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Byun EunJae gets not one, not two but NINE cute and pretty aunts

September 11, 2012

On September 11th, comedian Byun KiSoo updated his personal me2day account with the message, “Our EunJae’s craze for Girls’ Generation. EunJae, hope you realize that you’ve met a good father.Haha. Thanks to your father, now you have 9 aunties who are the prettiest in this world!! In the future, you must be filial to your father. Don’t get sick!”.

Along with the message, he attached a photo of his son, Byun EunJae and the 9 girls with bright and sweet smiles on their faces. The photo was taken during at the backstage of the ‘Look Concert’ where Byun KiSoo was the MC for the event.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Having Girls’ Generation as your aunts….EunJae-ya, I’m jealous”, “Wow, what an awesome father”, “His baby is really cute”, “He looks just like his father”, “EunJae is crazy of Girls’ Generation, I’m crazy of EunJae”, “EunJae must be happy to have so many cute and pretty aunties”, “Girls’ Generation aunts. Awesome”, etc.


“Right Now, Psy’s Generation”

November 29, 2010

Psy is one happy man!

The man who was enlisted twice in the army is well known for his unique and energetic stage performance. On SBS Inkigayo aired on November 28th, his performance was even more special, with the support of 8 pretty angels, doing the arrow dance at the end of his performance, “Right Now”.

After his performance, Psy updated his me2day with a new post entitled, “므..훗!!! ( ̄▽ ̄)” and attached a group photo of himself and SNSD members.

Psy’s adoration for SNSD is not something new. Once, he was asked about his favorite girlgroup while he was serving in the army. Psy replied, “SNSD is a religion in the army”. He also mentioned that Yuri is his favorite member in SNSD.

With that photo, Psy could go around and boast “Jigeumun Psyshidae!”