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Girls’ Generation, the world’s no.1 role model for cover dance groups

July 10, 2012

After analyzing participants’ dance cover from 4/26 to 7/10, Visit Korea Year has announced the top 5 role models for cover dance groups on July 10th. Participants from more than 50 countries in 6 continents worldwide have registered for this event. Out of the 1350 groups registered, 155 teams covered Girls’ Generation’s choreography, putting the girls in the no.1 spot. SHINee was ranked second with 98 teams, Miss A came in third with 79 teams, Sistar in 4th with 75 teams, while 2NE1 took the 5th spot with 70 teams.

Girls’ Generation and SHINee are favorites among the participants from Asia, Europe, North and South America. TVXQ took first in Oceania and while Block B seems to be Africa’s favorite group. In addition, Sistar’s rising popularity despite not having any promotional activities outside Korea is garnering a lot of attention.

On the other hand, teams that have passed the preliminary round will be competing at the ‘Visit Korea Year 2012 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival’ (


Universal Music Malaysia and KNUKEast present ‘Universal K-pop Crazy Party’ in Kuala Lumpur!

February 3, 2012

Come this February 11th, Universal Music Malaysia and KNUKEast will present the first K-pop fan-gathering of the year ‘Universal K-pop Crazy Party’ from 3pm onwards at Bentley Music Auditorium in Mutiara Damansara. This invite-only event will consist of various activities including competitions for fans such as K-pop Artist Impersonations, K-pop Cover Dance Competition, Quiz and Fun-Games session, Best Dressed Awards and a lucky draw with chances to win a trip to Super Junior’s sold-out Super Show 4 in Singapore or Beast’s Beautiful Show and other cash prizes, as well as autographed artist merchandise. There will also be a video booth and signing booth for fans to leave personal messages to their stars of choice. Fan-clubs are also invited to submit their impersonator candidates to add cheer to the event.

The event will be highlighting new and current K-pop stars under the Universal Music label, including artists from CUBE Entertainment (Beast, 4Minute, G.Na, Troublemaker), SM Entertainment (TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls Generation, f(x)) and JYP (2AM, Wonder Girls, MBlaq) and many more.

The main event headlining the event will be the Universal K-pop Crazy Party Cover Dance Competition, open to groups of two to nine after purchasing one of the Universal K-pop Artist albums, Super Junior’s ‘Mr. Simple’, Girls’ Generation’s ‘The Boys’ and Troublemaker’s Mini EP or selected caller ringtones. Ten groups will be selected to choose a song from a selected list of songs to be in the running to win cash prizes and a Universal Music hamper.

On the day itself, there will also be booths selling K-pop artists merchandise, including calendars, diaries and more, as well as albums and food booths from local Korean restaurants.

First 200 caller ringtones downloaders from each of the three telcos (Maxis, Celcom and Digi) will receive an invite via SMS and automatically be in the running to win the tickets to the concerts. Fans can also purchase Super Junior’s ‘Mr. Simple’ album, Girls’ Generation’s ‘The Boys’ album or HyunA & JS’s ‘Troublemaker’ Mini EP album to receive invites to the party.

For information on the event, check out Universal Music’s website (, Facebook page or call them at 03-79587433 (ext 102/504).

First 10 readers to mention @fanwonderdotcom on Twitter with hash tag #fwgiveaway win passes to this invite-only event!

TaeNy featured on the front page of popular English daily

October 4, 2011

Taeyeon and Tiffany appeared on the front page of England’s popular newspaper, ‘London Evening Standard’.

On the October 3rd edition of ‘London Evening Standard’, an article entitled ‘Kpop Crazy’ was introduced at the top portion of the front page, with the image of Taeyeon and Tiffany in ‘Oh!’ costumes next to it.

Netizens who have seen the photograph of the front page of ‘London Evening Standard’ commented, “It’s amazing to see them featured in a popular newspaper”, “Indeed SNSD”, “You girls are jjang (awesome)”.

You can read the full article at London Evening Standard official site.

Image Credit: oniontaker@Twitter

What does the future hold for Kpop in Japan?

April 3, 2011

“Although the Japan Entertainment industry faces difficulties due to the Japan earthquake, Kpop powers might be undermined by the situation too. Currently, the South Korean government is paying close attention to Tokyo tourism. Although the contents of reports pertaining to the radiation issue are yet to be known, people are wary of the radiation effects. Forcing them (the Kpop powers) into the market is also impossible.”

Tokyo Sports reported that some Japanese entertainment researchers made disappointment predictions such as – ‘Is Kpop coming to an end?’. Kara’s Music Station performance which was scheduled to be aired on 18th of March was canceled due to some difficulties. After the earthquake, (the company) also requested to cancel their casting for events in April.

Media stated that as Kpop stars in Japan returned back to Korea to cut down losses while male group Big Bang and girl groups that initially planned to appear as new stars may also break their agreements with Japan and refuse to advance into its market.

Besides Korean artists, western artists have also canceled their schedules in Japan, one by one. On 22nd of March, Ne-Yo who was scheduled to hold a concert in Yokohama made an official announcement that he would only step up on stage if radiation level is made known to him.

At the same time, event observers in Japan are concerned if the explosive popularity of Kpop will disappear eventually. As it requires time for the earthquake and radiation problems to be solved, there are many possible outcomes that might happen to Kpop in Japan.

Also, Japanese entertainment producers who are familiar with Korea entertainment industry mentioned in Tokyo Sports, “Although Korean artists like Kara’s Goo Hara are showing support for the disasters, we do not think that there will be another similar Kpop boom again (in the future). In any case there will be some losses.”

“Be it any event or new song releases, if the singers do not come (to Japan), promotions are impossible. That is why achieving similar popularity as before is very difficult”. The newspaper also stated that even after all situations go back to normal in Japan, the booming of Kpop in Japan is still a big question mark.

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Tyler Brûlé: SNSD, one of Korea’s power brands

February 21, 2011

Worldwide trend setter Tyler Brûlé has nothing but praise for the excellent achievements of the Kpop industry.

Global culture style magazine ‘Monocle”s editor-in-chief Tyler Brûlé said on Bloomberg TV, “Kpop is Korea Republic’s most effective and powerful weapon”. In the broadcast, Brûlé also mentioned, “Samsung, Hyundai and LG are the brand names of Korea Republic’s largest exports but now, what actually appeal to most people are Korea’s power brands such as BoA, SNSD, Epik High, Super Junior and other Kpop singers”.

The development of Kpop is a product of the advancement of digital media. He added, “As we progress into the digital era, Kpop has been reaching out to fans around the world through YouTube”. The program then played videos of Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody’ parodies and covers.

In last month’s edition of Financial Times, Brule had also mentioned some of Korea’s most-likely-to-be-successful exports which includes SNSD. Brûlé was particularly attracted to SNSD’s ‘Run Devil Run’ music video.

Credit: Today

NHK Radio: 10-hour long broadcast on Kpop

September 17, 2010

Due to the popularity of SNSD, Big Bang and Kara in Japan, there will be a special 10-hour long broadcast on Kpop.

On September 17th, according to Japan’s media Sponichi, NHK-FM will broadcast a special 10-hour long program “KPOP 三昧 in Fukuoka” on September 20th.

The person in charge of the production of the program, Matasake Date PD was amazed by the popularity of Kpop girl groups in Japan. He said, “At first, we planned to have drama based music program. The craze for Kpop girl groups is beyond our expectation.”

Fans have sent in their request through the program’s website and on September 16th, about 600 requests were received. Most of the fans requested songs from SNSD, DBSK and the late Park Yongha who passed away in June this year.

Date PD revealed his excitement by saying, “The reactions from fans are overwhelming. I don’t think 10 hours are enough for me to introduce all the songs.”


Good news to SEA SONEs!

August 25, 2010

What good news, you asked? Well, it cannot get any better than having our 9 girls coming close to you and for SONEs in South East Asia, that is exactly what they’re up to on October 23rd, 2010!!!

Proof Label Singapore has announced through its Facebook page that SNSD along with 5 other groups; Big Bang, FT Island, SHINee, Infinite and an undisclosed group will be in Singapore to perform at the Korean Pop Night Concert 2010.The date was fixed to accomodate the schedules of the groups.

I am definitely going!!! What about you? More details will be revealed by end of August!

Source: Proof Label@Facebook