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Seo Joonyoung: I don’t know much about idols but I like SNSD and YoonA

March 31, 2011

In reply to the question “Which idol do you like?”, Seo Joonyoung replied, “I like SNSD”.

On March 23rd, in an interview with BNT News, Seo Joonyoung said, “Honestly, I don’t really know much about idols. This is because I’m a bit slow in getting myself updated with information about idols”.

When asked about the member that he likes the most among the 9 SNSD members, Joonyoung confessed, “I like YoonA the most. Not only does she have to fulfill her schedules as a singer, she also has acting activities to cope with at the same time. I’m also attracted by her flawless appearance”.

He added, “If I were to be given an opportunity, I would like to act with YoonA”.

Meanwhile, Seo Joonyoung and actress Ji Soowon received a lot of love for their roles as ‘Soju Couple’ in SBS ‘Smile Mom’. Seo Joonyoung also acted in 2010′s Korean movie ‘Bleak Night’.