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Girls’ Generation-TTS to have first performance on M!Countdown!

May 3, 2012

Girls’ Generation will be making a comeback to Mnet’s ‘M!Countdown’ through its subunit, TaeTiSeo on May 3rd.

On May 3rd, through its official twitter account Mnet’s ‘M!Countdown’ tweeted, “We’ve been waiting for a while~ Girls’ Generation special unit TaeTiSeo’s first performance! Finally, they will be unveiled for the first time on ‘M! Countdown’ at 6pm in the evening today.” Along with the tweets, a few photos of the Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun were posted.

During today’s recording session for ‘M!Countdown’, the girls were spotted in black and purple costumes and making cute poses while having their pictures taken. In the pictures revealed, Tiffany was seen with her long orange hair tied-up neatly, Taeyeon with her brownish-blonde wavy hair and maknae Seohyun with her innocent look.

Fans who saw the photos commented, “I’m really looking forward to their performances”, “The songs are really awesome! All of them are pretty!”, “Can’t wait to see them on stage! TaeTiSeo Jjang”, etc.

On today’s ‘M!Countdown’, TaeTiSeo will be performing the title song ‘Twinkle’ along with ‘Baby Steps’, which is also a song included in the newly released mini album.


Girls’ Generation bags triple crown on M!Countdown with ‘The Boys’!

November 10, 2011

On this week’s M!Countdown, Girls’ Generation brought home their third win on the show’s music chart, completing a triple crown on M!Countdown with ‘The Boys’ since the release of the album on October 19th!

Also, Sooyoung became the MC again today with Tony An, where she also received the trophy for the girls’ win on M!Countdown last week.

Despite missing Yoona, who was busy with her filming schedule, the girls gave another wonderful performance! Check out their performance, as well as the winning stage from today’s M!Countdown!

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Girls’ Generation takes home first win for ‘The Boys’ on M! Countdown!

October 27, 2011

After making their long-awaited comeback performances starting from Music Bank last Friday, Girls’ Generation performed on M! Countdown on October 27th for the first time in years and along with it, the girls received their first win on the weekly music shows with their new song ‘The Boys’.

This win is extra meaningful to Girls’ Generation, as well as the fans, as it has been about 3 years and 6 months since they had their last win on M! Countdown with ‘Baby Baby’ on April 10th 2008, due to conflicts between SM Entertainment and MNet in the past years.

The girls came on top with ‘The Boys’ by getting the upper hand from competitors Kim Hyun-joong and Secret. It is also worth-mentioning that Girls’ Generation set the highest record of the points achieved by a win on M! Countdown so far.

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung also made a surprise appearance as the MC of the programme today and amazed viewers, as well as fans, with her eloquence.

Check out the awesome performance of ‘The Boys’ by Girls’ Generation and the announcement of this week’s winner!

SONEs worldwide were overjoyed with Girls’ Generation’s first win for their new song ‘The Boys’ that the phrase ‘SNSD WON’ trended second worldwide in Twitter!

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It ain’t over yet?

April 7, 2011

Yonghwa is still keeping Seohyun in his heart it seems.

Recently, CN Blue revealed their true feelings through Cable TV Mnet’s ‘M!Countdown”s Twitter account. In reply to a question ‘Who will be cheering for me on stage today?’, CN Blue members picked Seohyun over Kim YunA and Kil RaIm.

Yonghwa and Seohyun’s last episode on MBC ‘We Got Married Season 2′ was aired on April 2nd, where the Goguma couple gave each other a farewell hug as tears came rolling down their cheeks.

On the answer given, netizens commented, “Ah! Jung Yonghwa expressed his feeling this way”, “CN Blue seemed to miss Seohyun too”, “They are a very compatible couple…”, “YongSeo couple, please come back again!”, etc.