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Joy of getting back hugs awaits YoonA’s future boyfriend

August 7, 2011

On ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay’ aired on the 7th of August, YoonA revealed her wish in an interview carried out along with Lee MinHo.

She said, “If I have a boyfriend, the thing that I wish to do the most is to give a back hug”. Upon hearing the statement, Park SeulKi who came on as a reporter, gave Lee Min Ho a back hug and YoonA gave her ‘satisfied’ reaction.

On the other hand, Lee MinHo who wore a smile on his face throughout the interview burst out in laughter after saying, “Yoona soothe the fatigue I had from those dramas”.

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder

April 24, 2011

CN Blue’s Jung YongHwa expressed his sadness afted ending his “virtual marriage” with Seohyun.

On the ‘Rising Star’ corner of MBC’s ‘Section TV’ aired on the April 24th, Jung YongHwa talked about the things he was up to lately.

In this episode, YongHwa received a question asking if he feels the ‘void’ after his marriage with Seohyun on MBC ‘We Got Married’ ended.

In reply to the question, he revealed, “We used to see each other a lot. However, I feel sad that we can’t keep in contact with each other as much”. He added, “It feels different when I see her again”.

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