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SNSD featured on Nikkei Business magazine

September 29, 2010

9 beautiful girls graced the cover of the 1559th issue of “Nikkei Business” magazine released on September 27th. They are none other than our lovely Soshi with the “Genie” ending pose. The picture was taken at their first showcase at Ariake Coliseum, Tokyo on August 25th.

The girls appeared not only on the cover of the popular Japanese economic weekly magazine but was also featured for this edition’s cover story. An article in the magazine entitled “In terms of growth and development, Korean companies and SNSD have a lot in common” features in-depth analysis and interesting contents about how the girls gained their popularity and achieved impressive album sales within a short period of time in Japan.

Founded in 1969, 330,00 copies of “Nikkei Business” are published in Japan every week.According to an SM Entertainment representative, “We were surprised that the girls are featured in the magazine which is subscribed by CEOs of companies in Japan. Also, I have not heard of any celebrity being featured on the cover of this magazine before.”