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Mr. Taxi Dance Version PV released

April 26, 2011

After a possible teaser image surfaced last Saturday (April 23rd), SONEs have been waiting patiently on April 25th for the music video. To their disappointment, the PV remains elusive. That disappointment however was cut short when Universal Music Japan revealed ‘Mr.Taxi Dance Version’ PV through YouTube.

Without further ado, we give you….*drumroll*…. Yellow Soshi with ‘Mr.Taxi’! Let’s sit back and enjoy the dance version while waiting for the ‘main’ version to be released.

Credit: universalmusicjapan@YouTube/Yoongislove@Twitter

Right now, it’s ‘Yellow Soshi’ behind the wheels

April 22, 2011

Japan’s Mezamashi TV gave its viewers a sneak peek of the PV for ‘Mr.Taxi’. From the portions of the PV revealed through the Japanese TV show, the girls were seen in taxi driver caps and sexy yellow outfits, where the short skirts and pants matched their slim bodies well.

Along with their sexy ‘Yellow Soshi’ look, the dance choreography seemed to have also acquired a name. In the past, the girls were known for their ‘Crab dance’ (Gee), ‘Arrow Dance’ (Hoot), etc. The dance featured in ‘Mr. taxi”s PV is called the ‘Steering Wheel Dance’ as the girls’ choreography includes the ‘turning the steering wheel’ action, especially at the chorus of the PV.

Without further ado, here’s the preview of ‘Mr.Taxi’ PV aired on Japan’s Mezamashi TV:


Soshi climbed up music charts with “Gee”, released Dance version PV

October 19, 2010

“Gee” has not been officially released but it has already made its presence felt on music charts. On FM Radio’s Broadcast Chart, “Gee” made it to the #2 spot. On Jbook Real-Time Chart, “Gee” took the 5th spot as of 2.50pm (GMT+9). On the other hand, 3,928 copies of “Genie” single were sold in the 6th week, increasing the tally to a total of 92,663 copies (accumulative). “Genie” is currently placed at #19 on Oricon Singles Daily Chart for October 19th.

Prior to its release on October 20th, the dance version PV of “Gee” was unveiled today. Here’s the PV. Enjoy!