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Girls’ Generation receives explosive responses on France’s ‘Le Grand Journal’!

February 10, 2012

Receiving explosive reactions from the audience on France’s no.1 talk show ‘Le Grand Journal, Girls’ Generation has completed their first performance on French TV successfully.

Girls’ Generation made an appearance on Canal+’s no.1 French talk show ‘Le Grand Journal’ which was aired at 7pm (Paris local time) on February 9th. The girls’ impressive performance of ‘The Boys’ captivated the French viewers.

As soon as Girls’ Generation took to the stage, the whole venue was filled with cheers from the audience and SONEs chanted ‘Jigeumeun So Nyeo Shi Dae, Apeurodo So Nyeo Shi Dae, Youngwonhi So Nyeo Shi Dae’. The explosive response could be seen as the fans sang along with the girls.

In addition, the panels of the show which include the MC of the program, Michel Denisot were amazed at the performance and reactions from the audience and said, “This explosive reaction is really an extraordinary phenomenon” and “It’s hard to single out any of the members because all of them are amazing”.

After completing their performance at ‘Le Grand Journal’, Girls’ Generation revealed their thoughts about the performance, “As that was our very first performance on French TV, it feels great to receive such an explosive response. Also, it was amazing that they even know the fan chants in Korean. In the future, we will be the Girls’ Generation who will work even harder.”

Meanwhile, the girls also had an interview with French TV, M6′s main news at the ‘Music Bank in Paris’ concert venue. After completing their promotion in France, Girls’ Generation will be departing from Paris to Bangkok on February 10th for their solo concert tour.

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Girls’ Generation talks about their promotional activities in France

February 10, 2012

“The hardest thing about performing all over the world is having jet lags and that is why a chartered private jet is required.”

On February 9th (Paris local time), Girls’ Generation made an appearance on Canal+’s popular talk show ‘Le Grand Journal’ and M6′s main news ‘Le 7H45′. On February 10th, the girls are expected to make another appearance on the ‘Question Box’ corner of ‘Le Grand Journal’.

After the broadcast recording session, Sports Donga met up with Girls’ Generation at the Korean Culture Center around 7pm in the evening.

Sooyoung said, “It feels great to go on French TV programs right after our appearances on American talk shows. We are happy for the opportunity to spread Girls’ Generation’s music and on the other hand, it has also become our responsibility.”

Seohyun stated, “It was amazing to see how the local fans here cheered for us and sang along in Korean”, and went on to describe the atmosphere of the recording sets. Tiffany added, “When the fans saw us, they shouted our motto ‘Jigeumeun So Nyeo Shi Dae, Apeurodo So Nyeo Shi Dae, Youngwonhi So Nyeo Shi Dae’. It was electrifying to hear that.”

Yuri said, “I think the European fans are not only interested in our music but also the Korean culture. It is really great to know that.”

During the recording of ‘Le Grand Journal’ earlier, Girls’ Generation performed ‘The Boys’ and also talked about their future plans of releasing albums, as well as having promotional activities in Europe.

When asked about the kind of questions being raised during the broadcast, Sooyoung replied, “They were amazed at how all 9 girls carry out activities together as a team and thus, they wanted to know the story behind the birth of Girls’ Generation.”

Taeyeon then said, “We are always prepared to go to places where our fans want us to be. Thus, we need a chartered private jet.”

Girls’ Generation who are spreading their wings worldwide feels that the hardest obstacle they are facing while going places to perform is none other than jet lags. Yuri commented, “Physically, performing in different places is a challenge to us physically but there is nothing harder than experiencing the jet lags. However, it is a fun experience to be able to try out traditional delicacies in different countries.”

Besides that, the girls also talked about the special characteristic of French fans which is different from the Korean fans. On this Sunny said, “French fans dance along during our performances with their extraordinary sense of rhythm.”

Girls’ Generation, who is in France for the 2nd time after ‘SM Town Live World Tour’ in June last year, picked Palace of Versailles as the most beautiful place of attraction and macaroons as the most delicious food.

Jessica revealed, “While we are in Paris, we are happy to be able to taste macaroons, which is the most delicious. Before we head back to Korea, I want to buy and bring it home.”

After performing at KBS’s ‘Kpop Festival Music Bank in Paris’ on February 8th, Girls’ Generation will be flying to Thailand for their ’2012 Girls’ Generation Tour in Bangkok’ concert.


Sohn MiNa gave Girls’ Generation a surprise visit in Paris

February 9, 2012

Sohn MiNa who started her career as an announcer, met up and posed with Girls’ Generation members in Paris and her beauty has garnered attention among netizens.

On February 9th, through her personal Twitter account, Sohn MiNa tweeted with a photo attached, “Jja jan~ My certification shot with Girls’ Generation! At this moment, even my mind is all about Girls’ Generation~ Since an unnie like me is thrilled with excitement, how about oppas and samchons? Even with killer schedules, lovely smiles can be seen on the faces of these girls. I hope they would be even more matured, great and subsequently rise to the top as world-class stars”.

In the picture, even around Girls’ Generation members, Sohn MiNa has the beauty that she can be proud of. Moreover, with her black outfit, Sohn MiNa looked as though she was one of the Girls’ Generation members as they were also wearing black costumes for their performances at KBS ‘Kpop Festival Music Bank in Paris’.

Netizens who saw the photo gave various reactions like “Son MiNa really went to visit them~”, “They are so pretty! Girls’ Generation~” and “Girls’ Generation’s 10th member?”.


Girls’ Generation to appear on most popular French talk show ‘Le Grand Journal’

February 8, 2012

According to SM Entertainment on February 8th, Girls’ Generation will be appearing on France’s premium television channel Canal Plus (Canal+)’s popular talk show ‘Le Grand Journal’ come February 10th (Paris local time).

‘Le Grand Journal’ (airs at 7pm, Monday to Friday) is France’s most popular talk show and various pop stars such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber as well as famous Hollywood actors like Jodie Foster and also other world class stars have made their appearances on the show before.

SM Entertainment stated, “Girls’ Generation is the first Korean artist to be appearing on ‘Le Grand Journal’. During the broadcast, Girls’ Generation will be presenting a live performance of their hit song ‘The Boys’”.

SM Entertainment also revealed that Girls’ Generation is also expected to attend an interview with French TV channel France2′s main news programme ‘Le Journal De 20H’ (airs at 8pm) and the interview video is scheduled to be aired on February 9th.

During the interview, the girls will be introducing ‘The Boys’ special album which will be officially released in France on February 13th as well as talking about their supportive and enthusiastic European fans.

Girls’ Generation’s arrived at Paris on February 7th to attend KBS ‘Music Bank in Paris’ and at the same time kicks off their promotional activities in France.


SNSD’s beautiful Parisian pictorials for ‘VOGUE girl’ revealed

July 20, 2011

World icon, SNSD’s daily pictorials in Paris for ‘VOGUE girl’ were revealed.

These photos, which were taken while SNSD members were having their vacation after completing the SM Town Live World Tour Concert in Paris, highlighted the members’ experiences in Paris, as well as the beautiful landscape and sceneries.

Not only Paris, photos taken at Les Essarts-le-Roi, a commune which is located about an hour away from Paris, were also revealed. All these beautiful photos are available in the August edition of fashion magazine ‘VOGUE girl’.


[UPDATED] Seohyun pens diary for Parisian travels!

July 19, 2011

SNSD’s maknae Seohyun celebrated her birthday recently and fans even went as far as to send their well wishes to her through advertisement sections on daily newspapers.

Other than being Korea’s idol group, SNSD is also better known as the ’9 Warriors’, who have helped tremendously to spread Korean culture to the other parts of the world.

Despite being the youngest of the nine, Seohyun is known to be sensible and knowledgeable, in addition to having excellent writing skills as acknowledged by her fans and SM Town family.

Starting from July 13th, Seohyun’s journals on her dream-like trip to France was published exclusively by Korean media Naeil News and the column was named as ‘Seohyun’s Paris Diary’.

Seohyun’s first ‘expedition journal’ was written from the point of view of a sensible twenty-year-old girl and it will be revealed part by part.

SNSD’s maknae used a serious style of writing to illustrate the attractions and K-pop fever in France, right from the first day of touring landmarks in Paris to the second day where the local K-pop fever could be felt and finally to the day where the SM Town concert was held. Along with her writings, photos taken from her own camera were also published.

Overall, there are three diary entries written by Seohyun and in sequence, the articles are titled as such;

1. First day in Paris, where I longed for in my dreams.

2. Let’s become Parisians today! The world is big and there are countless things we do not know of.

3. Here, it’s Paris; I am Korean singer SNSD.

4. Korean wave in Paris, spreads to the entire Europe.

5. SM concert in France, diversified styles in the photos

1. First day in Paris, where I longed for in my dreams.

Oh my gosh. Sceneries of Seine where you can only see in movies, Paris that gives off a feeling of freedom and wildness, sweet smells of chocolate and macarons. Scenes that I can only see in my dreams, is now in front of me.

Today is my free day in Paris before our concert. Just as I was in my ‘happy’ dilemma of which place to go first, our translator unnie talked to me. “Do you have any place that you want to go?”

Without hesitation, I answered, “Yes! I want to go to Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles, Notre Dame Cathedral, Montmartre, Triumphal Arch, Louvre Museum and Opera house!” Hyooo~ I really wanted to go to a lot of places.

Unnie, who heard my words, replied, “The places Seohyun-ssi wants to go will all be informed to the reporters. Compared to Seoul, Paris is pretty small so we can go to a lot of places.” I felt really happy and grateful.

First, we set off to Champs-Elysees’ Triumphal Arch. The Triumphal Arch, built to commemorate the victory of the Napoleonic Wars, looked marvellous and unbelievable to me, whether I am viewing it from near or afar. I could not believe that something that only appeared in the history books, was in front of me.

Heart filled with happiness, my next destination was the Palace of Versailles!! It is a place I dreamed of going to when I was young. At that place, I thought of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. The Palace that appeared together with the blue sky in front of me, looked wonderful. As the Palace was too big, I could not visit all the places. Although it was a pity, the fact that I went to the place I longed for in my dreams, was enough to make me happy.

Next, it’s time to visit somewhere I really looked forward to – The Eiffel Tower! It was built during the Paris World Exposition. Back then, the Parisians thought that the tower could not associate well with the city, and did not see its importance. But today, it has become one of the best architecture, how amazing it is.

From the Palais Challilot, we could see the whole view of Eiffel Tower. Its beauty was beyond description. I still remember that in order to make sure that a really nice picture of the Eiffel Tower was taken, I tried a few times before getting my best shot.

Ah!! The Notre Dame Cathedral was also unforgettable. Every corner of it was constructed with delicate and detailed designs. It does not matter if I am looking at it from inside or outside, it was so beautiful that I could not close my mouth.

I enjoyed the day very much as I had personally experienced Paris’ culture.

Ah. The sun only sets at 10pm in Paris. France is a country with really long daytime but this is also the reason why I can visit many places…

2. Let’s become Parisians today! The world is big and there are countless things we do not know of.

This is the first time I have visited Paris, France and everything seems new and interesting to me. Although I became familiarized with things in one or two days, all of these are brand new experiences.

Today, I made some good memories in Montmartre. Seeing the whole of Paris from the hill, I felt that the view looked great and beautiful. Ah, at that moment, I felt like archiving everything I saw in my mind. I also tried hard to take a lot of pictures and to keep the wonderful scenery in my head.

I also went to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, where there were many artists working in a free and creative aura. How is the portrayal of me by the artist?

Without hesitation, I asked him to draw a portrait of me and I sat there for 30 minutes in excitement. It was not boring at all to wait as my heart was filled with joy as I looked forward to the completed portrait while creating new memories in an unfamiliar place.

The feeling at the moment of receiving the portrait was beyond words and description. It was really beautifully drawn and it was more of a Western style portrait than an Eastern one.

I then left the church after giving my deepest appreciation to the artist – “Merci Beaucoup” (Thank you very much in French). Once again, I left another piece of unforgettable memory at the Sacré-Cœur Basilica.

After having my portrait drawn, I went to Saint Louis’ Sherbet Road, where one must visit if they go to Paris. Regardless of age and gender, everyone on the road had ice creams in their hands. We see people queuing up in long lines everywhere, waiting for their turns to buy the sherbets, made using only fruits. I can never forget the taste of the sherbet.

In Paris, I tried a variety of food. Although I usually do not like sweet stuff, I tried the traditional fruit macarons, crepes, chocolate and even escargots!

Among all the food I tried, the sherbet was really ‘daebak’! Through the different images and moments throughout the day, I really enjoyed staying in Paris to experience their diversified culture.

While enjoying the day in happiness, I encountered an interesting incident; it seems like Parisians know us! I’m not talking about the Koreans living in Paris but rather the local residents themselves!

Upon seeing us, they approached us and asked, “Are you So Nyeo Shi Dae?” We were really surprised that people recognised us even in such foreign countries!

It was also amazing that they called us “So Nyeo Shi Dae” in Korean and not “Girls’ Generation”, while some spoke to us in English and said, “It’s nice to meet you. I am going for the concert,” or “I really like SNSD’s music and I am French.”

I did not expect anyone to know us so we were really pleasantly surprised and thankful that many people recognised us even before the concert.

Once again, I left behind beautiful memories in Paris. Hwaiting SNSD, Hwaiting Korea!

3. Here, it’s Paris; I am Korean singer SNSD

It’s finally the day of the concert! It’s not SNSD’s concert, but a SMTown concert.  The feeling was really good to see sunbaes and hoobaes at the concert because we have not seen some faces for a long time due to different schedules.

During the rehearsal, we said hello to our SMTown family members, and asked them about their lives. I felt even greater going overseas with all of them. The concert was a meaningful one especially when we praise each other and point out areas that needed improvement after seeing everyone’s performances so we learned from one another.

In the varieties of performances, I had a duet stage with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. No matter how nervous I was, it was still enjoyable. Kyuhyun and I sang a song called “Way Back Into Love” and had a meaningful performance in Paris. I think we have created an unforgettable stage in our first concert in Paris.

Kyuhyun sunbae has a sweet and soothing voice so it is no wonder that he sings so well. In fact, I was a little stressed singing a duet with Kyuhyun sunbae. However, as he worked hard and coordinated with me on the actual stage, the performance was very enjoyable instead for me. Now that I think of it, the stage could have been very torturous for me if Kyuhyun sunbae did not show care and concern for me. For that, I feel really grateful.

It’s finally SNSD’s stage!

Because I tried hard to concentrate during the duet with Kyuhyun sunbae, I did not see the audience clearly. It was only when our performances started, that the audiences came into my view one by one. At that moment, I could not help but to be shocked by the European fans with stylish dresses. I could tell that the fans came from all over Europe even by a glance.

Seeing that the fans sang Korean songs along with us even though they were not familiar with the language, I felt so grateful that tears welled up in my eyes. Compared to the moments we performed in Japan, China and other Southeast Asia countries, I was overwhelmed and moved by another kind of feeling. So much feeling filled my heart that it was going to explode.

Until now, I can still remember the unfamiliar scenes clearly. I can still see the fans’ diversified expressions – Those who watched the performance with heads tilted, those who smiled and continued to scream and clap with enthusiasm, and those who stood up and applauded loudly for us. I was so touched and overwhelmed that I could not even say that “We are Korea’s SNSD”.

As we sang our hit songs like “Run Devil Run”, “Genie”, “Gee” and “Kissing You”, I could feel that audiences who were not familiar with us gradually got closer to us. We then came to the climax when we greeted the audiences with our awkward French while they shouted our names with their awkward Korean. Through music, we shared the same memories, and became one.

SNSD Maknae Seohyun’s personal write-up on her Paris trip is coming to an end. Through interviews conducted by ‘Issue Daily’, netizens praised Seohyun’s great writing skills, and “Issue Daily” sent its congratulations to her.In order to express her emotions well, Seohyun wrote this “SM Paris concert and Paris travel diary” by herself, while “Issue Daily” only edited the spelling errors. Besides, photos were also taken by Seohyun or the local people in Paris, it is hence right to say that they are “Seohyun’s photos”.

As “Seohyun’s diary” received unexpected amount of supports from the netizens, it also attracted attention from all fields of the society.

4. Korean wave in Paris, spreads to the entire Europe

How did the Paris people see us? I was really curious. Perhaps it was all due to the power of culture and special Korean fever that made us receive so much support from the people. At least I think this way. How effort did we put in before standing at this position now?

Perhaps this is also the reason that created peaceful competition between idol groups. Our members always work to the best of our abilities, encourage each other, while aiming to become the best.

As we continued singing songs like “Run Devil Run”, “Genie”, “Gee” and “Kissing You”, the concert venue was filled with excitement and enthusiasm. The moment we stood on the stage, we forgot about the fact that we were in France, and we started to sing. It was great to see that the audiences enjoyed those moments; we also felt a sense of satisfaction being Korea’s So Nyeo Shi Dae.

Not only us, sunbaes and hoobaes like TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee and f(x) performed together while we stand united as SMTOWN. The concert ended successfully as we put in all our efforts and the audiences gave us their greatest supports.

I realized a lot of things after today’s concert.

I realized that even though we could not communicate, even though our features were different, we can become one through the power of music. I realized that although our languages and cultures were different, we can become one through the power of songs. Lastly, I realized that if we are willing to share happiness together, its amount will be doubled.

All of us in the SM family marked today as the start of a bigger dream. We want to share more happiness with the people around the world. We want to share simple things like love, dream and happiness to more and more people in the world, through our music.

The profits that we earned from this beautiful Paris trip were ‘love’ and ‘touched hearts’. It seems that nothing in the world will bring more peace and security other than music. That’s why I am proud to be a singer, and a part of SMTown. SNSD Hwaiting! Our dreams and hopes, hwaiting!

Our fans, thank you very much. We came back after our hard works. Please continue loving us in the future. Hehehe.

Credit: Naeil News
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It’s always a ‘Good Day’ whenever SNSD appear!

June 30, 2011

On MBC ‘Good Day’ aired in the morning of June 30th, the crew of the show met up with SNSD on June 29th, while they were preparing for their concert in Tokyo Yoyogi Stadium. Before the concert on June 29th, the girls had performed 3 concerts in the same venue for the Arena Tour. This was indeed the proof of the girls’ massive popularity.

When they were met at the waiting room, SNSD’s faces were brightly lit with happiness as they feel and enjoy the popularity they achieved thus far. The girls said, “We have achieved the no.1 spot on Oricon Weekly Chart”. They added, “Our album recorded sales exceeding 230,000 copies in the first week and including Japanese artistes, we are ranked 4th in the Yearly Oricon Chart”.

When the crew mentioned how the girls were often featured in Korean and Japanese news, Sunny said, “It’s good that good news came out”, her witty answer caused the other girls to burst into laughters.

In reply to the question on their popularity in Japan, Taeyeon replied, “Whenever there is a tour concert, we realized that we are popular judging by the fans who come to our concert”. Sooyoung added, “Not only Korean artistes, there seems to be an increase of interest in Korean food and the Korean language as well”.

Meanwhile, when YoonA was asked on where she got the idea of doing the pole dancing performance, she replied, “I got the idea from looking at the individual stage performances and the dancers’ costumes. I want to show everyone a different look”.

Tiffany who was also present during the interview said, “It was a really great performance. SNSD’s no.1 sexy member is our YoonA”.

About her see-thru costume, YoonA said, “Style from YoonA, details from Tiffany”. Tiffany responded, “She ‘digested’ the concept really well”. Tiffany added, “If you come over to see our solo concert, you might be able to witness the really sexy performance”, filling fans with expectations of seeing YoonA’s sexy dance at the 2nd solo concert which will be held in Seoul on July 23rd and 24th.

In addition to these, the show also took a look at what happened behind the stage at the SM Town Live World Tour in Paris. As they completed their performance and came down from the stage, the crew of the show asked Sunny, “Are you all right now?”. Sunny replied, “Now, I’m very active”.

YoonA who was beside Sunny then said jokingly, “She was feeling a little sick the other day but from that evening onwards, she was really active. It was not fair”.

Sunny added, “I felt sorry for the fans who were worried about me. I’m really healthy now. Many people think we are eating less because of our diet but the managers are surprised with the portion we’re consuming. I eat well and rest well, so, please don’t worry”.


SM artistes grace July’s edition of Vogue and W Korea

June 17, 2011

You might have seen updates on Twitter about a week ago mentioning about the girls staying back for a few days in Paris for photo shooting sessions and subsequently, many came up with their own speculations of what those photos might be for. Well, no more speculations because photos of SM Town artistes in Paris for fashion magazines, W Korea and Vogue Korea were  finally revealed.

Vogue Korea revealed some backstage photos of the artistes at ‘SM Town Live World Tour’ concert in Paris. The pictorials covered shots from the artistes’ departure to Paris to their arrival in Paris, rehearsals, performances and even after the concerts. Some of the photos which featured SNSD members were published in black and white, giving out a classic atmosphere that created a feel as if the girls are movie actress from the 80′s.

However, photos of SNSD and other SM artistes featured in W Korea magazine gave a totally different feel, especially the girls’ Parisienne Haute Couture concept.

All these stunning SM Town photos are available in the July edition of Vogue Korea and W Korea magazines.


Who’s the most popular member in Europe?

June 16, 2011

SBS ‘One Night’s TV Entertainment’ aired on June 16th mentioned about ‘SM Town Live World Tour’ in Paris which was held on June 10th and 11th.

An uncle fan in Paris apparently caught the attention of the production staff who were filming the footages of the concert for the show. SNSD also talked about the memorable times they had in Paris. The girls said, “While we were sightseeing in the city, we met some fans by chance. The fans enthusiastically danced ‘Gee’ in front of us”.

In reply to the question of who among the girls, is the most popular in Europe, the girls replied, “It seems that Hyoyeon is very popular here”.