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Kim ShinYoung revealed Sunny’s drinking habit

April 15, 2012

Sunny’s outstanding drinking ability was revealed again!

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Invincible Youth 2′ aired on April 14th, Kim ShinYoung and Sunny who were both featured in season 1, got reunited once again as ShinYoung joins the show as the new MC after the departure of Lee SooGeun and Ji HyunWoo.

As ShinYoung did her ‘high-fives’ with the members of G6 and the guest, Choi Hong Man after being introduced by Boom, she deliberately left out Sunny who playfully kicked her after that. Boom then asked ShinYoung, “When was the last time you met up with Sunny?”. In reply to Boom’s question, ShinYoung said, “As I’m close with Sunny, we drink occassionally”, revealing her close friendship with Sunny.

Feeling rather surprised, Boom said, “But I thought Sunny can’t drink”. Upon hearing that, ShinYoung immediately objected, “What are you talking about? Sunny loves Pear Makgeolli. She’ll start telling obscene jokes when she’s drinking”, revealing Sunny’s unique drinking habit.


Sunny exposes Shinyoung’s passing gas incident

September 29, 2010

On SBS E!TV’s “Thudding House”, Kim Shinyoung described how she woke up SNSD members, who were trying to have a rest after a tiring and exhausting day with her flatulence (passing gas). She then gave Sunny a call. Here’s the video and the translations (Sunny’s part only):

Sunny: Hi, I’m Sunny from SNSD
Shinyoung: Sunny-ah, what is Unnie’s weakness?
Sunny: Unnie, your weakness? About you passing gas as you like?
Lady in black: What is the sound level like when Shinyoung passes gas?
Sunny: The loudest one was like “bbak!” (loudly)

Sunny ends the conversation with “Oh!” using the name of the program as the lyric and said hwaiting!!!

*For this article, we decided to use the word “passing gas” rather than the more usual, more vulgar word, “f*rt” as some readers may find the term rather disturbing.

Credit: haylabit@YouTube