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[UPDATED] ‘Mr.Taxi’ topped charts in both Korea and Japan simultaneously

May 14, 2011

SNSD’s 3rd Japanese Single title track ‘Mr.Taxi’ secured top spot on Japan’s largest mobile ringtone chart Rekochoku as soon as it was released officially on April 27th. The single is also expected to make a huge wave on Oricon Daily Singles Chart and subsequently the Weekly Chart after its release today.

Due to the massive earthquake back in March this year, the release date of ‘Mr.Taxi’ got delayed and activities were affected. However, it seems that the Kpop fever spearheaded by Hallyu girl groups are heating up again.

Mr. Taxi is SNSD’s first original Japanese song and it is a song that showcases the girls unique music style as well as impressive dance choreography.


UPDATE 1: ‘Mr.Taxi’ grabbed no.1 spot on Bugs! Real Time Chart

Looks like ‘Mr.Taxi’ is not only heating up the digital charts in Japan but also in Korea. This record breaking feat was achieved at around 1pm KST where ‘Mr.Taxi’ managed to grab the no.1 spot on Bugs! Real Time Chart. Jay Park’s ‘Abandoned’ and ‘오늘밤’ took the 2nd and 3rd spot respectively.


UPDATE 2: SNSD’s ‘Mr.Taxi’ sold more than 40,000 copies on first day

The numbers are in and the girls finished 2nd on Oricon’s Daily Singles Chart with 40,194 copies. Jang KeunSeok’s ‘Let Me Cry’ took the 1st spot with 56,923 copies. Nonetheless it was a good result for the girls and a huge improvement if you look at the sales of 2nd Single ‘Gee’ which recorded 28,838 copies on its first day of release. Again, well done to the girls!

UPDATE 3: Mr.Taxi topped Oricon on Day 3

After two days finishing in 2nd on Oricon’s Daily Singles Chart, SNSD’s ‘Mr.Taxi’ successfully secured the top spot on the daily chart for April 29th with recorded sales of 12,437 copies, taking the cumulative sales to 73,914 copies after just 3 days. On April 28th, ‘Mr.Taxi’ was in 2nd with daily sales of 21,283 copies. The summary of sales for the past 3 days are as follows:

Day 1 – 40,194 copies (2nd)
Day 2 – 21,283 copies (2nd)
Day 3 – 12,437 copies (1st)

Credit: Yoongislove@Twitter/

UPDATE 4: Mr.Taxi topped Daum Music’s Weekly Chart

Besides topping Oricon’s Daily Singles Charts, SNSD’s ‘Mr.Taxi’ are doing equally well on Korea’s weekly music charts as well. SNSD’s 3rd Japanese Single ‘Mr.Taxi’ topped Daum Music’s Weekly Chart (April 24th to April 30th) although there was barely any promotional activities by the girls in Korea. Besides Daum Music’s chart, here are ‘Mr.Taxi”s rankings on other weekly charts in Korea:

Bugs! (April 24th to April 30th) – 6th
Dosirak (April 25th to May 1st) – 10th


UPDATE 5: Mr.Taxi sold 100,000 copies in just a week

In just one week, SNSD’s Mr.Taxi’s cumulative sales hit 100,000 copies mark.  ’Genie’, ‘Gee’, ‘Hoot’ and the current release, ‘Mr.Taxi’ have all recorded cumulative sales beyond 5 figures. ‘Mr.Taxi’ however, managed to achieve that feat in the shortest time among these releases.

According to Oricon on May 3rd, this was SNSD’s best ever weekly sales ever since their Japanese debut back in September last year.


UPDATE 6: Mr.Taxi conquered Billboard Japan chart

After finishing 2nd on Oricon Weekly Singles Chart with sales over 100,000 copies behind Jang KeunSeok, SNSD’s ‘Mr.Taxi’ continues to dominate the charts as it secured the no.1 spot on Billboard Japan’s Top 100 Weekly Chart. Jang KeunSeok who did equally well on Oricon charts, came in 2nd.

Credit: Yoongislove@Twitter

UPDATE 7: ‘Mr.Taxi’ certified Gold

After surpassing sales of 100,000 copies in the first week of its release, SNSD’s ‘Mr.Taxi’ had been certified Gold by Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ). Along with SNSD’s ‘Mr.Taxi’, Jang GeunSeok’s ‘Let Me Cry’ was also awarded the Gold Certificate by the association.

Credit: Yoongislove@Twitter

[UPDATED] Black Shouji are hitting Japan soon, ‘Hoot’ received Gold certification

January 25, 2011

According to SNSD’s Japanese official website, SNSD will be releasing the Japanese version of ‘Run Devil Run‘ on January 18th.

The song will be released in ringtone version and it is expected to receive lots of attention and interest from Japanese fans. The Japanese version of ‘Run Devil Run’ ringtone will be released on January 18th and the full version will be unveiled on January 25th.

Meanwhile, SNSD’s licensed Japanese Edition of 3rd Mini Album ‘Hoot‘ released in December 2010 was awarded the ‘Gold Certificate‘ by Recording Industry of Japan (RIAJ) for recording sales exceeding 100,000 copies.

UPDATE 1: RDR Japanese version ringtone released

A representative of SM Entertainment said on January 18th, “SNSD’s Japanese version of ‘Run Devil Run’ has been released in ringtone format on January 18th through various mobile sites such as Rekochoku,,, etc. The full version of the song shall be unveiled on January 25th”.

The representative added, “‘Run Devil Run’ will not be released as a full single in Japan. Due to hot response from the local (Japanese) fans, this song will be released without promotional activities by the members and it will only be made available online”.

UPDATE 2: Run Devil Run Japanese Version released

At midnight on January 25th, the Japanese version of ‘Run Devil Run (RDR)‘ was released as a digital single on iTunes Japan, priced at 200 Yen per download. SNSD will be performing the Japanese version of ‘RDR’ on Asahi TV’s ‘Music Station’ on January 28th.

Credit: Japan