’ will be available in 160ml bottles, which is 2 times its original volume (80ml), at a reasonable price.

Starting from June 1st onwards, 10% from the sales of the limited edition items will go to Jeju Olle. The purchase of these products will not only maintain the cleanliness of the skin but also preserving the beauty of nature.


YoonA unveiled haircare secrets

May 3, 2011

YoonA has unveiled the secrets to healthy hair.

Innisfree stated, “In order to match her hairstyles with her costumes for her songs (concept) and performances, YoonA’s hair had undergone frequent dyeing, perming, and styling.Therefore, to maintain healthy hair, a more thorough management of the scalp and hair is required”.

The secret tips shared by YoonA on hair care covers the use of shampoo, massaging the scalps with fingers, etc. YoonA explained, “After washing with shampoo, apply the essence once on the wet hair and let it dry. After that, apply the essence once more”.

YoonA who shot an Innisfree CF in Jeju Island not long ago, introduced the natural haircare line ‘Camellia Hair Line’ which contains the camellia oil which has excellent skin and hair conditioning properties.

Meanwhile here is the latest 30-second Innisfree ‘Green Tea Seed Serum’ CF featuring YoonA.


Here comes the Goddess with flawless skin

March 17, 2011

Recently, cuts of YoonA’s Innisfree CF had surfaced on online communities.

From the images, YoonA who is the model for the cosmetic brand, showcased her unique natural beauty, especially her ‘elastic’ baby-like skin and fair complexion. Thus, she was dubbed as “Goddess” by fans.

Netizens who saw the CF cuts commented, “Her skin is so good”, “That’s completely baby skin”, “No wonder she’s a goddess”, “She’s fit to endorse cosmetic products”, “Bban Jjak Bban Jjak NoonEe Boo Shyu~ (from ‘Gee’)”, “Her smile is so pretty”, etc

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Netizens WOWed by YoonA’s unedited ad photos

February 16, 2011

Recently, YoonA’s unedited advertisement images on online community sites have garnered much attention among netizens.

Some of YoonA’s latest unedited ad photos for a cosmetic brand (most probably Innisfree) were revealed and apparently, netizens were WOWed and amazed by her milky white and flawless skin complexion.

Netizens who saw the ad images commented, “Skin beauty…I’m exhausted from saying ‘pretty’ too many times”, “Although there are dark circles below her eyes, she is really pretty”, etc.

Meanwhile, YoonA’s appearance in TVXQ’s ‘Magic Castle’ when she was 15 have also attracted a lot of attentions from fans and netizens.

The craze for YoonA’s baby-like skin

September 23, 2010

It is the wish of many women to be as pretty as YoonA. From the photos taken at the SM Party which were revealed by actress Lee Yeonhee through her minihompy, YoonA’s natural beauty har garnered attention from netizens.

After looking at the photos of their favorite artists, a netizen commented, “I can see the real personalities of actors and singers from the photos. Particularly YoonA, as I like her cute and simple appearance. I want to have her baby-like shiny skin.”

A chairman of a clinic in Cheongdam-dong which specializes in dermatology, Hwang Se-Il said, “To be popular in the entertainment industry, members of girl groups need to have good singing skills as well as beautiful appearance as these are the factors that will make fans love them. YoonA’s skin is baby-like, such that it is as white as snow and elastic. She is getting so much attention as she is the ideal model for women who want to have skin like her.

Hwang added, “YoonA naturally has good skin and she knows how to love and take good care of her skin. The reason why many women are attracted to YoonA’s beautiful skin is that clean and smooth skin gives good impression as well as confidence to a person and also to people around him/her.

The advertisement industry is very sensitive to public’s reaction and those in the industry have the same impression about YoonA and her beautiful skin.

A staff of an advertising agency who worked with YoonA said, “YoonA gave me a good impression and she’s full of confidence. She is very polite and she always gives her best. I’m impressed by her attitude. Her clean and smooth skin plays an important role in my observation and assessment.”

A representative of cosmetic brand, Innisfree (YoonA is the brand’s CF model) said, “YoonA’s usual clean image which can be seen through her music activities and dramas matches the pure concept of the Innisfree brand and thus, she was chosen as the model for the brand. YoonA’s unique and lively personality, which appeals to many also played an important role in the decision of selecting her as the model.”


YoonA wants you to take out your hanky

August 26, 2010

Naturalism Brand Innisfree model YoonA was named as an honorary campaign ambassador for “Eco Handkerchief Campaign.” Innisfree in celebration of brand launching of 10 years will campaign under the slogan “Use Handkerchief for the mother earth.

“She took commemorative photographs introducing 10 tips for using Eco handkerchief instead of waste paper in various circumstances such as drying hands after washing them with handkerchief instead of Hand dryer or wastepaper, wrapping a present with Handkerchief, using Handkerchief instead of using paper holder for cold beverages.

YoonA said, ” The thought that a small action using handkerchief instead of using waste paper can revive the forest and wood and the earth made me actively participate in this campaign.” She also said,” through the campaign I hope more people are aware of the eco-friendly earth and show interests and participate in keeping the environment.”

Translation: Lee Sungjae@Great Korea Facebook Page