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Sooyoung goes Bohemian for Marie Claire!

April 20, 2012

Dressed in lifestyle brand name Club Monaco‘s comfortable white, cream and sepia-colored Bohemian-style clothing, Sooyoung flaunts her goddess-like poses that gave out an exotic mood. The pictorials which feature Sooyoung in a never-seen-before fantasy-like and exotic sense brings out her more matured feminine side.

In the pictorials, Sooyoung’s casual and feminine bohemian-look was achieved using all-season vintage accessories and minimal fashion items. With styling that involves white, blue, grey and other calm and simple colored one-piece dress and pants as well as cardigan and blouse, Sooyoung’s unique cuteness and lively expression enhance the sense of loveliness about her.

These beautiful pictures of Sooyoung are available in the May issue of fashion magazine ‘Marie Claire’.


YoonA’s pure yet elegant look

April 30, 2011

YoonA’s behind the scenes video for Marie Claire is garnering the public’s attention.

Recently, on online community sites, captures of the BTS video have been posted with the title “Marie Claire BTS Video YoonA Captures”.

In the photos, YoonA put on white dresses along with smoky make-ups, emphasizing her eyes and gave out a pure yet elegant feel about her.

Netizens who came across the photos commented, “No doubt that she’s deer Yoona”, “Full of goddess force” “Looks beautiful no matter which angle you look at”, “A beauty who attracts my eyes”, etc

If you have not watched the BTS for Marie Claire magazine (May Issue) photo shoot, here you go:

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Selling faster than hot cakes!

April 20, 2011

Sold out! That was the status of fashion magazine ‘Marie Claire’ May issue featuring Seohyun as the cover girl.

Readers/fans can choose from 9 versions of the magazines where each member appears as the cover girl for each version. Among the 9 members, maknae Seohyun’s version of the magazine was the most popular as it was the first to be cleared. The other versions of the magazines are also selling like hot cakes. Taeyeon, Jessica and YoonA’s versions were also sold out.

Netizens commented, “Indeed, this is Seohyun’s era”, “Is the sale affected by the different outfit she wore?”,
“I want to buy all nine of them”, etc.


Are you getting all 9 copies?

April 19, 2011

SNSD members’ individual unique charms graced the front cover of the Marie Claire fashion magazine. There are altogether 9 different covers for the May edition of the ‘Marie Claire Korea’ magazine.

Sporting the ‘Pure’ concept, the ‘ruffle and lace’ dresses reveal the girls’ feminine sense as well giving out a romantic mood. With fresh-looking little sister kind of charm, fanboys will definitely be fascinated by the enchanting images of SNSD featured in the magazine.

The person in charged of the pictorials as well the cover of the magazine, Stylist Kim WooRi said, “Although they are used to girlish and colorful styles, SNSD were able to express themselves well with the innocent concept”.