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The secret to Tiffany’s flawless legs revealed

June 13, 2012

Girls’ Generation’s exercise methods were revealed.

On SBS ‘Good Morning’ aired on June 13th, Girls’ Generation’s trainer Kim JiHoon revealed the ’532′ exercise method that gives Tiffany her flawless pair of legs. Kim JiHoon is currently helping Big Mama Lee HyeJung in her personal training routines.

Trainer Kim JiHoon said, “5:3:2 is the golden ratio for the most beautiful-looking pair of legs. The ’532′ exercise is the method used by Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany to maintain her flawless legs”. He added, “This method works every muscle in the lower body areas”.

In addition to that, Kim JiHoon also introduced Girls’ Generation’s aerobic exercise methof known as ’4321′. He explained, “During the 4 minute aerobic exercise, the movements are varied every 1 minute. Because of that, this exercise is called ’4321′”.

Netizens who watched the broadcast commented, “If I were to follow these exercise methods, will I be getting Tiffany’s beautiful legs?”, “Girls’ Generation’s exercise method is totally miraculous”, “I also want to have flawless legs with 532 ratio”, “Girls’ Generation must be enjoying the exercises too”, etc