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Actor Joo JinMo wants to be with Girls’ Generation on an unoccupied island

March 4, 2012

On the ‘Rising Star’ corner of MBC TV’s ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ aired on March 4th, Joo JinMo talked about his life as an actor.

When asked if there is any girl group that he likes recently, Joo JinMo jokingly replied, “Actually, I love idols in short skirts”.

He added, “In terms of looks, I’ll go for Girls’ Generation while in terms of music and personality, I’ll pick 2NE1″. The reporter then asked Joo JinMo, “If you were to choose between Girls’ Generation and 2NE1 only, who would you bring to an unoccupied island?”. In reply to this question, Joo JinMo replied, “If we’re talking about unoccupied island, I’ll definitely pick Girls’ Generation”.

In addition to this, the actor also revealed that his ideal type is someone with pure and innocent style. He took YoonA as an example of a star with such characteristics, thus revealing his true admiration towards YoonA.

Joo JinMo then left a video message to YoonA which says, “YoonA, I hope to see you someday. I will always cheer you on”, confirming that he is indeed one of YoonA’s samchon (uncle) fans.


Lee DaHae: It feels really good to be mistaken for a member of SNSD

May 9, 2011

On MBC TV ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay – Rising Star’ aired on May 8th, Lee DaHae made an appearance and had an honest chat with the MC of the show.

During the interview, Lee DaHae’s easy going and honest look had garnered much attention from the viewers. She also revealed that she was once mistaken for a member of SNSD.

Lee DaHae revealed, “A few days ago, while eating naengmyun (cold noodles) with actress Kang HyeJung, a fan who saw me shouted, ‘It’s SNSD!’, making Kang HyeJung envious of me”. Lee DaHae then described her feeling of being misidentified by saying, “It felt really good” and followed up with SNSD’s ‘Gee’ dance move, revealing her passion as a fan of SNSD.


Jisung’s ‘Hoot’ dance lesson

March 13, 2011

On MBC TV ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay’, actor Jisung gave some tips on how to dance SNSD’s ‘Hoot’, which became a hot topic in the first episode of ‘Royal Family’.

Jisung who boasted his 1000 sit-ups a day routine, danced naturally to ‘Hoot’ and stated, “The beat is really important”. He then gave some important pointers on the dance steps.

Jisung and Park Seulgi later made a parody of a scene involving Hyun Bin and Ha Jiwon in ‘Secret Garden’.

Catch Jisung’s ‘Hoot’ dance lesson on March 13th.

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