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Dream Soshi featuring SNSD and Lee Soo Man

February 24, 2011

SNSD’s netizen-made parody of KBS 2TV’s drama ‘Dream High’ entitled ‘Dream Soshi’ had recently surfaced and shared on the Internet. In the parody, the faces of SNSD members were being superimposed to replace the faces of the actual actors and actresses.

The characters picked for each SNSD members were based on their respective personalities and the netizen’s impressions. Here is the list of the cast for the parody:

-YoonA as Samdong
-Yuri as Jingook
-Tiffany as Hyemi
-Jessica as Baekhee
-Hyoyeon as Jason
-Taeyeon as Pilsook
-Seohyun as Oh Hyuk (Kang Ssaem)
-Sunny as Kyungjin (Shi SSaem)
-Sooyoung as Ma Dooshik
-Lee Soo Man as The Principal

Meanwhile, according to AGB Nielsen Media Research on February 23rd, the episode of ‘Dream High’ aired on February 22nd recorded a rating of 17.9%.


Netizens amused by Chinese girl group’s parody of ‘HaHaHa Song’

February 24, 2011

China’s girl group, Daydream Factory, parodied SNSD’s “HaHaHa Song”

Recently, Daydream Factory recorded their own version of SNSD’s “HaHaHa Song” and even released a Music Video. They also attracted attention by directly copying SNSD’s hairstyle and costumes.

However, even copying and remaking requires talents and skills. They focused too much only in parodying SNSD, resulting in poor vocal and choreography.

In the Music Video, there were library as well as track-and-field scenes. These scenes did not match the song at all. Furthermore, they also took Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”‘s choreography.

Korean netizens’ reactions were rather negative. They commented “Let’s just take it as a joke.” “Not everyone can be SNSD.”

What do you think? Here’s the video of the parody!

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‘Sosi Garden’ starring SNSD

January 27, 2011

‘Sosi Garden’, a parody of drama ‘Secret Garden’ made by fans have recently appeared on online communities and blogs. Taeyeon and Jessica were depicted as the main characters in ‘Sosi Garden’. This parody have since gained its reputation among netizens.

In the list of cast for the parody, the main characters, Taeyeon and Jessica played the role of Juwon (Hyunbin) and Raim (Ha Jiwon). Yuri and YoonA took the role of Oscar and Yoonseul respectively while maknae Seohyun played the role of Juwon’s mother, Boonhong.

Netizens who saw this parody commented, “Indeed, this suits SNSD well too”, “Now, I wonder what parodies are coming next?” and “It suits them really well”


HNSD performed “Gee”

September 29, 2010

SNSD’s popularity continues to spread in Japan and recently (September 26th), a video showing a group of 11 Japanese girls who were dubbed as “Japanese Girls’ Generation” appeared on YouTube.

In the video, the 11 Japanese girls put on an impressive dance performance of SNSD’s hit “Gee” which earned them the title “Japanese Girls’ Generation” from netizens in Korea Republic and Japan.

The girls who called themselves “Ho Nyeo Shi Dae (法女時代)” made parodies of SNSD and have garnered a lot of attentions from netizens and media.

Netizens who saw the videos commented:

-”SNSD want more than just conquering the Oricon chart”
-”It looks like SNSD are really popular in Japan”
-”I’m proud that they are enjoying more popularity in Japan”

Here’s the video clip of “Ho Nyeo Shi Dae”.

What do you think of their performance?