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Girls’ Generation attends SMTOWN Celebrity Party!

October 24, 2012

Through its newly launched Twitter account, SMTOWN tweeted about its ‘SMTOWN Celebrity Party’ on October 24th and revealed a few photos of the agency’s artists at the event.

The celebrities who attended the event are SM artists such as Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, SHINee, Super Junior, etc as well as actors and entertainers like Jang DongGun, Kim HaNeul, Kim MinJong and Shin DongYup.

In the photos revealed, Jang DongGun, Kim HaNeul and Shin DongYup who had just joined the SM family recently, seemed to be enjoying themselves alongside the SMTOWN artists.

Netizen who saw the Twitter posts commented, “This looks like an award ceremony”, “Wow, from Jang DongGun to Girls’ Generation.. it’s awesome”, “The agency’s party is really a big-scale one”, etc.

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Yuri’s pre-debut CF with Jang Donggun revealed

November 8, 2010

Although it was something in the past, the CF featuring Yuri and top star, Jang Donggun has recently garnered much attention.

On portal sites, netizens have updated the title of the video to “The young look of SNSD’s Kwon Yuri before debut”. The cookie CF which Yuri and Jang Donggun shot was only aired in China.

In the CF, the short-haired and young-looking Yuri who appeared in school uniform was given a ride on a bicycle by Jang DOnggun. It was a lovely and sweet scene that filled female fans with envy.

However, some of SNSD’s fans who saw the video could not be sure of the identity of the female actress in the CF. They debated and gave mixed opinions such as “It’s definitely Yuri” and “It’s not Yuri”.

Netizens who watched the video commented:

-”Short-haired Yuri’s pure beauty is extraordinary”
-”Now, she’s dealing with sexy and fit concept but she looks pure here”
-”I almost couldn’t recognize it’s Yuri. She’s young”