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Girls’ Generation’s popularity in Taiwan and Japan proven yet again with music charts!

November 27, 2011

On November 27th, it was revealed that Girls’ Generation’s 3rd full album ‘The Boys’, released on the 19th last month, is ranked first on one of Taiwan’s three largest music chart, the G-Music Chart.

It is especially noticeable that their album has taken over popular top singers such as Jay Chou and Zhou Bi Chang, topping the chart with a deep implication. Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jay Chou’s new album ‘驚嘆號’ was ranked second, while Zhou Bi Chang’s album ‘黑擇明’ was ranked third and Westlife’s ‘Greatest Hits’ came in fourth.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation was once again proven to be the top K-pop girl group in Japan.

According to the ‘2011 Popular CD/DVD Rental Chart’ published by Tsutaya, Girls’ Generation’s ‘Mr Taxi/Run Devil Run’ and ‘Gee’ were ranked 4th and 9th respectively. Tsutaya is the biggest CD and DVD sales and rental market in Japan. The Tsutaya chart is considerably prestigious since rental of CDs and DVDs is more prevalent among fans in Japan compared to digital music.

Girls’ Generation is the only K-Pop in the Top 10, along with bestselling Japanese girlgroup AKB48 and the girls also topped the K-Pop artiste chart, ahead of KARA, FT Island, CNBLUE and Super Junior so this once again, proved their popularity in Japan.

Credit: Star News + Sports Chosun

SNSD and SHINee conquered Tower Records’ charts

July 11, 2011

Japan’s largest record store, Tower Records recenty released the ‘Best Sellers for 1st half of 2011′ charts. From the results released, SNSD topped the Kpop album chart while SHINee took the no.1 spot in the Singles category. SNSD’s ‘Mr.Taxi/Run Devil Run’ also made it to the top 5 in the Singles category where it attained the 4th spot. Here are the results:

Album Category

1. Girls’ Generation – SNSD
2. Girls’ Talk – Kara
3. Big Bang 2 – Big Bang
4. GD & TOP Vol.1 – GD & TOP
5. Five Treasure Island – FT Island

Singles Category

1. Replay: You Are My Everything – SHINee
2. Jet Coaster Love – Kara
3. Let Me Cry – Jang GeunSuk
4. Mr.Taxi/Run Devil Run – SNSD
5. Take Off – 2pm


It’s DHSD!

June 2, 2011

YB’s Yoon DoHyun did a parody of SNSD members and posted the edited image through his own personal twitter account’.

On MBC’s ‘I Am A Singer’ aired on May 22nd, despite the condition of his throat, Yoon DoHyun gave an impressive performance of his own rendition (Rock version) of SNSD’s ‘Run Devil Run’, which was a song recommended by netizens.

After gaining much popularity from performing SNSD’s ‘Run Devil Run’, Yoon DoHyun made a parody of SNSD’s ‘Run Devil Run’ image by superimposing his own face onto the faces of SNSD’s members.

이건.."도현시대" ? 똑바로해 넌정말 뺏뽀오이 쿠헬헬~
Yoon Do Hyun

Through his personal Twitter account, Yoon DoHyun posted, “This is…’DoHyun Generation’?”, followed by the first verse of ‘Run Devil Run’s lyric.  Together with the tweet is a link to the image as shown above.


SNSD @ Hanyang University’s Rachios Fiesta

May 18, 2011

SNSD attended the Rachious Fiesta at Hanyang University Amphitheatre on May 17th. At the university festival, the girls performed ‘Gee’, ‘Run Devil Run’, ‘Oh’ and ‘Hoot’.

The girls mentioned that in the midst of their Japanese activities, they flew back to Korea just to attend the university event. Upon hearing that, the crowd gave a loud cheer to show their acknowledgement of the girls’ efforts and sincerity.

SNSD’s performances were very much anticipated and as expected, they garnered tremendous responses from the university students.

Here are some of the fancams of SNSD’s performances from the Rachios Fiesta at Hanyang University.

Run Devil Run, Hoot, Interview and Oh!


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Soshi are not idling despite disrupted schedules

April 14, 2011

The public’s attention now centers upon SNSD’s activities after the massive earthquake which struck Japan about a month ago. Basically, there were no schedules in Korea because originally, the girls were scheduled for promotional activities in Japan. However, because of the quake, their album release was delayed and their original plan was disrupted.

Japan schedules in Korea

It is wrong to think that because SNSD does not make public promotions, they are resting. Because situation is still unstable in Japan, SNSD are staying in Korea. Even though they are in Korea, they are constantly preparing for their promotion in Japan.

SM entertainment’s staff, Kim EunAh stated “SNSD are busy with various recordings as well as magazine interviews. These schedules were originally scheduled to be after the release of their new single. However, due to the current situation, the Japanese staff were flown to Korea to finish these schedules first.”

Delayed release of single, concert schedule being adjusted

Originally, SNSD’s new single ‘Mr.Taxi’ which contains the Japanese version of ‘Run Devil Run’, was set for release on April 13th. However, due to the natural disaster, it got postponed for another 2 weeks and thus, the single will be officially released on April 27th instead.

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The return of Black Soshi

April 9, 2011

At 3.00pm Japan Local Time, Run Devil Run PV was aired on Japan’s Space Shower TV. A day before the teaser of the PV was aired on a Japanese show, along with a 1-2 seconds of the much anticipated ‘Mr.Taxi’.

How does Mr. Taxi sound like? Apparently, it was aired around the same time as the Run Devil Run PV but the broadcast was through FM Port 79.0 FM Niigata. So, our friends in Japan might have heard the song and hopefully, we might get to hear it soon as well.

Here’s a screen capture of the schedule on FM Port 79.0 FM Niigata’s website.

Credit: oldmanpushcar@YouTube

‘Hoot’, SNSD’s 4th MV to exceed 10 million views on YouTube

February 21, 2011

SNSD‘s “Hoot” music video has been receiving explosive response from fans all over the world ever since its release through SM Entertainment’s official YouTube Channel in October last year where it recorded more than 10 million views to date.

SNSD who are currently promoting in both Korea and Japan are gaining massive popularity in South East Asia, South America and Europe as well. This is SNSD’s 4th video on YouTube having more than 10 million views. Previously, ‘Gee‘ and ‘Oh!‘ have gone past the 30 million views mark respectively while ‘Run Devil Run‘ recorded more than 20 million views. ‘Oh!’ which was among the ‘Top 10 most viewed video in 2010′ on YouTube had also achieved tremendous results domestically, where it topped almost every charts immediately after its release.

On the other hand, SNSD are expected to release their 3rd Japanese Single very soon.

Credit: News

SM Entertainment artistes dominate 2010 Gaon chart

February 9, 2011

SM Entertainment have proven their dominance in the music industry once again by  conquering the 2010 Gaon Chart in terms of music sales.

At Seoul Press Center on February 9th, 3pm KST, Top 2 music sales was announced through the ‘Gaon Chart 2010 Closing Award Ceremony and Proclamation of 2011 Vision’.

In terms of music sales, Super Junior and SNSD took the top 4 spots. Super Junior’s 4th album ‘Bonamana’ was ranked 1st with total sales of 200,193 copies. SNSD took 2nd, 3rd and 4th spot through their 2nd Album ‘Oh!’ (197,934 copies), 3rd Mini Album ‘Hoot’ (163,066 copies) and 2nd Album Repackaged ‘Run Devil Run’ (136,851 copies) respectively.

Besides taking the top spot, Super Junior’s 4th album repackaged ‘Bonamana’ also secured the no.9 spot. Another SM Entertainment artistes, SHINee also managed 2 places in the top 20. Their 2010 album ‘Lucifer’ and its repackaged edition ‘Hello’ were ranked 6th and 20th respectively. Out of the top 20 spots, there were 7 entries in total involving SM Entertainment artistes.

Meanwhile, miss A topped the ‘Online Category’ with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ while Lee Seungchul’s ‘That Person’ secured the top spot for the ‘Mobile Category’.


SNSD, TVXQ, Kara secured top 5 as ‘Gee’ continues to impress on Japan’s iTunes Chart

January 30, 2011

TVXQ, SNSD and Kara have shown their domination once again where the secured 3 places in the Top 5 of Japan’s iTunes Singles chart.

According to Japan’s iTunes Singles Chart on January 30th, TVXQ’s ‘Why? (Keep Your Head Down)’ was ranked 1st, followed by SNSD’s ‘Run Devil Run’ in 2nd and Kara’s ‘Mister’ in 4th.

While SNSD’s newly released Japanese version of ‘Run Devil Run’ successfully secured the 2nd spot, their 2nd Single ‘Gee‘ which was released last year, still manages to stay within the top 10. ‘Gee‘ was ranked 9th based on the chart released on January 30th.