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Girls’ Generation and Won Bin come together for ‘real’

February 28, 2012

In order to attract more attention from the public, LG Electronics has brought together their recently appointed models, Girls’ Generation and their original model, Won Bin, for their new Cinema 3D Smart TV CF.

In the recent CF, it showed Girls’ Generation member Jessica releasing a dove and Won Bin who is watching from his LG Cinema 3D Smart TV trying to catch the dove as it came out to him from the screen. With these effects, LG has portrayed how ‘real’ TV has become.

The product CF will be released as four different CFs. One that has already been released was with Jessica and Won Bin; others will show Yoona, Yuri, Tiffany, and one with all the members.

A representative from LG Electronics commented, “By using the number 1 image of the group Girls’ Generation, who is leading the Hallyu Wave, and popular actor Won Bin, we wanted to upgrade our image to show that our product ‘LG Cinema 3D Smart TV’ could also be the number 1 of smart electronics.” He continued saying, “With the image and status of the models, we can create a synergy effect along with our brand. And we will also be showing CFs that will hopefully appeal to a wider community.”

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Girls’ Generation appointed as new models for LG Cinema 3D TV

January 16, 2012

Girls’ Generation have been appointed as the new models to promote LG Electronic’s Cinema 3D TV on January 16th. Together with Girls’ Generation and their existing model, actor Won Bin, LG Electronics will be conducting a variety of marketing activities to promote their latest products.

With the appointment of Girls’ Generation as their latest models, LG Electronics hopes that the collaboration with the girls will boost the popularity of the Cinema 3D TV and subsequently, the ’3D=LG’ image could be achieved.

Director of Brand Communication, Han WoongHyun said, “Through Girls’ Generation’s image as the leader of the Korean wave, the image of LG Cinema 3D TV will be upgraded. Like Girls’ Generation who have been receiving love from all over the world, we will strive hard so that Cinema 3D TV will also be loved by more customers”.


The Smurfs are back with Run Devil Run!

October 6, 2010

When was the last time you saw them? Well, The Smurfs are back again and looks like they’ve been watching Soshi’s performances as well.

In 30 countries including South Korea, small blue fictional creatures called Smurfs made a surprise comeback through video advertisements for LG’s latest smartphone “Optimus One with Google”.

In the ad, A female Smurf pulls off a sexy dance to the tune of SNSD’s “Run Devil Run” and stressing the “S-line”, giving a hint of the smartphone’s features which include weight and body management.