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Taeyeon’s ‘Love, That One Word’ for ‘You’re All Surrounded’ OST released!

May 30, 2014

Once again, Taeyeon will be lending her soulful vocals for another OST and this time it is for the drama series ‘You’re All Surrounded’!

Taeyeon will be singing ‘Love, That One Word’ (‘사랑 그 한마디’) for the drama and the song would be released at noon on May 30th on all major online music website.

A glimpse of the song was previewed on a broadcast of an episode of the drama earlier this week and the compelling and emotional song had already managed to capture the ears and hearts of fans.

This will be yet another OST under Taeyeon’s belt after many successful songs for various dramas and movie OSTs over the years such as ‘If’, ‘Missing You Like Crazy’, ‘Like A Star’, ‘Closer’ and more so it is expected to be another hit.

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Update 1: Taeyeon’s ‘Love, That One Word’ released!

At 12pm KST sharp, Taeyeon’s new OST was released on major online music websites.

Check out the song and buy it at MelOn, Genie and more!

Yuri sings ‘Bling Star’ for her movie debut ‘No Breathing’!

October 22, 2013

Prior to the release of the movie ‘No Breathing’, the music video for Yuri’s song ‘Bling Star’ for the soundtrack of her first ever movie has been released at 12pm KST on October 22nd!

In the music video released, viewers were given a glimpse of the scenes in the swimming-themed movie accompanied by Yuri’s clear and mesmerizing vocals.

The movie is due for release at the end of October and the new soundtrack from the movie has surely increased the hype of the much-anticipated movie, which stars Lee Jongsuk, Seo Inguk and of course, Kwon Yuri.

Besides ‘Bling Star’, another song ‘Banjjak Banjjak’ by Yuri for the movie was also released today and both songs are available for purchase on major online music sites such as MelOn.

Are you excited for the movie?


[UPDATED] Taeyeon sings ‘Bye’ for Korea’s first full 3D film ‘Mr. Go’

July 8, 2013

After the release of Jessica’s OST for ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano’ yesterday, we are yet again thrilled by the news of another OST by a Girls’ Generation member, and this time, it is no other than Taeyeon, the new OST goddess who has lent her emotional and powerful voices to countless dramas and now to the big screen.

Taeyeon will be participating in the OST for Korea’s first full 3D film ‘Mr. Go’ with the song titled ‘Bye’, which is by musical director Lee Jaehak, who had created many other memorable and unforgettable OSTs such as ‘Maria’ in ’200 Pounds Beauty’ and ‘Butterfly’ for ‘Take Off’.

The collaboration between Taeyeon, who had boosted the emotions in dramas such as ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’, ‘The King Two Hearts’, ‘Beethoven Virus’ and more, and Lee Jaehak is highly anticipated

‘Mr. Go’ is a story about a 15-year-old girl Wei Wei and a special baseball-playing gorilla from a circus, Ling Ling, who protects her silently, so Taeyeon’s OST is expected to add on to the dramatic turns and twists of the film. Taeyeon’s ‘Bye’ is reportedly produced in Korean and Chinese versions, where it is expected to captivate not only Korean and Chinese audiences but also global audiences around the world.

Check out the trailer for ‘Mr. Go’ here.

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Update 1: ‘Bye’ MVs and Interview with Taeyeon released!

The two Korean and Chinese versions of the music videos for the song ‘Bye’ were released on July 8th. Check out Taeyeon’s emotional vocals in both versions of the song here!


Jessica sings for the ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano’ OST!

July 2, 2013

In support of fellow member Sooyoung’s drama ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano’, Jessica has lent her voice for an original soundtrack of the drama.

The song, titled ‘That One Person, You’ (‘그대라는 한 사람’), will be released at noon on July 2nd across major online music websites and is expected to garner a good response. Prior to the release, the song, a sad ballad of piano and orchestral melody which blended harmoniously with Jessica’s vocals, has been played in the drama, evoking emotions from viewers and fans alike.

Meanwhile, Sooyoung is playing her first lead role as an actress in TvN’s ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano’ as Gong Minyoung, one of the main members of the dating agency in the drama, which currently airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11pm KST.

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Sunny sings ‘Second Drawer’ for MBC drama ‘The Queen’s Classroom’!

June 13, 2013

Sunny will be lending her voice for the original soundtrack of MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The Queen’s Classroom’ for a song titled ‘Second Drawer’ (두번째 서랍).

The drama, a remake from a 2005 Japanese drama ‘Queen of the Classroom’ (Joo no Kyoshitsu), stars big name actress Go Hyunjung as the cold-hearted teacher and her students.

The song ‘Second Drawer’ is the theme song of one of the main characters, a student Sim Hana portrayed by child actress Kim Hyanggi and the song will depict the feelings of her character. ‘Second Drawer’ is said to be an emotional ballad, which has lyrical melody that goes well with Sunny’s vocals and a preview of the song was heard in the first episode of the drama aired on June 12th.

‘Second Drawer’ will be released at noon on June 13th across major online music sites.


Tiffany sings ‘One Step’ for ‘All About My Romance’ OST!

April 17, 2013

Tiffany will be lending her voice for the OST of the current SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘All About My Romance’!

Tiffany will be singing a song titled ‘One Step’, an emotional ballad with dramatic arrangement to create the exquisite blend of lyrics and melody for the romantic comedy, starring Shin Hakyun and Lee Minjung.

‘One Step’, part 2 of the drama’s OST, will feature Tiffany’s sweet vocals accompanied by the harmonization of orchestral melodies as well as poignant lyrics written by Jo Kyuman.

Tiffany’s ‘One Step’ will be released at noon on April 17th through major online music sites.

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Taeyeon performed ‘Closer’ on Inkigayo

September 16, 2012

On September 16th, Taeyeon greeted fans with a special stage of ‘Closer’ on SBS Inkigayo.

Taeyeon’s ‘Closer’ is an Original Soundtrack (OST) of SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘To The Beautiful You’ and it is also the love theme song for the main male and female character of the drama, Kim TaeJoon (played by SHINee’s Minho) and Goo JaeHee (played by f(x)’s Sulli).

With the song’s lyrical melody and Taeyeon’s delicate voice, the beautiful ballad creates a romantic atmosphere. Previously, Taeyeon has participated in several hit drama OSTs such as ‘If’, ‘Can You Hear Me ?’, ‘I Love You’, etc.


Jessica’s first historical drama OST set for release on September 7th!

September 6, 2012

Jessica will be singing the original soundtrack (OST) for KBS 1TV’s new historical drama ‘The Great King’s Dream’.

Recently, Jessica had completed the recording of the main theme song of the drama entitled ‘Heart Road’. Although she had recorded OSTs in the past for dramas such as ‘Romance Town’ and ‘Wild Romance’, this will be Jessica’s first participation in the OST of a historical drama.

‘Heart Road’ is produced by music director Lee ChangHee and Kim JoonBum who composed Taeyeon’s ‘If’, the popular OST for the drama ‘Hong GilDong’. During a special broadcast on September 2nd, a 40-second preview of ‘Heart Road’ was revealed. Although only a part of the song was aired, Jessica’s emotion-filled voice which blends well with the music has created huge anticipation for the OST.

Jessica’s ‘Heart Road’ will be released at noon on September 7th through various major online music sites. KBS 1TV’s ‘The Great King’s Dream’ will kick off its broadcast starting September 8th.


OST Queen Taeyeon to perform ‘Missing You Like Crazy’ on ‘Music Core’

April 28, 2012

OST Queen, Taeyeon will be presenting a special performance of ‘Missing You Like Crazy’, the OST of ‘The King 2 Hearts’ on MBC music programme ‘Show! Music Core’.

On April 27th, a representative of SM Entertainment told Joy News 24, “Taeyeon will be performing ‘Missing You Like Crazy’ for the first time on ‘Show! Music Core’”. Besides carrying out her MC-ing duty on MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ on April 28th, Taeyeon will also be presenting a special gift to the viewers of the drama ‘The King 2 Hearts’ by performing a special stage of the drama’s OST, ‘Missing You Like Crazy’ on the show.

Taeyeon who is dubbed as OST Queen through her hit OSTs such as ‘If’ (Hong GilDong’s OST), ‘Can You Hear Me?’ (Beethoven Virus’ OST) and others, maintains the ‘Invincible Taeyeon’s OST’ run with another hit ‘Missing You Like Crazy’.

The representative continued, “As the drama has been receiving so much love, we have been looking into the requests by fans who wish to watch the live performance of Taeyeon’s OST. This is a special performance for both Girls’ Generation’s fans as well as the viewers of ‘The King 2 Hearts’”.