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‘Hoot’, SNSD’s 4th MV to exceed 10 million views on YouTube

February 21, 2011

SNSD‘s “Hoot” music video has been receiving explosive response from fans all over the world ever since its release through SM Entertainment’s official YouTube Channel in October last year where it recorded more than 10 million views to date.

SNSD who are currently promoting in both Korea and Japan are gaining massive popularity in South East Asia, South America and Europe as well. This is SNSD’s 4th video on YouTube having more than 10 million views. Previously, ‘Gee‘ and ‘Oh!‘ have gone past the 30 million views mark respectively while ‘Run Devil Run‘ recorded more than 20 million views. ‘Oh!’ which was among the ‘Top 10 most viewed video in 2010′ on YouTube had also achieved tremendous results domestically, where it topped almost every charts immediately after its release.

On the other hand, SNSD are expected to release their 3rd Japanese Single very soon.

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SNSD to add ‘Pop Music Award’ to their trophy collection

February 15, 2011

SNSD, Rain, Jon Doyeon, Lee Bumsoo, etc are among the award recipients at ’2nd Korea Republic Seoul Cultural Arts Awards‘ organized by ‘Seoul Cultural Arts Association‘.

The award ceremony which will be held at Seoul Olympic Park at 7pm KST on February 28th is different from other award ceremonies as audience will be introduced to the richness of Korean culture and presented with various cultural performances.There will be a total of 11 categories of awards altogether to acknowledge those who have contributed in spreading Korea’s culture in 2010 through broadcast, movies, songs, etc.

Among the recipients of the awards are:

Special Award – Kim Youngjin (KBS ‘Thank you for your smile’ PD)
World Star Award – Rain
Documentary Broadcast Award – Kim Jinman, Kim Hyunchul (MBC ‘Amazon’s Tears’ PD)
Drama Scriptwriter Award – Kang Eunkyung (KBS ‘Baker King Kim Tak Goo’)
Drama Production Award – Lee Byunghun (MBC ‘Dong Yi’)
Movie Actor’s Award – Jon Doyeon (Movie ‘The Housemaid’)
Drama Actor’s Award – Lee Bumsoo (SBS ‘Giant’)
Pop Music Producer’s Award – Lee Sooman (SM Entertainment)
Film Maker’s Award – Ryu Seungwan (Movie ‘Bad Deal’)
Pop Music Award – SNSD (2nd Album ‘Oh!’)
Musical Actor’s Award – Jung Sunghwa (Musical ‘Heroes’)

SM Entertainment artistes dominate 2010 Gaon chart

February 9, 2011

SM Entertainment have proven their dominance in the music industry once again by  conquering the 2010 Gaon Chart in terms of music sales.

At Seoul Press Center on February 9th, 3pm KST, Top 2 music sales was announced through the ‘Gaon Chart 2010 Closing Award Ceremony and Proclamation of 2011 Vision’.

In terms of music sales, Super Junior and SNSD took the top 4 spots. Super Junior’s 4th album ‘Bonamana’ was ranked 1st with total sales of 200,193 copies. SNSD took 2nd, 3rd and 4th spot through their 2nd Album ‘Oh!’ (197,934 copies), 3rd Mini Album ‘Hoot’ (163,066 copies) and 2nd Album Repackaged ‘Run Devil Run’ (136,851 copies) respectively.

Besides taking the top spot, Super Junior’s 4th album repackaged ‘Bonamana’ also secured the no.9 spot. Another SM Entertainment artistes, SHINee also managed 2 places in the top 20. Their 2010 album ‘Lucifer’ and its repackaged edition ‘Hello’ were ranked 6th and 20th respectively. Out of the top 20 spots, there were 7 entries in total involving SM Entertainment artistes.

Meanwhile, miss A topped the ‘Online Category’ with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ while Lee Seungchul’s ‘That Person’ secured the top spot for the ‘Mobile Category’.


SNSD performed ‘Oh!’ and ‘Hoot’ at ’2010 Daum Life On Awards’

January 13, 2011

At 6pm KST today (January 13th), The ‘2010 Daum Life On Awards‘ ceremony took place at the Grand Hall of El Tower situated in Yangjae-dong in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

Daum Communications whose target is to provide lifestyle-changing services for its users in 2010 organized the ‘Life On Awards’. There are 22 categories of awards such as ‘Cafe’, ‘Blog’, ‘View’, etc with 28 winners in total.

Netizens have selected SNSD’s ‘Oh!’ as the winner of the ‘Music Video of The Year Award‘ and the 9 girls who dressed in all white were at the ceremony to collect their prize as well as to grace the  stage with their 2010 hits ‘Oh!’ and ‘Hoot’.

Here’s a fancam of the ‘Hoot’ performance:


SNSD picked ‘Oh!’ as their best performance on Music Core in 2010

January 1, 2011

SNSD picked ‘Oh!’ as their best stage performance in 2010.

On MBC ‘Show! Music Core New Year Special’ aired on January 1st, 2011, the artistes were asked to pick their best stage performance on ‘Music Core’ throughout 2010.

SNSD who released 3 hit songs in 2010 (‘Oh!’, ‘Run Devil Run’ and ‘Hoot’) chose ‘Oh!’ as their best performances on MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ in that particular year.

If you missed today’s show, Here is the compilation of SNSD’s ‘Oh!’ performances on ‘Music Core’ throughout 2010 which was aired earlier today. Enjoy!

To our readers, we would like to take this opportunity to convey the exact message as what SNSD mentioned in the video below – “Always stay healthy and Happy New Year!”

Indeed SNSD! Right Now, SNSD!

December 31, 2010

SNSD who traveled back and forth between Korea and Japan on December 30th ended the day with another huge success when ‘Oh!‘ won the ‘Most Popular Song Award‘ at ‘2010 KBS Song Festival‘. On the very same day, the girls were also crowned the ‘Rookie Award‘ at the ‘52nd Japan Record Awards‘.

At the ’2010 KBS Song Festival’ which took place in KBS Hall, Yeouido, SNSD performed ‘Run Devil Run’ and ‘Oh!’ during the second half of the event. SNSD defeated contenders IU, 2AM, CNBLUE, Kara, miss A and T-Ara to clinch the ‘Most Popular Song Award’ which was calculated based on mobile votes, digital sales, album sales and broadcasts.

Upon receiving the award, SNSD said, “We are very happy as it has been a long time since all 9 of us stood on stage together and we are really thankful for this great gift. We would like to thank the staff of SM Entertainment and also, to the fans who have been with us throughout the year, we are really thankful. We will be working even harder”.

Here are the girls’ amazing performances at the ’2010 KBS Song Festival’:

‘Run Devil Run’ and ‘Oh!’

Most Popular Song Award: Oh!

It’s a super busy day for the girls!

December 30, 2010

On December 30th, SNSD will be traveling back and forth between Korea and Japan as they will be attending the year-end events in the 2 countries. This is indeed the proof that SNSD are currently enjoying huge popularity in both countries.

The girls departed for Japan last night ( mentioned ‘this morning’, which is wrong) and they will be attending the ‘Japan Record Awards’ which will be televised LIVE on TBS. ‘The 52nd Japan Record Awards‘ is an annual award ceremony organized by Composers Association of Japan and SNSD have been nominated for the Best Rookie Award.

After the award ceremony (probably after Best Rookie Award is announced), the girls will be taking an express plane ride to Korea where they will be performing at the ‘2010 KBS Song Festival‘. According to the list of performances released by KBS, SNSD will only be performing in the second half of the show. For this year’s festival, SNSD are set to grace the stage with ‘Run Devil Run‘ and then followed by ‘Oh!‘. For the ‘Most Popular Song Award’, SNSD who have released 3 powerful hits, ‘Oh!’, ‘Run Devil Run’ and ‘Hoot’ are seen strong contenders.

A representative of SM Entertainment said, “Due to SNSD’s outstanding achievements successful promotional activities in both Korea and Japan this year, there have been great interest and demands for SNSD to attend the year-end special music programs in the two countries. In order to meet and spend more memorable time with fans, we have decided to charter a private plane in view of the members’ safety, convenience and urgency”.

The chartered plane is rumored to be a luxurious Gulfstream G550 private business jet owned by Japanese airline company, EXCEL Airways. The 13-seater plane will be flying the 9 girls along with their manager and 3 staff directly from Haneda to Seoul.

The overlapping schedules are indeed adding more burden to their already-hectic schedules and the girls ought to be praised for their willingness and determination to attend both events. We hope that the girls would have plenty of rest once the year-end events are over.


2010 Daum Life On Awards: SNSD’s ‘Oh!’ selected as the ‘Music of The Year’

December 30, 2010

Daum Communications have announced the winners for the ‘2010 Daum Life On Awards‘ where the award ceremony will be taking place on January 3rd, 2011 at the El Tower Grand Hall in Yangje-Dong. Kim Jedong will be the host for the ceremony.

From December 2nd to December 22nd, Daum conducted the online voting process to determine the winners of the ’2010 Daum Life On Award’ through its website. There are 22 categories of awards with 28 award recipients in total.

In the ‘Contents Category’ netizens have selected SNSD‘s ‘Oh!‘ as the winner for ‘Music of the Year‘ award, adding another trophy to their collection in 2010 after being crowned with various prestigious year-end awards.

Winner in each category will receive prize money of 1,000,000 Won and a trophy. The winner for ‘view Grand Award’ will be receiving 5,000,000 Won and the nominees who made it to the final round will also be presented with special gifts.

This award was organized in conjunction with a donation campaign and netizens were charged 100 Won for every vote they cast. From the 21-day voting period, a total of 27,000,000 Won was collected from 89,764 people who participated in the online voting. The sum of money collected will be channeled to Korea Association of Social Welfare Centers to help the less fortunate families all over the country.


Viewers love listening to ‘Oh!’ on home shopping shows

December 29, 2010

SNSD‘s ‘Oh!‘ is the most popular background music for TV home shopping programs.

GS Shop conducted an analysis from January 1st to December 28th through the broadcasts of its own home shopping programs. From over 10,000 background music tracks used, SNSD’s ‘Oh!’ was played 450 times.

Also in the top 10 list of the popular songs on home shopping programs are Kara’s ‘Lupin’, T-Ara’s ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’, Sistar’s ‘Push Push’, Secret’s ‘Magic’, Rainbow’s ‘Not Your Girl’, miss A’s ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’, After School’s ‘ Because Of You’, etc.

A representative of GS Shop said, “In the past, home shopping music were those of the old pop songs with no lyrics so that viewers would concentrate on the shopping hosts and the products being introduced. However, recently, the use of new popular songs seems to be the trend. The bright and cheerful girl group songs seemed to encourage purchases and ‘hook songs’ which have repeated short verses are mostly played because these songs draw viewers’ concentration to the programs”.