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J.Estina to hold Girls’ Generation fan sign event on March 11th!

February 29, 2012

On February 29th, J.Estina has announced that a fan signing event with Girls’ Generation will be held on March 11th at the AK Departmental Store in Suwon.

Customers who have made purchases of more than 100,000 won from February 23rd to March 5th stand a chance to attend the fan signing event. The announcement of the lucky winners will be made online on March 9th.

After appointing Girls’ Generation as their advertisement models, J.Estina had since named its products after the girls – ‘Jessica’s earrings’, ‘YoonA’s Angelica Bag’, ‘Tiffany’s earrings’, etc and the brand enjoyed a consistent upward trend in sales. The pre-ordering process of J.Estina’s upcoming products is currently in progress.


J.Estina releases new group photo for Spring 2012

January 31, 2012

J.Estina has been gathering a lot of attention as they released the first group photo of Girls’ Generation for the spring collection of 2012.

In this photoshoot for the advertisement, the members of Girls’ Generation portrayed an elegant and luxurious modern princess-like look with peach as the ‘in-trend color’ for the 2012 Spring Season. The girls were fitted with lovely one-piece dresses, as well as a blouse and shorts of a soft color of ivory.

The special edition bags that were used and advertised in the 2012 Spring Season by Girls’ Generation will also soon be released.

The bags advertised by Girls’ Generation are from the J.Estina signature line, ‘Angelica Line’. The birth of the products such as the sequined bags that reflect light depending on the direction of the sequins itself were inspired by the glitter and sparkle that came from the J.Estina trademark, the tiara.

The ‘Angelica mini shoulder bag’ was already shown through the special Girls’ Generation Christmas advertisement and also gained attention as Taeyeon was seen wearing it at the airport. The J.Estina backpacks were also worn by a lot of celebrities, such as Nichkhun, Park HanByul and Seo HyoLim.

The ‘Angelica easy bag’ worn by Sooyoung and Yoona gained a lot of attention as a member from the same group, Seohyun, wore it as an ‘Airport Fashion’ accessory.

Available in three different colors: gold, gray and multi, customers will be able to make their purchases from leading J.Estina stores starting from February.


Girls’ Generation transformed into elegant princesses in Rosa’s latest advertisement pictorial

January 27, 2012

J.Estina’s jewelry line, Rosa unveiled Girls’ Generation’s latest pictorials which portray the girls as luxurious princesses.

On January 27th, fashion brand J.Estina revealed the advertisement images for jewelry line, Rosa featuring Girls’ Generation. In the photo, the girls gave out lovely and luxurious image as they posed in elegant dresses with matching jewelries.

Fans who saw the pictorials commented, “They seem more beautiful than the jewelries”, “They are true goddesses”, “They seem to be prettier each day”, etc.


J.Estina unveiled 2012 S/S advertisement visual

December 28, 2011

J.Estina revealed its Girls’ Generation’s 2012 S/S advertisement visual and the first image (for J.Estina’s handbag) which was released recently features Taeyeon, who gives out the feeling of spring with her white blouse and yellow mini skirt.

The attractive vivid yellow purse selected by Taeyeon is one of the items from the BONBON line. The golden macaron-shaped tiara logo is a symbol of the modern and elegant design of the purse.

For this shoot, with the combination of Girls’ Generation’s fresh and youthful smile, light-colored costumes representing the S/S season as well as J.Estina’s new Jewellery collection, the impression of bright sunshine during the spring season can be felt despite the winter’s sub-zero temperature.

From some of the J.Estina’s advertisement visuals revealed on December 27th, Girls’ Generation are featured as romantic modern-day princess where each of the 9 members will be showcasing their various unique charms.

Girls’ Generation who are always busy with their schedules participated in the shooting from early morning till late night. However, their various poses, bright smiles and energetic appearances had brighten up the atmosphere of the shooting set.


Girls’ Generation and J.Estina to hold fansign event on December 4th!

November 26, 2011

In conjunction with the upcoming Christmas celebrations, Girls’ Generation will be attending a special event organised by J.Estina, a brand they are currently endorsing.

A fansigning event will be held on December 4th at the J.Estina store in Lotte’s main departmental store, where 400 lucky customers will be chosen randomly from November 25th to 30th and the winners will be announced on December 2nd.

Within that time period, customers can register and create an account online, where they can choose a Girls’ Generation member and those chosen will be given waiting numbers when they get to the fansign venue on the day itself.

In the new promotional Christmas photos for the brand, the girls showed off their cute and lovely images with colourful skirts and J.Estina bags.

A representative from J.Estina stated, “During our previous promotions and commercials with Girls’ Generation, so many people participated and some even had to pre-order their bags. Therefore, we are anticipating the effects of the new Girls’ Generation Christmas advertisement.”

The bags endorsed and chosen by the members of Girls’ Generation will be available in all J.Estina stores in Korea starting December.

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Girls’ Generation J.Estina autographed bags sold out in ten minutes!

November 16, 2011

J.Estina is apparently benefiting a lot from Girls’ Generation’s endorsement as proven by the special store opening event on November 5th at Lotte Mall, where Girls’ Generation autographed bags were sold out within ten minutes.

The bags, which were chosen by the members of Girls’ Generation, attracted a lot of attention since J.Estina started advertising and promoting them. The bags, known according to the members’ choices such as “Yoona’s backpack” and “Taeyeon’s backpack”, are popular among customers from students to adults. It is even known that people pre-order those bags.

Song Ji-won from J.Estina’s marketing department stated, “Many J.Estina customers and Girls’ Generation fans came into the store and bought the autographed bags immediately the moment our store in Lotte Mall opened. We want to share this opportunity with more people, thus we prepared another event with a bag chosen by all nine members together.”

This special promotion will take place on November 19th at 10.30am at the J.Estina handbag store in Lotte Mall’s Jamsil store.

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Fancy getting a Girls’ Generation autographed J.ESTINA bag?

November 2, 2011

J.ESTINA is having a promotion in the main store of the Lotte Department Store by setting up an individual handbag section selling ‘Girls’ Generation Autographed Bags’.

The bags on sale this time were the ones chosen by each member of Girls’ Generation, according to their style as seen in the CF videos, which has already attracted much attention. It is also noticeable that the CF videos showing each member choosing bags garnered a total of 400,000 views from both Korea and overseas countries in just three days.

A lot of discussions are going on after J.ESTINA released information on the promotion through the department store.

In response to this, people commented, “They say that we must go to the main store of Lotte to purchase autographed bags, I should move house to Seoul”, “I want them to also sell the bags in other regions” etc.

Staff of J.ESTINA explained, “Considering the strong response received since the start of the event, we expect a lot of customers to gather on the actual day. We are preparing for everything possible now.”

On the other hand, the promotional event will start at 10.30am on November 5th, where the main store of Lotte Department Store will be selling 90 bags of 9 different designs, to customers on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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I want those bags!

October 7, 2011

SNSD’s appointment as the campaign models for J.ESTINA’s handbag line launching has become a hot discussion topic recently. Not long ago, cuts of Sooyoung and Seohyun at the shooting set were revealed and since then, it arouses huge interest among fans.

The reason behind selecting the girls as models for J.ESTINA was not simply because SNSD are popular. It was because SNSD match well with J.ESTINA’s ‘Real Princess’ concept as well as J.ESTINA’s direction and aspiration to be like SNSD who have gone beyond the Asian top star status and positioned themselves at the center of worldwide Kpop craze, becoming the ‘Global Cultural Icon’.

Since before the launching of J.ESTINA’s handbag, people within the industry and also handbag customers have already shown their huge interest. J.ESTINA had since ‘given birth’ to various best selling items such as Suzy’s Purse, Nichkhun’s Backpack, Park HanByul’s Backpack, etc.

With the start of this campaign, SNSD’s bags will soon be available. SNSD’s bags will have the ‘Flora Pattern’ and they are designed based on 2011 FW best fashion trend’s backpack style. Recently, backpack styles are based on the designs loved by males and females and thus, attracting more and more interest on these items. The bags will be released in two basic colors, brown and ivory. The stud-decorated red-colored bag which is the 2012 SS season special design will also be available at the end of October.

Ever since cuts of Seohyun and Sooyoung at the shooting set were revealed, there has been a huge interest and influx of inquiries from fans about the release of the main advertisement visuals.


SNSD turned into princesses for J.ESTINA

October 1, 2011

On September 30th, SNSD appeared in an advertisement as the contemporary princesses in a chic and modern style for jewelry brand, J.ESTINA’s. Together, the 9 beautiful princesses give off an extremely elegant feeling. Previously, J.ESTINA had also appointed Lydia Hurst from the Hurst family as their model.

The marketing leader of J.ESTINA said, “For the shoot this time, we have selected SNSD, and transformed them into princesses to express and relive the sensibility of princess Jovanna. The public will be able to see SNSD as princesses in department stores around mid-October”.

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