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[Interview] Girls’ Generation, “We want to go on a world tour!”

February 3, 2012

“Were we intimidated by the audience?” (Tiffany)

“Not at all! We enjoyed the stage.”

It was just as expected from Korea’s top girl group Girls’ Generation, as they appeared one after another on main American talk shows. On January 31st, the girls appeared on CBS’s show ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ showing a strong and synchronized performance, and then appeared on ‘Live! with Kelly’ the next morning on February 1st grabbing the attention of viewers across America. Of course, wherever Girls’ Generation went, a crowd of fans also followed. After their recording at ABC, Joongang Daily met up with Girls’ Generation at their hotel.

It is the first time that a Korean artist appeared on all three main broadcasts, how do you feel?
Tiffany: I guess since I grew up in America being told that we would be appearing on these shows made me cry.

Weren’t you nervous?
Sooyoung: Because it was a live performance we felt a little bit of pressure. And on top of that it was David Letterman Show’s 30th anniversary so that just made it even more nerve wrecking.
Tiffany: During the rehearsals we were all jetlagged, but once the camera started rolling, we all screaming and just enjoying ourselves.
Taeyeon: It was the first time that we had performed this song with a live band, so it was very exciting for all of us. If another opportunity arises, we wish to perform with the live band again.

What kind of conversation did you share with David Letterman?
Jessica: Mr. Letterman shook our hands and told us that our performance was ‘absolutely fantastic’. We were all happy after hearing that.

How was the talk show with Kelly Ripa?
Seohyun: It was fun when we were teaching Kelly one of our dance moves. We all enjoyed ourselves. And a lot of our fans were also in the crowd, so it really gave us strength when we heard them singing along and cheering us on.

The audiences’ reaction was very hot.
Tiffany: We were only able to get this far due to our loyal and passionate fans. Wherever we go, they were always with us giving us strength. But we were really surprised to hear our fans cheering from inside the American TV studios.

Last year you performed at Madison Square Garden and now three main broadcasting stations. What is your next goal?
Yuri: We want to start an American tour, and dreaming a bit bigger, our big hope is to also do a world tour.
Taeyeon: We travel a lot overseas for our solo concert as well as other performances so there is one little thing that I wish to accomplish. And that is going on a world tour in our own private plane. (laughs)

In order to increase your activities in the US, wouldn’t you need to study more English?
Tiffany: We are studying hard in order to do our interviews all in English. There are a few members that are especially good at learning languages, such as Sooyoung and Seohyun.
Sooyoung: Thank you! (smiles)

Do you have plans on releasing an English album?
Tiffany: We do have plans on releasing an American album around spring or summer. Please look forward to its release.

Having nine members and having to always be around each other, do you get into fights or arguments?
Yuri: Of course we do. But because we all grew up together from such a young age we’re all pretty much sisters. We know what the other wants just by looking at their eyes.
Tiffany: Just like any family, if there is a mischievous and cheeky member, there’s also the kind and gentle older sister-like figure. We’re just one big family.

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[Interview] Girls’ Generation talks about winning Daesang for 3 consecutive years

January 13, 2012

After the ’26th Golden Disk Awards’ at Kyocera Dome, Osaka on January 12th, Daily Sports (ISPLUS) met up with Girls’ Generation backstage and had an interview with them. Here are the contents of the interview:

Question: How did you feel when Girls’ Generation was announced as the winner of the Daesang?
Taeyeon: We were really thankful. We did not realize it at first when it was announced in Japanese. Only when ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae’ was mentioned, we realized it was us. (laughter) Until now, the smiles seem to be stuck on our faces. It reminded me of last year. We could not hold back our tears when we received the award last year and we are really happy to receive it again this year.

Question: Did you expect to win the award?
Tiffany: We wanted to win it. (laughter) However, we were nervous about it along with other great artists. Because we worked very hard last year, we would be satisfied even if we didn’t win the award. We are thankful for the award.

Question: At this moment, Who comes to your mind?
Sooyoung: Definitely, we thought of our fans first. Thanks to our fans, we were able to receive this award. Thank you so much.

Question: Last year, when you were receiving your Daesang, all the members were sad because Tiffany who suffered an injury to her leg could not be there. I think it must be special since all nine members are here to receive the awards.
Tiffany: It feels really great. I think I’m the happiest and most excited among all of us. It feels good to be with the members and I will work even harder in the future.

Question: What was 2010 like to Girls’ Generation?
Jessica: We were extremely busy. It was nice to be able to meet a lot of overseas fans. Please wait for a while more as we will be meeting you again.

Question: Girls’ Generation won the New Artist Award in 2007, Digital Daesang in 2009 and Disk Daesang in 2010. This year, you have won Bonsang and Daesang too. Girls’ Generation seem to have a good bond with Golden Disk Awards.
Yuri: It was really an honor. It was really great to receive the award. I think this year will be a happy year for us too.

Question: In the recent 3 years, without fail, Girls’ Generation have been winning the Digital and Disk Daesang on alternate years. After Kim GunMo, Girls’ Generation are the second artist to have won Golden Disk Daesang for 3 years in a row.
YoonA: Now that you mentioned it, I’m getting the goosebumps immediately. Ah, because ’3 consecutive years’ was mentioned, I think I’m feeling the electrified sensation all over. We are thankful and we will work even harder to perform better to achieve good results next year too.

Question: Since debut, Girls’ Generation have been on the rise continuously. However, I think there must be some difficult times too. When was it?
Tiffany: Everytime there is a difficulty, I face and get through those tough times together with the members. I’m thankful to all the members.

Question: What are your plans for 2012?
Seohyun: Since last year, we had our Arena Tour in Japan. We plan to continue performing this year too. While we’re going on our Arena Tour, we also hope that our dream of having a world tour will materialize. We would like to greet our fans often.

Question: Would you like to convey some messages to your fans around the world?
Girls’ Generation: Thank you for this really big award. 2012 too is Girls’ Generation!


[Interview] Seohyun’s interview for Sports Korea’s 7th anniversary

June 28, 2011

In conjunction of Seohyun’s birthday and also Sports Korea’s 7th anniversary, an interview with SNSD’s maknae was conducted. Here is the content of the interview:

SK: First of all, happy birthday.

Seohyun: Thank you. Happy birthday to Sports Korea too.

SK: Do you know there is a special bond between yourself and Sports Korea?

Seohyun: I was surprised to hear about that in the past. I think the reason is because Sports Korea always writes good articles. Haha.

SK: How did you feel?

Seohyun: I thought that this is the kind of fate we wanted. In the future, please watch over me. Am I being too serious? Haha.

SK: We made a collection of articles from SNSD’s debut to the present day. We want to give you this as a birthday gift.

Seohyun: Wah! It’s first time I’ve seen this. (silently read the articles for some time) This is something new as I used to only see this on the internet. You’re really giving this to me! This is an unforgettable birthday gift. I have to show this to my unnies.

SK: It feels as if this is the first individual interview you had after debut was yesterday.

Seohyun: That’s right. Then, I knew nothing. I didn’t know what to talk about and what kind of article will be produced.

SK: (Points at the article) seeing your appearances during debut, how do you feel about it? Do you feel shy or feel like hiding?

Seohyun: Not at all. The bangs made me look really cute. It’s good to look at my old appearance again.

SK: In the past, you mentioned in an interview that you would like to act in a Japanese drama.

Seohyun: I still have that dream now. I was into ‘Nodame Cantabile’ last time and recently I’m interested in ‘Glow of The Fireflies’. I hope there will be a day when I get to act in a Japanese drama.

SK: At that time, you have not embarked on your Japanese activities. Looking at these articles, it seemed as if SNSD’s advancement to Japan was predicted.

Seohyun: Haha. That’s awesome. It was a dream that became a reality. Although we worked hard to achieve that goal, i think people around us also helped us. The name ‘Girls’ Generation’ itself contains a dream, right? It’s none other than establishing an era where girls’ shine in the whole world. From ‘Girls’ Generation’ to the time when it becomes ‘Grandmothers’ Generation’, let’s do it together.

SK: When was your most memorable moment?

Seohyun: It was during our first broadcasted performance where I stood with the members on stage and we cried. I thought it was finally the day we show ourselves to the world after the hardships we endured during the trainee days. I think I will never forget those moments. Looking at the past interview, I felt amazed and decided that we should not forget about our original intentions. However, unknowingly, there have been changes among us bit by bit. That is what I’m afraid the most. I’ll try to stay the same always.

SK: Recently, there were a lot of talks about the concert in Paris. Is the Korean Wave a reality?

Seohyun: Yes, definitely. Due to the continuous efforts by the seniors, it seems that the Korean Wave are getting the attention now. We don’t think it’s something that comes out of a sudden. I think we are lucky that we are carrying out our activities now. We also have to be sensitive to the responsibility at hand. We have to open the path now so that in the future, others can embark on their overseas activities more successfully.

SK: What is the individual work that is memorable to you?

Seohyun: I did a duet with Joo HyunMi sunbaenim. It’s because she is someone my parents like. I could not believe I had a chance to do a duet with her and I was really nervous. She held my hand throughout our performance and that was how I was able to complete it. Thinking about it now, I’m really thankful to her.

SK: Since you debuted at a young age, are there any complications?

Seohyun: The difficult part is that every single action or issues, even if it’s really a small one, people would take notice. I have to be very careful with anything I do. Now that I’m used to it, I feel very thankful even if someone take a small interest in me.

SK: It’s Sports Korea’s 7th anniversary. Would you like to say something?

Seohyun: It’s always nice meeting reporters from Sports Korea. Are you going to be hardworking and trustworthy? Please give us good articles in the future. How about always giving good news about SNSD too? Greetings to you all. Please stay tune.


Metro News’ 9th Anniversary: Special interview with SNSD

May 30, 2011

SNSD sent congratulatory messages to Metro News in conjunction with the 9th anniversary of its founding. SNSD, within less than 4 years after debut, are currently known as Korea’s national girl group and also, Asia’s upcoming top girl group who steadily takes on the global stages. The 9 girls stated that they wanted to be a part of Metro News’ happy moments.

Together with Metro News, after 4 years of debut

Debuting in August 2007, SNSD have been gracing the professional stages for less than 4 years. With an average of 5 years training duration for each member, their success today came from their tireless efforts during those trainee days. Metro News was one of their companions during those hard times.

“Before SNSD’s debut, I enjoyed reading Metro on the way to school and practice. With the interesting articles, I had fun every morning.” (Taeyeon)

After a long period of training, they finally debuted and they can still remember clearly the first time they appeared in Metro News (July 18th, 2007, Page 34 entitled “9 pretty high school girls ‘Female SuJu’ unveiled”)

“I can’t forget the happiness and thrill that day. I remember because the members were excited and happy, we couldn’t even read the articles properly.” (Sooyoung)

The girls thought that the reason for their success is mainly because they were able to show the public their growth, which is similar to that of Metro.

“We are always thinking of new concepts in order to present fresh images. We are encouraged by how the fans appreciate our changes and look forward to further changes. I think Metro’s attractiveness is the changes it has undergone.” (Yuri)

“Thank you for giving us these memories.” (Hyoyeon)

“I wish Metro will grow even more than the past nine years.” (Tiffany)

“Please keep providing good news, news that shine like morning sunshine.” (Sunny)

May 31st Japan tour, reaching out to overseas market

SNSD will be opening their ’1st Japan Arena Tour’ concerts in Japan starting May 31st. The tour will take place in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Saitama until July 18.

“The most memorable moment last year was our first showcase in Japan. In the midst of fear and excitement on a foreign land, we couldn’t believe how the fans welcomed us.  We wish to meet fans in many places and make new memories and meaning in every place we go.” (Seohyun)

After the Arena tour in summer, the girls will meet Korean fans as they kick off the “2011 Girls’ Generation Tour” on July 23rd and 24th. The girls have proven their outstanding vocals and brilliant stage performances throughout the ‘Into The New World 1st Asia Tour Concert’. Thus, fans can expect to see the girls showing their great teamwork and awesome performances during the upcoming concerts.

The concert in Seoul, which will be the start of second Asia tour, will be followed by Taipei, Nanjing, and other major Asia cities. Their activities are not confined to within Asia only. One June 10th and 11th, SM Entertainment will be holding their very first joint concert in Europe, the ‘SM Town Live World Tour in Paris’.

“I’m already looking forward to see the extend of K-pop’s impact on Paris. I was touched by our fans of various nationalities during the concert in Los Angeles last year. I think I will be touched again.” (YoonA)

SNSD’s position in terms of popularity in Japan’s music industry would be further strengthened with the release of their first Japanese album, “Girls’ Generation” on June 1st.

“Even though we haven’t been active in Korea for a long time, we hope to go back with more maturity through the experiences gained in foreign countries.” (Jessica)

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[Interview] SNSD answered interesting questions from kids

May 5, 2011

It’s May 5th, Children’s Day. ‘Dispatch News’ conducted an interview with Korea’s national girl group, SNSD! Although the girls are busy with their activities, album preparation and concert practice, they managed to spare some time to participate in the interview.

They are indeed the national girl group. There were a lot of different questions from the children to the girls; from SNSD members’ handphone numbers, reasons for wearing hot pants to the group (between Super Junior and SHINee) they get along better.

To suit these young children, SNSD members who are full of their own unique charms, gave some hand gestures while replying to the questions to help them understand better and this made the interview more interesting.

Interview (D represents Dispatch News who conveyed the questions from some children)

D: SNSD noona(sisters), why do you cry whenever you get first? (Choi SungJae, 8 years old)

Tiffany: Did we cry whenever we get no.1? (Looking at other members) Ah, we did.
Yuri: I think among the nine of us, we take turns crying.
Tiffany and Hyoyeon: Whenever we get no.1, the members would keep on crying because we feel very happy inside our hearts.

D: Sooyoung noona, since your name is Sooyoung, can you really swim well? (Choi SungJae, 8 years old)

Everyone: No. She can’t. Sooyoung can’t swim.
Sooyoung: Noona’s name is not the sport ‘swimming’ (went on to explain her ‘soo’ and ‘young’). Children, when you grow up and have started to learn hanja, you would understand what noona’s name means. I’m not related to this sooyoung (‘swimming’, moving her arm). However, children, if you want, noona will learn how to swim this summer.

D: As I want to grow long hair, I wish to know how can I grow them like unnies? (Kim JiMin, 8 years old).

Hyoyeon: (Touching her hair) Think a lot about your hair growing long. Long.Long…..
Sunny: (Touching her hair) Long hair.
Tiffany: If you eat well, It won’t take long for your hair to grow.
YoonA: That’s right. Your meals must be balanced. If you eat a lot of food with protein, your hair will grow very very fast.
Taeyeon: Black beans are good.
Tiffany: If you obey your parents, your hair will grow fast.
Hyoyeon: Aye. That’s right.

D: SNSD unnies. Do you like Super Junior? Do you like SHINee? Who are you closer to? (Kim JiMin, 8 years old)

Tiffany: I can’t choose. Yes.
Taeyeon: All of them.
Hyoyeon: Super Junior are really cool oppas, right? SHINee are really cool hoobaes (juniors), aren’t they? Am I right?

D: SNSD noonas. What are your telephone numbers? Please let me know your handphone numbers. (Yoon JaeMin, 8 years old).

Yuri: 1004~ noona’s number 1004~
YoonA: 010~
Tiffany: My number is bbyeong bbyeong bbyeong~bbyeong bbyeong bbyeong bbyeong.
Sooyoung: Instead of asking for our phone numbers to send us greetings,  you can help noonas much more if you cheer for us when we are performing on stage. Our children, please support and cheer for SNSD always.

D: SNSD noonas, even during winter, why do you wear hot pants? You don’t feel cold? (Yoon JaeJoon, 8 years old)

Sooyoung: It’s cold. (Looking at Jessica) Cold, right?
Jessica: Yes, it’s cold. Very.
Hyoyeon: It’s because We have to look pretty in the costumes that match the songs we are performing…
Sunny: Also to show that we are healthy
YoonA: When we are not on stage, we wear long pants.
Tiffany: When we are not on stage, we put on a few layers of clothes.
Yuri: Dear children, when you are cold, do not wear short pants like unnie/noona. Please take care of your health and wear long pants.

D: SNSD noona, are you nervous when you’re on the stage? When do you feel nervous the most? (An JungJin, 10 years old)

Sooyoung: The time when i am most nervous. I think it should be before we get onto the stage. Since we enjoy ourselves while we are performing on stage, the most nervous moment is the time when we are just about to perform…the nervousness is so great that I feel like crying.
Jessica: Yes, that’s right.

At the end of the interview:

Sunny: Dear children. Always stay healty and listen to your parents well. Also, always listen to your teachers as well. Get along well with your friends. Please give us, SNSD noonas/unnies lots and lots of love.

Everyone: Dear children, goodbye~Right now So.Nyeo.Shi.Dae. We love you ♡.

Credit: Dispatch News/dispatchsns@YouTube

SNSD, the faces of Intel Asia

February 21, 2011

On SBS-CNBC News aired on February 21st, an interview with Intel Korea’s Mr. Han In Soo was carried out to talk about SNSD as Intel Asia’s new faces and the collaboration between Hallyu and IT. Here are the contents of the interview.

SBS-CNBC: SNSD had performed for Intel on January 18th when they were promoting their new product. Also, music video of SNSD in collaboration with Intel has been revealed. I heard the reaction was great, was it?

Han: Yes it was. The music video’s title is “Visual Dreams”. It received great attentions and appreciation online. Even though January 18th was a cold day, many reporters still reported about the event. Over 200 reporters have attended the event.

SBS-CNBC: What were the reports mainly about?

Han: Many of them focused on the financial value and marketing effects. The news of SNSD and Intel was even on MBC 9 o’ Clock news. The main things reported was this -  ‘Our nation’s girl group have gone beyond hallyu and entered the world marketing models’. To illustrate further – ‘our nation’s girl groups have international effect through online and social media. Therefore, they are receiving global industries’ love calls’. The news also talked about -  ‘With SNSD modeling for Intel as a start, girl groups’ financial values are starting to rise’. Financial Today published articles about ‘IT Brands, How Much Financial Effect Will It Receive From Collaborating With Hallyu Idols?’ and also – ‘The first experiment of this marketing strategy will be Intel’.

SBS-CNBC: Well, besides the financial values, what else is attracting the public’s attentions?

Han: eToday reported ‘Industries are eager to model girl groups to approach the ‘Younger Generations”. It was a report about how industries have raised their image through online marketing and social networking. Especially B2B industries are focusing on promotions for 2nd time customers, not 1st time customers. Also, the fact that industries (that does not make complete products) are strengthening their public relations have caught attention. Intel was used an example as this. The fact that Intel produces CPU, but still chose SNSD as their model was very ‘shocking’.

SBS-CNBC: So far, how is the effect of using SNSD as a marketing strategy? Even though it might be hard to say considering it has only been 1 month since their collaboration.

Han: Because this marketing strategy has just recently set off, so I can’t tell you the effect exactly. However, about a month after SNSD started modeling for Intel, ‘HanGook KyungJae’ talked about SNSD’s marketing results. It’s pretty interesting. “‘Visual Dreams’, a song composed to promote Intel, has reached 5 million clicks just in their official website.” Also, they reported, ‘Just 48hours after the release of the music video, it reached 1 Million views’. The reports were mainly stating the effect was favorable. Such a result was probably possible because of online communication and the use of entertainment to garner the interest among the younger generations.

SBS-CNBC: Then what do you think can be concluded through SNSD and Intel’s collaboration?

Han: By summarizing the things above, major presses talk about 3 things from this collaboration. First, it is a known fact that K-Pop has a great effect in Asia, and global industries further confirmed this fact by selecting girl groups as their models. Secondly, industries have started to take actions to approach the younger generations. Lastly, K-Pop great effect has went oversea and became global. Also, considering Intel only released SNSD’s music video only online and not on TV commercials, Intel is mainly focusing on using online communities to globally promote themselves.

SBS-CNBC: We believe that now SNSD’s marketing activities in Asian region have also started.

Han: Now, the marketing activities for the Asian region in Taiwan and other Asian countries have begun. yesterday, I got in touch with the public relations representative for Taiwan and I was told that currently, SNSD’s music videos and advertisement pictures are rapidly spreading and shared across the region through the internet. We are also thankful to have received some constructive and helpful e-mails. From the entertainment industry’s point of view, participation of global companies as advertisers seems to be greatly welcomed. We hope that this sort of collaboration would enhance the entertainment industry as well as the Korean wave. The Intel-SNSD collaboration  marketing in each Asian region is the beginning. The huge success of this global marketing will not only bring good news to SNSD’s fans but also to many other parties.

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SNSD, 2010 Golden Disk Daesang winner

December 10, 2010

After ‘The 25th Golden Disk Awards‘ ceremony, our girls were interviewed by IS (일간스포츠). Here are the contents of the interview:

Reporter: What came to your mind when SNSD was announced as the Daesang winner?

SNSD: We were still in a shock. It feels like a dream. It was very much beyond our expectation as we only wish to enjoy the moments with our fans. Winning such a grand award…we felt thrilled and scared at the same time. We will never forget the moment when ‘Golden Disk Daesang SNSD’ were announced.

Reporter: The award, expected?

SNSD: Not at all. In fact, due to our anxiety, we seemed to make a lot of mistakes while performing on stage today. Usually before we get on stage, we will put our hands together and shout ‘Right Now, SNSD‘ followed by ‘Hwaiting‘ but today, everything just seems to be very hectic and we didn’t get to do it. So, while we were sitting around the table, instead of using our hands, we put our feet together and did the slogan.

Reporter: You girls must be missing Tiffany very much. At every winning speech, you mentioned Tiffany’s name.

SNSD: On the stage, SNSD will only be complete when there are all 9 of us. Because of her knee injury, the void left by Tiffany is huge. We thought about Tiffany a lot every time we receive the awards. It’s such a pity she couldn’t be here with us today.

Reporter: After receiving the ‘Newcomers’ Award’ in 2007, there seems to be some kind of a bond between SNSD and Golden Disk Awards.

SNSD: We are really grateful for the acknowledgements. The fact that the awards were decided based on the actual album and music sales made winning these awards more meaningful. All these will not be possible without our caring fans whom we are so thankful for.

Reporter: How about things that you will always remember during your trainee days?

SNSD: To be artists, we spent 4-6 years as trainees. As we looked back, we realized that our parents were very worried about us then. After becoming a singer, the most glorious moment is when we were able to stand on the stage, the feeling is really great. We would like to thank our teacher, Mr. Lee Soo Man who made our dreams come true.

Reporter: Any words for your ahjussi (uncle) fans?

SNSD: We know they cheer for us like their own little sisters or nieces. As to not disappoint them, we will always try to give our best.

Reporter: Today, are you girls going to throw a party to celebrate the win?

SNSD: Really! Today, we never thought that we would receive the daesang. Not only us, but our family – BoA sunbae-nim, Super Junior sunbae-nims and SHINee, received many awards today so there will be a big feast. The party will be prepared by our agency, we have no idea about it. We will have to talk about it.

Reporter: What is your goal for the future?

SNSD: At this moment of glory, we have none but if there must be something that we should wish for, we truly hope that the 9 members of SNSD will always be together to the end.


Unity + Teamwork + Drive + Love = Girls' Generation

January 21, 2010
SNSD with Park Kyung Lim

SNSD with Park Kyung Lim

SNSD had a casual interview with Park Kyung Lim at a cafe in Kangnam, Seoul and glad that I get to know even more about them after reading the interview posted on soshified. The girls talked about the lack of security of their previous dorm, their characters, their reactions about other girl groups, their friendship and some views about their dreams. I guess Sooyoung, Tiffany, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon did most of the talking though. Seriously, I didn’t know maknae is known as ‘the housewife’ in their dorm until now…lol. and the fact that she plays by the book really cracks me up sometimes. Hmm..maybe I should get some advice from her on my eating problem since she’s really health conscious. Anyway, for those of you who have not read this interview, knock yourself out. The interview with ‘Park Kyung Lim’s 300mm Interview’ lasted for 2 hours. So, I’ll just let the interview speaks for itself. Enjoy!!!

-Hey Sooyoung, thank you for sending that wreath to me while I was at the musical practice room. Everybody was going crazy. They asked me if this was really from SNSD’s Sooyoung. Some people thought it was my friend Lee Sooyoung who sent them to me.

“I went to the flower shop and ordered it from there. Unnie, I’m glad you liked it”. (Sooyoung)

-I’m so busy raising my son, Minjoon. He is growing up so fast. Last week, I bought him a hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) and it was kind of big for him. But when he wore it this week, it fitted him perfectly. That meant he got taller. (laughs)

“Why didn’t you bring him here. We could have taken turns to take care of him” (Sunny)

-”Soshi’s” popularity is immense. What is your thought on this?

“Whenever SNSD is mentioned on TV, it feels like another SNSD is being shown. It’s still surreal that they’re talking about us”. (Tiffany)

-As time passes, are you guys getting closer?

“We started doing secret santa. We have been together for ten years but to become even closer, we decided to play it. It’s been two weeks, but we still don’t know who our secret santa is”. (Hyoyeon)

-Still not all 9 can be close with all. There must be someone whom all of you are close to more than other members, who are they?

“Tiffany and Sooyoung goes to church together so they are close. Hyoyeon and Yoona see each other often, since they are roommates. Actually, it’s not like we are close to only one member, but instead all of us grow to be close with whoever we go around with”. (Yuri)

-At times, do you guys have conflict with another or one member annoys other members?

“It has been ten years so we know each other better than an old couple. We got over with having conflicts with each other a long time ago”. (Jessica)

-I know you guys moved but you know how we lived in the same apartment complex? Yesterday, a drunken man, who looked like he was in his late 30′s, was looking for your dorm in front of the entrance. I was done for the day around 1:00 AM and I was on my way home. I told him you guys moved away but he didn’t believe me.

“That apartment had some security issues. One time, couple of guys were waiting for us by the stairs. We got goose bumps”. (Sooyoung)

-It would be safer for the all members to go home together. With individual activities, you guys go home at different times. It must be really dangerous.

“One time, a stubborn male fan visited us and said, “I just got here in Seoul but I have no money to go back home”. Our manager gave him some money and sent him home”. (Tiffany)

-Yea that apartment was scary. The light in the hallway didn’t work. When Lee Sooyoung first visited me, the hallway was so dark that she couldn’t find the elevator. She ended up using the stairs. She was upset, “Kyunglim must not be doing well after she got married”. Shabby and dark is the perfect description for that apartment”. (All laughs)

“We used to call it ‘Sicily 2km’. So many different people visited our dorm and they left a memo on our front door with a marker”. (Yuri)

-Man. Maknae Seohyun is so special. She steam cooked three sweet potatoes and brought them. She gave it to me as a housewarming present. Usually, people would bring toilet papers, candles, or fruit baskets. What a mature young kid. Such a warm kid.

“Every morning, she blends Ma (plant) and eats them. She steam cooks sweet potatoes and eats them. In our dorm, we call her, ‘A house wife’ “. (Hyoyeon)

-Last year, girl group thrived. Excluding f(x), which girl group interested you the most?

“We really liked 4minute and Kara’s butt dance. So we danced to their songs. Tiffany is an expert in boy groups rather than girl groups. You should ask her about it. For solo male singer, we really like K.Will’s 2nd album; we always take turn to listen to his music”. (Sooyoung)

-Which group do you guys think poses a threat to SNSD?

“We are not exactly sure. But we get nervous whenever we see other groups working hard”. (Seohyun)

-What is SNSD’s strength?

“Team work and drive. If we see a member doing something wrong, we point out their mistake. When we watch TV and see ourselves on screen, we ask ourselves, ‘Where did they come from? How did the staff managed to bring out the best of us?’ I think producers are great. Heh, I kind of went overboard, right? (Sooyoung)

-Who is the prettiest member?

“We thought Seohyun was the prettiest. But lately she ate so much sweet potatoes that her face slowly became yellow. (everyone laughs) I think Yoona is the prettiest, while Seohyun is best for her feminine, lovely side”. (Sooyoung)

-In terms of looks, which members’ look became more refined?

(With one voice) “Of course it’s Yuri! She was always pretty and her fashion style changed a lot. Her fashion became more fashionable. For Sooyoung and Hyoyeon, since their trainee days, they had their own distinct fashion style”. (Tiffany)

-During your trainee days, did you guys used to dislike certain members?

“Of course we did. There were many conflicts and critical moments. Those who couldn’t persevere, they ended up leaving before we debuted. You would think that Sooyoung is “A sergeant” because she emits a strong vibe. Rather, she is soft. When it comes to leadership, it’s Hyoyeon. She manages circumstances very well”. (Sunny)

-When you guys received the grand prize at the Golden Disk Award, you guys all cried a lot, right?

“We pretty much didn’t go to any of award ceremonies in 2008. That year, we had to watch award ceremonies on TV. That reminds me of our sadness. We grew a lot in a year and I never expected us to win the grand prize”. (Yoona)

-Which member is the funniest?

“Usually, Tiffany is the funniest member. If Tiffany can do it the way she would with us, then her sense of humor would be funny on TV, but that’s not the case”. (Sooyoung)

-Even though you guys are young, aren’t you guys worry about becoming older?

“When that happens, we will use our secret weapon, Maknae Seohyun. We’ll use her to reduce our average age, right? When f(x)’s member Sullie comes to our waiting room with her pigtails, we would straighten our hair. We just couldn’t stand having the same pigtails”. (Tiffany)

- Aren’t you guys upset that SM launched f(x)?

“Since we are singers, we wonder if we lost a good song or dance to them; but it’s not like we are competing with them”. (Sooyoung)

-Which female singer sunbae(senior) do you like?

“Lee Hyori unnie and BoA sunbaenim. Recently, Tiffany was on SBS’ Family Outing. Whenever Lee Hyori sunbaenim messed up and ended up getting the punishments, she wanted to face the punishments with Tiffany. Initially, I didn’t like it but I think she did that so Tiffany would get more screen time. I became thankful for her”. (Sooyoung)

-Unlike Super Junior who do unit promotions frequently, you guys always go on stage with all nine members, right?

“If one member is absent, then we have to practice again. Even if they’re sick, we helped them get up and held hands to practice together”. (Taeyeon)

-You guys were on that baby-sitting program, who was the best?

“Hyoyeon was the best one. Sunny was good at taking care of the baby as well, since she has a nephew/niece. Sooyoung has sort of a dark face so babies tend to avoid her at first”. (Tiffany)

-Which member will get married first?

“Sooyoung and Tiffany are praying hard for their future spouse. Both of their dream is to be a good wife and wise mother. Sooyoung said if she meets the right man, then she wants to get married as soon as possible. For Tiffany, she is good at taking care of herself”. (Taeyeon)

-It isn’t easy for female celebrities to find the right guy. We don’t have that much time and it is hard for us to discern their heart. There is a high possibility for us to fall in love easily, if they were to help us during our hard times.

“I’m into Gosu from ‘Will it Snow for Christmas?’ Like housewives, I get into the drama so I end up crying often”. (Sooyoung)

-You guys are frequently asked out by many male celebrities, right?

“What Taeyeon has disclosed on that show was a long time ago, during our debut days. There is no secret among us. Since we are all close with each other, they have a hard time approaching us. Unnie, hook us up”. (Sooyoung)

-All the good guys I know are gone now. There are about 180 girls who have asked me to hook them up with guys”.

“If we weren’t celebrities, then we would be around sophomore to senior in college. Since we are always with girls, I think we lost the sense of dating”. (Taeyeon)

-Were you guys ever upset over twisted news articles?

“Not really. We got a good laugh from Jessica and Tiffany when they asked us about if the phrase ‘Crowned with six awards’ was good a thing or a bad thing on this one article”. (Hyoyeon)

-As people have a higher interest in you guys, you guys have to be careful with words, right?

“Yes, it’s not easy for us to be honest. When people ask us questions, we would hesitate, and think once more before we speak. If we are not careful with our words, someone might get offended”. (Tiffany)

-As a SNSD member, what are some of the things you have gained and lost?

“We have gained precious eight friends. On the other hand, we have lost many of our school friends. Living with our new family, SNSD members, it is also unfortunate that we have to live far away from our parents”. (Taeyeon)

-Who is good at showing love?

“Hyoyeon is blunt so she doesn’t say ‘I love you’ often. When Jessica gets angry, she becomes a cry baby; tears help relieve one’s stress. For Seohyun, she tends to hold it in then blow up later. For Tiffany and Sunny, they don’t really cry”. (Taeyeon)

-How do you guys decide on who will give the winning speech?

“It depends on members’ conditions and that day. There are times when a member pushes another member to the front and ends up talking for the group”. (Sooyoung)

-Recently, that incident where Seohyun’s face was covered by a logo became the hot topic.

“When we saw that, we laughed so hard. It wasn’t intentional. Tiffany went through the same thing long time ago. When the camera is on, there is no way to find out which spot is the good one. Lately, we have been making Seohyun sit in the middle”. (Sooyoung)

-Are you guys jealous when you see a member gets to film a CF by themselves?

“Actually, we tell them to treat us dinner or something; since they filmed a CF. We would tease each other if we don’t bring back free stuff from the CF filming, like cereal boxes or cosmetic products”. (Jessica)

-What are SNSD’s future plans?

“Although popularity has ups and downs, I hope our attitude won’t change. We want to have the attitude of being one. If there is a member who is falling behind, then I hope to see other members who are going ahead help them get up”. (Hyoyeon)

To SNSD…from Park Kyunglim

Hey guys~ what’s up? It feels like yesterday when you guys were on “Park Kyunglim’s Wonderful Outing”, but time flies. Even at that time, you guys were receiving a lot of attention, but you guys were so polite and humble. I think I obtained a lot of energies by watching you guys work hard.

During that time, a thought occurred to me, “Soon, these girls will dominate the broadcast shows”.

Despite being young, Sooyoung, you are able to connect with people well; Yuri, a smile never leaves from you; Hyoyeon, even girls are attracted by your dance; Yoona, you’re a woman of unsurpassed beauty; Tiffany, you are a dorky girl who has an unique eye smile; Your bluntness is your charm, Jessica; Taeyeon, I always see you as a neighbor at 7th floor of MBC building; Sunny, you are like a refreshing vitamin; Finally, well-being Seohyun who brought steam cooked sweet potatoes for me!

Like always, I enjoyed this interview thoroughly. You guys are really bright, cheerful girls.

It must be difficult for you guys to handle busy schedules, yet you guys are still cheerful? I think that is what led you guys up to this point. I hope in 2010, you guys will continue to be healthy and give lots of energies to everyone~ As a fan, I will support you guys, forever SNSD~!!

To Park Kyunglim…from SNSD

Yuri: To our ‘knee-drop-guru [someone who listens to one's problem and helps solve their problem] Kyunglim unnie’ Forever~! After reading your book “A person”, it feels like I’m reborn.

Tiffany: Kyunglim unnie~ It feels like yesterday when we filmed together for that show, but it is already 2010. I would like to congratulate your son’s first birthday. I’m very grateful for your unchanging warm heart. I want to ask you to take care of us for this year as well.

Hyoyeon: To Kyunglim unnie, who never loses her smile, wherever she is! Ah~! I realized how you can enlighten the atmosphere by greeting the way you do. I have always wanted to be like you, unnie. I really appreciate your advices, whenever I see you.

Yoona: Unnie, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t make it to your son’s first birthday party. Like always, continue to show people how you can easily connect with everyone.

Sunny: Unnie, you never fear trying out something new. Unnie, you truly are an amazing person in this era. I will go and see your musical. Aja-aja. (variation of hwaiting)

Taeyeon: Thank you so much for treating nine noisy girls with your warm hospitality, as if we were your sisters. As you know, I’m a DJ for that radio station. I think that’s why I feel like I’m close to you.

Jessica: Unnie! Congratulations on your son’s first birthday. This year, I hope your family will be filled with happiness. Unnie, hwaiting!

Seohyun: Unnie, I really respect you for your optimistic personality and how you approach everybody with a genuine heart. I will work hard to be like you, someone who gives happiness to everyone.

Sooyoung: Unnie, like your husband, I want to be in love with my future husband and give birth to a son like Minjoon. I will pray for you that God will bless your family.

Written by: Kim Sungeui
Translated by: cathode
Edited by: nerD