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4th Music Bank K-Chart win for the golden girls

February 26, 2010
Win no.4 for the golden girls

Win no.4 for the golden girls

So, who are the golden girls? It’s none other than Girls’ Generation and it’s their 4th consecutive win on KBS Music Bank for “Oh!”. Earlier this week, the album sales of Girls’ Generation’s 2nd Album “Oh!” on Hanteo Information System have exceeded 100,000 copies.

The golden top and white hot pants the girls put on for today is their 11th outfit for “Oh!” so far. It would be nice if there’s a comedian who would do a parody of “Oh!” and the outfits they’re wearing. I guess Kim Shin Young would be interested.

On today’s Music Bank, Kara showcased their comeback performances of “Umbrella” and “Lupin”, which is the title track of their new mini album, “Lupin”. Among the artists who were featured on today’s show were Girls’ Generation, Kara, 2AM, Jo Hye Ryun, U-Kiss, CN Blue, T-ara, ZE:A, 4Men, AB Avenue, Park Hyun Bin, Trax and many more.

For the fourth consecutive weeks, Girls’ Generation took the top spot with more than 20,000 points. Today, they managed to secure 20,549 points, followed by 2AM with 13,073 points and CN Blue with 7,443 points. Can they secure their 5th win next week? It will be a tough fight as we can expect Kara to be in the top 3 on next week’s KBS Music Bank. So stay tune!

“Oh!” performance

Kara’s “Lupin” performance

The winner is……