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‘Oh!’ and ‘Girls’ Generation Complete Video Collection’ certified Gold by RIAJ two weeks after release!

October 11, 2012

After just two weeks of release, Girls’ Generation’s 5th Japanese single ‘Oh!’ has appeared on the list of singles with Gold certification.

The Gold certification by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) is given to releases with shipment figures exceeding 100,000 copies and in just two weeks, the 5th single ‘Oh!’, which was released on September 26th, had managed to achieved such amazing feat. Other than the single, the ‘Girls’ Generation Complete Video Collection’, which was released on the same day had also received the Gold certification as well, an indication of the girls’ huge popularity in Japan.

Earlier this year, the first Japanese album ‘Girls’ Generation’, which was released back in June 2011, smashed the 1,000,000 million figure and was certified as a ‘Million’ selling album.

There will be more exciting releases to come this year as the girls’ 6th Japanese single ‘Flower Power’ and 2nd Japanese Album (title yet to be revealed) will be hitting the stores come November 14th and 28th respectively.


Girls’ Generation performs on Nippon TV’s ‘Music Lovers’!

October 8, 2012

Girls’ Generation captivated the Japanese audience with their dazzling beauty and ever-impressive dance moves on Nippon TV’s ‘Music Lovers’ aired on October 7th, where they performed the Japanese version of ‘Oh!’, ‘All My Love Is For You’ and ‘Mr. Taxi’.

The broadcast attracted a lot of attention, especially with the appearance of Imada Koji, a comedian who claimed to be the girls’ hardcore fan. Watching Girls’ Generation’s performances together with the audience, Imada Koji made gestures of having heart attacks several times and fell to the floor, drawing laughter from everyone in the studio. Imada Koji, an actor cum comedian, once appeared in Girls’ Generation’s ‘Time Machine’ music video. The ballad was one of the songs included in the 1st Japanese Album (repackaged) ‘Girls’ Generation~The Boys~’.

After their performances, Imada Koji met up with the girls on stage and said, “I came here, leaving my 27 years of experience in the entertainment world at home”, showing a warm welcome to the girls not as a colleague in the industry but as a fan. The girls responded by saying, “Thanks to Mr. Imada, we were able to deliver more powerful performances.”

Besides that, during a corner of the show where the girls were asked to show their charms, Imada Koji once again fell to the floor due to Sunny’s irresistible aegyo, showing his true side as a fan and at the same time, keeping the audience entertained with his sense of humor.

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Girls’ Generation, the first female artist to top 3 Oricon weekly charts at the same time

October 2, 2012

Girls’ Generation topped Oricon’s Weekly Singles Chart (October 8th edition) through their 5th Japanese single ‘Oh!’ which was released on September 26th with sales of about 66,000 copies throughout the first week of its release.

Besides the single’s successful release, the ‘Girls’ Generation Complete Video Collection’ DVD and Blu-ray which were released on the same day as the 5th single also topped the weekly charts of their respective divisions with sales of 40,000 copies (DVD) and 19,000 copies (Blu-ray) respectively.

With such impressive sales volume, Girls’ Generation had successfully secured the no.1 spot on 3 different divisions, making them the second artist to have achieved such a feat after Japan’s popular group, Mr. Children. Among female artists as well as foreign artists, Girls’ Generation are the first to have topped 3 divisions at the same time.


[UPDATED] Oh! What’s happening on September 26th?!

September 14, 2012

Girls’ Generation will be releasing the Japanese version of their cute, cheerleader-concept hit ‘Oh!’ which will be the title track of their 5th Japanese single. The new single which consists of 2 songs will be officially released on Wednesday, September 26th. The ringtone will be available for download starting September 14th through mobile music download site, Recochoku.

Besides ‘Oh!’, the other song included in this single is entitled ‘All My Love Is For You’, which has been unveiled through the release of its MV on September 4th. The much anticipated MV for the Japanese version of ‘Oh!’ will be revealed on September 14th through Girls’ Generation’s official Japanese website ( and Facebook (

Here’s the track list and details of the 5th Japanese Single:

First Press Edition including DVD – Price – 1890 Yen (including tax)


1. Oh!
2. All My Love Is For You

1. All My Love Is For You (Music Video)

*Digipak tall case
*Cover design – Version A
*Bonus: Sticker


Regular Edition – Price – 1260 Yen (including tax)


1. Oh!
2. All My Love Is For You

*3p Case
*Cover design – Version B



UPDATE 1: Oh! The PV is out!!!

In the early morning of September 14th, the music video of Oh! (Japanese version) was released through SMTOWN’s official YouTube channel.

Through its morning broadcast, Japan’s FNN ‘Mezamashi TV’ introduced the PV and stated, “Girls’ Generation released a music video that features their transformation into cheerleaders. ‘Oh!’ was first released in Korea and since the song is a big hit, the music video for the Japanese version was produced especially for the Japanese fans”.

In the music video, the girls put on cheerleaders’ costumes and simple but cute outfits such as baseball jumpers with matching shorts. Girls’ Generation members’ loveliness that matchess well with the cheerful atmostphere of the song are highlighted in the music video.

Although most of the lyrics are in Japanese, the phrase ‘Oppareul Saranghae’ was maintained as it is (in Korean), making the song sounds much more interesting and fun. The 5th single ‘Oh!’ is set to be released on September 26th and the girls are expected to carry out various promotional activities after that.


Girls’ Generation’s ‘Kissing You’ tops Valentine’s Day poll!

February 11, 2012

A 3-day survey, starting from February 1st was conducted on male members in their 20s and 30s by a free dating site ( to determine the songs that they would like their girlfriends to listen to on Valentine’s Day.

According to the result which was released on February 11th, Girls’ Generation’s ‘Kissing You’ topped the survey after garnering 32.2% of the total votes while IU’s ‘Good Day’ came in 2nd with 31.7%.

Girls’ Generation’s ‘Oh!’ took the no.3 spot with 19.6%, followed by Secret’s ‘Starlight Moonlight’ in 4th with 13.2%. SES’ ‘I Love You’ came in 5th with 3.3%.


SNSD @ Hanyang University’s Rachios Fiesta

May 18, 2011

SNSD attended the Rachious Fiesta at Hanyang University Amphitheatre on May 17th. At the university festival, the girls performed ‘Gee’, ‘Run Devil Run’, ‘Oh’ and ‘Hoot’.

The girls mentioned that in the midst of their Japanese activities, they flew back to Korea just to attend the university event. Upon hearing that, the crowd gave a loud cheer to show their acknowledgement of the girls’ efforts and sincerity.

SNSD’s performances were very much anticipated and as expected, they garnered tremendous responses from the university students.

Here are some of the fancams of SNSD’s performances from the Rachios Fiesta at Hanyang University.

Run Devil Run, Hoot, Interview and Oh!


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What a memorable Saturday for Chinese fans

April 24, 2011

On April 23rd, Samsung invited SNSD for a fanmeeting event and also the premiere of their new IT products in Beijing’s CGV Star International Movie City situated next to the Bird’s Nest Stadium.

At the venue, Samsung showcased their new 3D TV as well as Premium Laptop Series 9 and other various IT products. Besides that, visitors/fans had the opportunity to watch SNSD’s live performances of ‘Hoot’, ‘Oh!’ and ‘Gee’, tried out Samsung’s new products, took part in lucky draws and had photo sessions with SNSD.

During the event, the girls also answered questions about the Samsung products they are using and places they wanted to go in Beijing.  In reply to the MC’s question Yuri said that she is using a Samsung printer. Tiffany on the other hand, revealed that she is using a pink laptop, which triggered loud cheers from the fans. About the place that they wanted to go, the girls mentioned the ‘Great Walls of China’.

A representative of Samsung revealed, “Last year, SNSD endorsed Samsung in China and received many good responses. We believe they would largely contribute to the growth of Samsung’s market in China”.

Translated/Written by: fanwonder/

SNSD @ Korean Music Wave in Bangkok

March 13, 2011

On March 12th, SNSD performed ‘Hoot’, ‘Oh!’ and ‘Gee’ at the Rajamangala Stadium for the 50th Anniversary MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok. The girls departed for Bangkok on March 10th and during their time in Bangkok for the event, they attended radio interviews and also press conferences.

After the concert, Taeyeon wrote ‘Thank you SONE’ on her iPad and showed it to the fans before heading home. The girls arrived safely at Incheon Airport this morning (March 13th).

MBC will be airing the concert on March 26th at 4.00pm KST. Here are the fancams of SNSD’s performances yesterday. Enjoy!




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Are you ready for the Oh!mazing Festival?

March 4, 2011

On March 4th, SNSD’s ‘Oh!mazing Festival‘ CF for Domino’s Pizza was released on various portal sites. This is SNSD’s 3rd CF for the famous pizza chain.

In the CF, SNSD’s members, Yuri, Jessica, Tiffany, YoonA and Sooyoung dressed in colorful T-shirts bearing the number ’5′ with their hit song ‘Oh!’ as the background music to promote Domino’s Pizza’s latest event. For the’Oh!mazing Festival’ event, Domino’s Pizza is offering their customers with 5 different types of ‘National Pizza’ with discount of 5,000 Won. The no.5 on the girls’s shirts represents the word ‘Oh!’ (’5′ is read as ‘oh’ in Korean).

Netizens who have seen the CF commented, “This CF looks fresher than the previous CF”, “I have not seen much of the other 4 members in this CF. So, will there be another version?”, “SNSD’s vitamin drink CF is also very popular nowadays. It seems like SNSD are blessed with lots of CF”, “Oh!mazing girls”,etc.

Domino’s Pizza’s 55-days event will be kicking off starting from March 4th and the 20-second CF is expected to receive a great amount of interest from the public as well as netizens.