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August 12, 2014’s Exclusive Interview with Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and her BLANC.
Jessica, a member of the popular Asian group Girls’ Generation, is making her way into the world of fashion by launching her own brand BLANC. Hong Kong-based fashion and lifestyle website had the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with Jessica to get her thoughts on fashion, BLANC and her views on love.

About Fashion and BLANC

S: What is the trendiest fashion in Korea now? Do these trends influence your style and BLANC?
J: Fashion is progressing at a very fast pace and it waits for no one. I pay more attention to the global trends and not just those in Korea. I often travel to various places around the world and these experiences deeply affect how I see fashion and style. There are many trendsetters around the world and I hope to be one of them.

S: Where did you get the inspirations to design BLANC’s ready-to-wear series?
J: The BLANC brand is my life’s dream and goal. I love and enjoy being a celebrity and I would still continue to be engaged in the world of entertainment. But at the same time, there are also a lot about fashion that I still need to learn about. I am really looking forward to the near future, before I release the 2015 fall-winter (F/W) collection, where I would work closely with my designer colleagues and to learn a lot from them.

S: What is your impression of Hong Kong? Who do you think is more fashionable, Korean or Hong Kong women?
J: I don’t think there has to be a clear winner. On contrary, I believe every women would have a style that belongs to them to express themselves and that would bring a unique beauty, regardless whether they are from Hong Kong or Korea or from any part of the world.

S: What is your suggestion for Hong Kong women who would like to create a Korean fashion style?
J: My suggestion is simple, just be yourself and wear whatever that makes you feel comfortable and special.

About herself

S: The seasonal change is coming soon so which fashion items are on your must-buy shopping list?
J: A perfect leather biker jacket, a loose-fitting V-neck wool sweater to match a perfect big scarf.

S: If you could be invisible for an hour, what would you do?
J: If I could be invisible for an hour, or two, or three, I would probably go to Hong Kong’s Disneyland.

S: Who would be your ideal man? What traits would attract you?
J: I hope that he’s smart, infinitely gentle, humorous and caring. At the same time, he should also be ambitious, hardworking and has leadership skills and these would make the perfect combination.

S: If you are a guy, who would you pursue to be your girlfriend?
J: This is an interesting question! If I am a guy, I would hope that my girlfriend will fit the description and personality of the ideal man I described earlier.

S: Can you give us some tips on maintaining good skin? How do you maintain your skin when you have to frequently put on makeup and have late nights?
J: The key is to stay hydrated so you must drink a lot of water and use hydrating moisturisers frequently.

About Jessica

Jung Sooyeon, English name: Jessica, Korean-American singer, a member of the famous Girls’ Generation. Born in California, United States and scouted during a vacation in Korea. In 2007, Jessica made her debut in the world of entertainment with Girls’ Generation and the group soon became famous throughout Asia. Jessica placed fifth on the list of World’s Most Beautiful People in 2012.


On August 6th 2014, Jessica announced the launch of BLANC. Jessica will personally design every series for the brand, which is described as “modern classic”, using simple but classic lines and interesting fashion designs to create a refreshing brand. BLANC is firstly launching a series of eyewear with Jessica’s favourite cities as inspirations where six designs will be released throughout Asia. At the same time, a fragrance and ready-to-wear series will also be launched for the 2015 F/W collection later this year.

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Jung sisters show off their charms in 1st Look magazine!

June 17, 2014

The Jung sisters, Jessica of Girls’ Generation and her younger sister Krystal of f(x) recently graced the fashion magazine 1st Look with their pictorial shot in New York.

Several photos from the photo shoot were revealed on June 17th and the sisters showed off their captivating charms and fashionable sides in the streets of the American metropolitan.

The full pictorial will be available in the new issue of 1st Look magazine Vol. 70 to be released on June 19th.

Meanwhile, the Jung sisters are appearing in OnStyle’s weekly show ‘Jessica & Krystal’ every Tuesday night at 11pm KST.

Credit: Newsen

Jessica receives Girls’ Generation’s win of ‘Best Global Idol Group’ at 10th Huading Awards in Macau!

October 7, 2013

On October 7th, Jessica attended the 10th Huading Awards held at the Venetian Macao Hotel in Macau, where Girls’ Generation won the ‘Best Global Idol Group’ award and Jessica accepted it on behalf of the group.

The star-studded event, one of the most influential annual award events in Asia to honour movies, television series, singers and other talents, was also attended by many international celebrities such as Nicholas Cage, Quentin Tarantino, Nicole Kidman, Jackie Chan and more.

In her acceptance speech, Jessica said it was an honour to receive the awards and she thanked the fans for their support as well as sending the regards of her fellow members who couldn’t make it for the event before concluding her short speech with a cute ‘xiexie’ (thank you in Mandarin).

Check out the video of Jessica at the red carpet as well as the acceptance speech for ‘Best Global Idol Group’.

Congratulations, girls!

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Jung sisters show off their chic charms in Harper’s Bazaar!

September 25, 2013

The Jung sisters, Jessica and Krystal, showed off their superior genes once again in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, which is available starting September 25th.

In the pictorial for the fashion magazine, the sisters took on a more intense and fierce look with French brand Pierre Balmain’s collection, which includes Jessica’s chic red leather jacket, denim outfits and more to suit the upcoming fall and winter along with smoky eyes and dark makeup.

Jessica and Krystal are no strangers to magazine photo shoots and it is no surprise that they did well to bring out the chic concept of this eye-catching photo shoot with their professional poses and facial expressions.

Credit: Newsen

Sunny greets fans on Instagram and Twitter!

July 7, 2013

It appears as though more and more Girls’ Generation members are getting their own personal SNS! After Taeyeon, Hyoyeon and Yuri on Instagram and Jessica on Weibo, Sunny became the next member to have not one, but two SNS accounts!

The Instagram account (svnnynight) became official the moment fellow member Taeyeon followed her, which led to the joy and cheers of fans worldwide, now that they will get to be closer to another of their idol. On top of that, her Twitter account Sunnyday515 was also revealed on the same day!

To kickstart her account, Sunny posted a beautiful unseen selca with the message “안녕?!..나야*^^* Hiiiiiiiii first post!!!”

So far, fans have been entertained and amused by the variety of photos and updates the other four girls have posted on their SNS accounts, which ranged from the beautiful selcas to the dorky selcas to their pets and things they see and do in their travels.

Perhaps we will see more SNS accounts from the other members in the near future too? I know I for one will be utmostly delighted, won’t you?

Jessica sings for the ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano’ OST!

July 2, 2013

In support of fellow member Sooyoung’s drama ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano’, Jessica has lent her voice for an original soundtrack of the drama.

The song, titled ‘That One Person, You’ (‘그대라는 한 사람’), will be released at noon on July 2nd across major online music websites and is expected to garner a good response. Prior to the release, the song, a sad ballad of piano and orchestral melody which blended harmoniously with Jessica’s vocals, has been played in the drama, evoking emotions from viewers and fans alike.

Meanwhile, Sooyoung is playing her first lead role as an actress in TvN’s ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano’ as Gong Minyoung, one of the main members of the dating agency in the drama, which currently airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11pm KST.

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Happy 25th Birthday, my dear princess!

April 17, 2013

Today is April 18th! It’s the time of the year again, the time when we celebrate the birth of our princess who rules our Sone World, the one who was also the one who placed fifth in the list of world’s most beautiful woman in 2012, Jessica Jung.

Jessica is exactly how a typical princess should be like – she whines, she demands for things and she loves to sleep in her chamber.

When she throws something, it will always fall not far from her feet no matter how far she aimed them at, and when she draws something, it will not resemble the original object or person.

But she’s just being Jessica and that’s her charms.

And we love this imperfect little princess.

She may not be an excellent ball pitcher, and she’s not really into head banging like her friends, but she’s not lazy. Yes, she’s not. Everything you believed was a lie. They even brainwashed us into believing that she was lazy with a subliminal song ‘Lazy Girl’. Sneaky, isn’t it?

Since late last year until mid-March this year, Jessica had been giving her all for her musical ‘Legally Blonde’. It was her second time reprising the role of the beloved blonde girl that made fellow group mate Tiffany jealous. And she did an amazing job yet again.

Amidst her musical practice was the preparation for Girls’ Generation comeback, and this princess managed to juggle them both even if it meant cutting down on her sleeping time. She still fulfilled her commitment to the musical even though she had to fly back and forth to Japan for Girls’ Generation second arena tour. Even when she was tired, she stood on the stage and stayed strong until the curtain call for the sake of the waiting audience and her hardworking cast mates. It was said that she even passed out after ending of one of the plays but she came back to fulfill her schedule the night after with a brighter Elle Woods.

“I need to become emphatic on my own. I need to do it because I’m Elle Woods, and that’s why I’m able to do it.”

That was a professionalism of a true star.

There was another misconception about Jessica – that she was a cold person. Don’t let her old nickname, Ice Princess fool you. She was the one who personally asked to meet the fan in the wheelchair who came to her musical. She asked for him and met him just to say thank you and to take photos together.

“A lot has changed. People call me ‘Ice Princess’ because I look cold at first glance, but I’m not. I may be shy, but I won’t be cold towards people I know.”

Whenever Jessica was with her baby sister Krystal, not a trace of her cold image can be seen. They have a close relationship that becomes the envy of others. The way they always look after each other made you wish you have an older or younger sister like them.

“She’s a friend that I can talk to about everyday life and give advice to. I want to protect her and be able to lead her in the right direction.”

Even though Jessica won’t be in Korea to celebrate her birthday with her family and baby sister, I am sure the lovely sisters will find a way to spend time together on the special day, be it a sweet phone call, a string of loving messages or selcas!

Happy birthday to Jessica Jung!!!

You are an amazing and beautiful woman with a warm heart, a great singer, a hardworking actress, a loving sister, a fashionista and one of the best idols we’ve ever seen.

We love you, your highness!

Written by: aienbest@twitter
Photo/video credits: Woorissica, RGB,,, Krystal’s me2day (,
Special thanks: foreversoshi@twitter for picking out the photos

Jung sisters show off their loving relationship on Instagram!

April 12, 2013

The Jung sisters are showing off their loving and enviable sister bonds yet again!

On April 12th, f(x)’s Krystal uploaded an adorable photo of the young siblings at a beach on her Instagram (@kjungxox).

Krystal, who is currently filming variety show ‘Amazing f(x)’ in New Zealand, uploaded the photo with a caption that says “late national siblings day-love u jess”.

The Jung sisters have proven their loving relationship time and time again, showing their love and support for one another throughout the years.

Credit: kjungxox@instagram

Jessica completes second run of ‘Legally Blonde’ musicals!

March 7, 2013

For the second time, Jessica has ‘graduated’ from her role as Elle Woods from musical ‘Legally Blonde’! Reprising her character of Elle Woods, who enrolls at Harvard Law School to win back her boyfriend, Jessica successfully completed a total of eighteen performances since November 28th last year.

Throughout her performances, various fellow Girls’ Generation members turned up in support of her musical and on the last day of her performance on March 6th, Sunny and Sooyoung were in the audience for the special occasion as well as her good friend, actress Park Minyoung.

Besides that, her co-stars from the musical also uploaded selcas with the ‘graduated’ Sica Woods, including the following selca with musical actress Choi Hyunji and other actors.

Jessica’s thoughtful fans from prepared an event to commemorate the special day where they prepared gifts, cakes, flowers and even life-size Jessica and Daniel Henney standees! On top of that, they also prepared a live video stream from the event for fans worldwide who could not be there with them to congratulate Jessica’s completion of her musicals.

During the mini fanmeet, as seen in the video, Jessica thanked her fans repeatedly for going to her last performance as well as organizing the special event for it. She chatted happily with her fans in Korean and English when she was told that international fans were present; she greeted Thai fans in Thai too!

She talked about her memorable scenes in the musical and hinted about possible future Girls’ Generation’s concerts or performances in South Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand.

All in all, it has been a good run of musical performances for Jessica and she has certainly done a great job even during Girls’ Generation’s hectic promotion schedules with ‘I Got A Boy’ in January and the second arena tour in Japan since February, where she had to fly to and fro. Good job, Jessica! We’re very proud of you!

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