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[UPDATED] Sooyoung shows gratitude on ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ for recent Oricon success

October 3, 2012

On SBS ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ aired on October 3rd, MC Yoon DoHyun congratulated his fellow MC of the show, Sooyoung on Girls’ Generation’s recent success in capturing the no.1 spot for 3 weekly charts on Oricon at the same time.

Sooyoung expressed her gratitude on the impressive achievement by saying, “I’m really thankful to the Oppas (older male fans), unnies (older female fans), uncles, aunties, dongsaengs (younger male and female fans) and friends who have given so much love to Girls’ Generation. We shall be the Girls’ Generation that work hard”.

By winning 3 weekly charts at the same time, Girls’ Generation are the only female and foreign artist who have managed to achieve such feat so far. Upon hearing Sooyoung’s words, Yoon DoHyun commented, “I’m pleased too”, expressing his delight on Girls’ Generation’s success.


Sooyoung and Yoon DoHyun fulfilled their promises!

September 13, 2012

Yoon DoHyun drew laughters from the viewers as he stepped onto the set of SBS’s “Midnight TV Entertainment” dressed as a Girls’ Generation member on September 12th.

On September 5th, Yoon DoHyun pledged that he would dress up as Girls’ Generation for the opening of this week’s show  if ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ managed to top the real time search ranking on portal sites as reported last week.

Yoon Do Hyun and Sooyoung both kept their promise. Upon seeing Yoon DoHyun’s transformation, she said, “You look prettier than me”, which caused Yoon Do Hyun to reply, “I feel really embarrassed coming out like this even though I’ve  fulfilled my promise to the viewers. I can’t breath with these clothes on. I have no idea how you manage to dance with such tight clothes. I’ve learned not to make promises without careful consideration”, much to the amusement of the viewers.

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Sooyoung and Yoon DoHyun to switch identities for next week’s ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’?

September 6, 2012

On SBS ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’, MC Yoon DoHyun had made a commitment of which he regretted during the later part of the weekly show.

On September 5th, SBS ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ discussed about the promises made by stars. MC Yoon DoHyun said, “Recently, making public promises seems to be the trend”. The rock singer then suggested that he too wanted to do it.

Yoon DoHyun continued, “If ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ tops the list of search items on portal sites, I promise to do a cosplay of Girls’ Generation and carry out the opening of next week’s live broadcast just like Girls’ Generation”.

Upon hearing Yoon DoHyun’s pledge, Sooyoung said, “In that case, I will do an opening like YB too if the show manages to secure no.1 spot on the list of search items. I shall transform into a great rocker”.

Before the end of the broadcast, ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ managed to top the list of search items. Yoon DoHyun regretted the pledge he made earlier and said, “If only this is not a live broadcast, I would like that portion to be edited out”, much to the amusement of the viewers.


Sooyoung debuted as MC on ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ successfully

June 6, 2012

On June 6th, Yoon DoHyun and Sooyoung had successfully made their debut as MCs on SBS ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’.

The participation of Sooyoung and Yoon DoHyun as MCs for SBS ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ was announced through a press conference held on June 1st. Yoon DoHyun said, “I made this decision very carefully. Since I will be talking about others, I think I will be very careful. When there is a happy event, I will also be happy, and when there is a bad event, I will be sad. I think it will be interesting.”

Despite being their first live broadcast, Sooyoung and Yoon DoHyun have impressed viewers through their sensible comments as well as their smooth and natural MC-ing skills, with no significant and obvious mistakes.

After completing the live broadcast successfully, Sooyoung commented “I’ve been always watching the show on TV in the living room, but now I am the one who introduce the topics. So, I felt it was different and fun. I will work hard and try my very best to convey accurate news”.

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Sooyoung to host SBS ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ with Yoon DoHyun

May 31, 2012

Sooyoung and Yoon DoHyun were selected as the new MCs for SBS ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’.

On May 30th, a production staff of SBS said, “It’s time for ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ to have new MCs in order to move forward. Yoon DoHyun’s ability to connect with the younger generations and Sooyoung’s lively charm would give ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ a whole new appeal.”

Starting from June 6th, Yoon DoHyun and Sooyoung will be the new MCs of the program, replacing Seo KyungSuk and Yoo InNa who will be carrying out their final MC-ing duties for May 30th broadcast. Seo KyungSuk has been one of the MCs on SBS ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ for 7 years and 1 month.