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What’s for lunch?

June 2, 2012

There have been great interests towards Girls’ Generation members’ lunch menu.

On MBC ‘Good Day’ aired on June 1st, an employee of a company that prepares lunches for stars said, “Due to the fact that Girls’ Generation’s Jessica has allergy towards cucumber and Taeyeon is allergic to nuts, we avoid food with those ingredients in their menu”. She continued, “Eels are Tiffany’s favorites. We pack two eels in a lunch box for her”.

The employee added, “Since the fans know all the food that Girls’ Generation members like, they place orders based on the menu which has been arranged according to the members’ favorites. If I remember correctly, we were told that there’s no need to pack diet food for them. Because they are singers who use up a lot of energy in dancing and singing, we receive many orders of food that keeps them in the pink of health.