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SNSD’s 1st Japanese album ‘Girls’ Generation’ hits shelves in Korea

July 14, 2011

SNSD’s 1st Japanese album ‘Girls’ Generation’ which was certified ‘Double Platinum’ by RIAJ is now on sale domestically in Korea.

The album was released on July 13th through major music sites such as melOn, dosirak, Bugs!, etc and had since garnered much interest from fans in Korea.

The album, which was launched on June 1st in Japan, emerged as the best selling album in the first week of release by foreign artistes. The album also put SNSD as the first Korean girl group to have topped the Oricon Weekly Album Chart. Within only a month, the album recorded a massive sales of 500,000 copies and was certified ‘Double Platinum’ by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ).

The 12-track album consists of hit singles ‘Gee’, ‘Genie’, ‘Run Devil Run’, ‘Mr.Taxi’, Japanese version of ‘Hoot’ and also their new Japanese tracks such as ‘The Great Escape’, ‘Bad Girl’, etc.

After successfully completed their performances in Paris, SNSD who are active promoting in Japan will be opening their 2nd solo concert on July 23rd and 24th at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium.


Possibility of SNSD’s participation on ‘Immortal Song 2′

June 29, 2011

Just as SM entertainment artistes Super junior’s KyuHyun and F(x)’s Luna confirmed their appearances on KBS 2TV’s ‘Immortal Song 2’, the question that becomes the center of attention now is whether SNSD will be participating in the filming of the show too.

In the variety show ‘Immortal Song 2’, active idol groups like Super Junior, 2PM, 2AM, Beast, Sistar, Secret, SHINee, MBlaq, F.T Island and IU had all appeared previously. Moreover, SM Entertainment has been continuously sending its artistes to the show, except for the week when the SM Town Live in Paris concert took place. As a result, the possible participation of SNSD, who has yet to appear in the show, attracted even more attentions.

In response to this, a producer from ‘Immortal Song 2’ said, “As SNSD make their proper come back in Korea this September, we are looking forward to whether members with good singing skills can participate in a corner of the show”, revealing the possibility of SNSD appearing on the show. SNSD who are spearheading the Kpop fever, consist of members with good singing skills as well. In view of this, if SNSD were to participate in the the show, it will definitely garners a lot of attention from viewers and fans within and outside Korea.

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Soshi traveled more than 25,000 km within 10 days

June 24, 2011

On cable channel, Mnet’s daily information programn ‘WIDE Entertainment News’ aired at 5pm KST on June 24th, SNSD’s air travel mileage was revealed.

According to a study by the staff of the program, SNSD traveled in and out of Korea more than 8 times from June 8th to June 18th. In order to fulfill their official schedules, the girls have traveled more than 25,086km. For illustration purpose, the distance covered is about the distance of one going on a Seoul-Busan-Seoul trip for 25 times. Distance between Seoul and Busan is about 456 km.

Last year, Rain recorded accumulative mileage of 670,000km within his 8-year activities. With their global-scale popularity, the girls are expected to exceed Rain’s figure.


Domination in various areas! Indeed SNSD!

June 5, 2011

SM Entertainment recently revealed pictures of SNSD’s poster for their 2nd solo concert, entitled “2011 Girls’ Generation Tour”.

In the picture, SNSD members appeared very mature, especially YoonA and Seohyun who showed their refined and elegant appearances through their ‘Goddess’-like postures. Netizens commented, “A perfect Goddess pose”, “I can feel the confidence from their eyes” and “Feels more and more mature as time goes by” etc.

On the other hand, why do YoonA, Seohyun and other similar girl group stars appear attractive to the people?

Doctor Pak Jun Han from the MyungJak Cosmetic Surgery Hospital made the following comments about this question:

“SNSD and other similar girl group stars have been doing long term vocal and dance trainings, they also do physical trainings to maintain a well-balanced body shape. Through broadcasts they also revealed that after their debut, they have been working very hard to train their musical talents and good bodies even during their busy schedules. Top ranking stars are also working endlessly towards building their reputations and being a good role model for the people.”

According to representatives of the advertising industry which is sensitive to the reaction of the public, SNSD are the leading figures in the CF market. They have strong influence on products such as food, franchise and fashion sales targeting at people aged between 15 to 19 years old. They also have extreme influence on women of age group between 20 to 30.

Besides these, SNSD have also made huge waves outside Korea, especially in Japan.

SNSD, who released their Japanese debut single album “Genie” in September 2010, has been obtaining top rankings on the Oricon chart for every single/album they released since then. According to Japanese news site Sankei Sports, the total profit from SNSD’s releases alone in the 2nd half of 2010 was 800 million Yen (10.7 billion Won).

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SM: Soshi’s Korean comeback in 2nd half likely!

April 13, 2011

SNSD will be making their Korean comeback in the second half of the year.

According music industry specialists on April 13th, SNSD might be making their appearance on the Korean music scene again as early as September 2011 with the release of an album containing new songs. Currently, the girls are already in the process of recording the new songs for the album.

Since SNSD released 3rd Mini Album ‘Hoot’ in October 2010, the possibility of SNSD releasing another album in the space of a year is great. Each of SNSD’s releases seem to create different kinds of syndromes among fans and the news about the possibility of release is hot enough to get fans excited.

Regarding this matter, SM Entertainment’s representative cautiously said, “SNSD’s comeback to domestic stage in the second half of the year is likely. However, whether it is yet to be decided if the comeback date will be in the month of September”.

Before their Korean comeback, SNSD will be busy with their Japanese activities from May to July. SNSD will be releasing their new Japanese single, ‘Mr.Taxi’ on the 27th this month, followed by the scheduled 4-city tour concerts in May.


What are the girls up to lately?

March 28, 2011

Although SNSD’s ‘Hoot’ promotional activities ended months ago, SNSD are still busy with their schedules, especially due to a series of CF activities within Korea.

A representative of SM Entertainment said, “This year, SNSD have been chosen as models for various CF namely Intel, Woongjin Coway’s WaterPurifier, Vita500, etc. Even nowadays, they are still actively doing CF-related activities. After the release of SNSD’s 3rd Japanese Single, ‘Mr.Taxi’ on April 13th,they will be preparing for related promotional activities of the single. In the future, there are also plans to produce other albums in Japan as well”.

The representative added, “Even after completing ‘Hoot”s promotional activities, the girls are still having a busy lifestyle everyday”.


Intel Korea revealed Visual Dreams MV in 3D to selected guests

March 27, 2011

On March 26th, more than 900 clients and Intel staffs were invited to a cinema party at Korea’s first IMAX theatre, CGV Yongsan in Seoul. According to Intel Korea on March 27th, the 3D version of SNSD-Intel Collaboration Music Video ‘Visual Dreams’ was revealed at the event.

First introduced in conjunction with Intel’s launching of the 2nd Generation Core Processor, the ‘Visual Dreams’ music video was being presented again, but this time, in 3D.

Chief of Intel Korea, Lee Heesung said, “Creating the public’s understanding as well as the awareness of the complexity of Intel’s technology was communicated easily through collaboration with SNSD”.


A peek into the lives of trainees

March 24, 2011

The conditions of trainees in entertainment agencies, the birthplace of idol stars were revealed.

On March 24th, according to the ‘Entertainment Management Industry Survey’ conducted by Professor Kim Mingyu of Ajou University, huge entertainment companies have about 100 trainees on average and about 70 of them are in their teenage years.

Average training period is 14.57 months. After group selection has been made, preparation for debut takes about 16.30 months. On average, the duration of the contracts signed by the trainees are good for 4.22 years. According to the survey, after debut, the entertainers signed a 7-year contract with their companies, in accordance with the standard condition of contract.

Generally, trainees begin their practice at 6pm – 7pm after their classes and reach home about 10pm – 11pm. Although complaints of unfair treatment are rare, some of the trainees were being asked to go on diet.

Also, 80% of the young entertainers missed their classes due to their schedules and activities as entertainers. The survey also studied cases where some of these young entertainers had to carry out long-hour activities through the night without prior consent.

The current trainee system was adopted since 1997 in companies like SM Entertainment, etc and today, the 7 main entertainment companies are practicing this system. The new Korean Wave (Hallyu) was spearheaded by idol groups who were mostly developed and groomed through the trainee system.

As the trainee system involves huge investment, it is difficult for small companies to implement the structure of the system which is similar to the ones adopted by big companies. Therefore, depending of the size of investment, there are variations in the structure of the trainee system in different companies. The education that the trainees received through this system is funded by the companies and they are mostly entertainment-related. Other lessons include foreign language studies, social skills, etc.

The ‘Entertainment Management Survey’ based on the existing environment of the entertainment industry was carried out to formulate plans that can be implemented to improve and strengthen the system in place.


No Korean version of ‘Mr.Taxi’

March 11, 2011

After the announcement of SNSD’s 3rd Japanese Single ‘Mr. Taxi’ which will be released on April 13th, fans must be wondering if the Korean version of the single would be released. The question was finally answered.

A representative of SM Entertainment explained, “Currently, there is no plan to record the Korean version of ‘Mr.Taxi’ or any promotional activities related to it in Korea”.