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So JiSub and Kwak DoWon are fans of Girls’ Generation

July 18, 2012

Actors So JiSub and Kwak DoWon displayed their affection for Girls’ Generation.

On the SBS “One Night TV Entertainment” aired on 18th, the staff visited the filming set of SBS TV drama “Ghost”. During the visit, So JiSub said, “I am actually close with Kwak DoWon and we have a good team work”.

Upon hearing this, Kwak DoWon replied, “I should be hating him upon seeing the expressions in his eyes, but instead, love was what I felt”.

So JiSub then revealed, “I laughed very hard when ‘Crazy Cow (Kwak DoWon’s nickname in the drama)’ sang along to Girls’ Generation’s song”. After that, Kwak DoWon confessed, “I love Girls’ Generation” and So JiSub added “I’m also a fan of Girls’ Generation”

In the drama “Ghost”, both So JiSub (Kim WooHyun/Park KiYoung) and Kwak DoWon (Kwon HyukJoo) are colleagues and rivals in the cyber investigation team.

For those who missed the part where Kwak DoWon sang ‘Twinkle’ in the drama ‘Ghost’, here you go: