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[UPDATED] Sooyoung and Seohyun featured as muses for Tommy Hilfiger Denim in CeCi!

February 20, 2013

Sooyoung and Seohyun of Girls’ Generation showcased their beautiful leg lines in the March issue of fashion magazine CeCi.

Sooyoung and Seohyun were chosen as the muses for Tommy Hilfiger Denim 2013 and they participated in a photo shoot for spring denim collection.

The concept of the photo shoot for the two girls, who are famous for their perfect body shapes, is ‘Sweet Travelmate’. As they wore natural make-up with thick waves in their hair, Sooyoung and Seohyun appeared as twins in the pictorial concept. To show the feeling of spring, two girls wore checkered shirts, flower-print jackets and pants in lively colors, in order to present the image of lovely girls.

During the photo shoot, Sooyoung and Seohyun reinterpreted the clothes one by one from their own perspective, and presented them in outstanding poses and expressions. This manifested their professionalism as models and they received comments praising their ability to complete the photo shoot with their unique girly and sexy charms.

Pictures from the photo shoot can be seen in the March 2013 issue of CeCi and on the official website of Tommy Hilfiger Denim.

Credit: Newsen

Update: CeCi Cover Story Interview with Sooyoung and Seohyun


1. Do you like the stage concept of ‘I Got A Boy’?

- It’s been a long time since we performed without high heels. I like it ve~ry much. It doesn’t feel tired at all to dance. I admired male singers who don’t have to perform in heels, ‘ah, so male singers are like this’. Looks like I will request to not wear heels for our next album too.

2. What are the similarities and differences between the responses of Girls’ Generation and the public towards the new song?

- The similarity, compared to just listening to the song, you find more charms when watching the stage performance. However, the comments on lyrics varied. Personally, I like lyrics that have a clear theme and I have confidence in our song. I hope that we’ll have more lyrics that can be listened by the side of ears.

3. You have revealed your dream to hold talk shows in many interviews. Usually, are you interested in knowing people?

- I have much interest in that and I enjoy conversations. If something happens that affects my mood, it makes a difference whether sharing of thoughts has conveyed my thoughts. “Did you care about what I just said?”, when I asked this, I receive this in reply, “In fact I did care, thanks for telling me this’. In these situations, I feel the power of communication. It’s especially strong when I’m with the members.

To me, Girls’ Generation is not somewhere that simply provides money or fame. It is a place where we have lessons in life. It’s a place where we adjust everything initially in conflict one by one, until we embrace one another. You can never find lessons as good as these elsewhere. I learn most things in a little society named Girls’ Generation.

4. If you are to invite one person from Girls’ Generation to be the guest of your talk show, who will you invite?

-Tiffany. She’s a friend who has a really dramatic life. Being through so much, she can be either depressed or a realist, she is like a character in movies. It’s amazing. So much that I want to take up the same challenges as her.

5. It’s been 7 years since debut. What are the differences between Sooyoung at 18 and 24 years old?

- I can do things more easily now. Should I say that goals became clearer? When I was 18 perhaps because of my young age, I was aggressive and daring. I had many ambitions. Now, not all my ambitions can be realized, and I knew that these are not necessary to me. Seems like as I walk on slowly, I can look at my surroundings better.

6. What are the things that remained unchanged compared to then?

- Being the youngest child of my family. My parents taught me strictly, “No matter how famous you are, you are still the youngest child of the house.” Sometimes I want to throw tantrums that I can’t throw outside, I want to do it as I wish, caring about no one. But they strictly disallowed that. At first I thought, “Our house is the only place where I can share everything freely, this is too much”, but now, it’s something that makes me feel most grateful towards my mum and dad.

7. Is there something that you wish it could go back to the past?

- There’s nothing that I want to change. Back then, I did nothing wrong too. I just feel bad thinking of the past. (CeCi: Were you a hot tempered person back then?) I was rather a slowpoke (Sooyoung described herself as a bear). I think that an artiste who doesn’t know how to manage his or her expressions are pure people in real life. Someone who doesn’t know how to pretend. I was one of the examples. However, to think from the perspective of an artiste, it somehow makes people who are looking are me uncomfortable, so I thought it’s in fact a wrong attitude. Although being a little more like a fox might be better, I liked the Sooyoung who knew nothing, just Sooyoung.

8. You are in the middle of your 20s. When did you finally come to realize your age?

- Recently! I came to understand why my mum always says ‘We did this back then’ happily. I miss the days in ‘Reply 1997′. So much that I can cry. As machines become smarter, humans have less thoughts. (CeCi: You can think of this after your 30s) That’s why! (laughs) I like the days where we wrote hand-written letters and typed on pagers. Looks like I’m really getting old now.

9. Is there something good about being old?

- Compared to the past, I feel that my words come with heavier weight now. That’s why I have more sense of responsibility.

9. What is the thing that you wish to do the most when spring comes?

- I want to go on a date riding a bicycle. Bicycle is an easy task, but date… (laughs)


1. ‘I Got A Boy’ activities ended within a month’s time. What is your overall comment on it?

- It was the most fun album promotion up till now! Seems that those stages allowed me to enjoy and express myself freely. We exchanged eye contacts, changed gestures, the lyrics was interesting too… After taking off heels, I became a naughty girl.

2. You started the first concert of the Japan tour last weekend, and will be going around Japanese cities for the next 2 months.

- Having made our comeback in January and then the Japan tour in February, we are spending new year in an eventful way. Concert is where we always receive whole lot of energy, I look forward more to it in the future. (CeCi: Fans in Korea will be sad.) Although the date isn’t fixed officially, we will perhaps meet Korean fans too at the concert!

3. Acting, stage performance, variety show… What is Seohyun’s next step?

- I want to try all. Because my life is still long. (laughs) Looking at unnies’ challenges, I have my own dream too. If I can grab good chances, I want to try acting or musical.

4. I felt that Seohyun in TTS is stronger than Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun.

- Since it was the first unit activity, the burden was huge. But it was fun! As I stood on the stage, I had greater ambition. What’s amazing is that when we were 3, we missed the days with 9 members. And when we are 9, we also miss the stages with 3 members. Nothing can match the energy you have on a stage of 9, yet you can be wild and free when you have 3 members.

5. You are ‘disciplined maknae’ in Girls’ Generation, was your role in TTS different when you are with the 2 unnies?

- No, it’s the same. I’m always the maknae. Maknae who nags.

6. Some days ago you were said to be the ‘maknae who drives unnies crazy’ in a show.

- They did that just for fun. Just like how they chit-chat usually. (CeCi: Do they always make fun of each other?) Of course! Usually it’s even more serious. (laughs)

7. We want to hear your explanation of the ‘dining picture’ revealed some days ago.

- It’s a picture taken in our Japan dorm on Yuri unnie’s birthday. We dined together as a birthday party. I had a mask on in the picture and it’s quite embarrassing. At Japan, we stay in the same house and there were no individual activities, so we got closer. When we say let’s talk for 5 minutes, we always end up talking for 5 hours.

8. In the previous interview with CeCi you said that you want to experience more new stuffs, are you doing that now?

- Although I did not do it because I was busy, I enjoyed life. My skills to be mischievous improved and I’m getting more mischievous towards unnies. When I’m stressed, I tend to want to rest or be free, recently I came to comprehend the way to enjoy while doing work. Back then I tried had to enjoy, but recently it got more natural. ‘Ah, I’m actually enjoying it’, I will be surprised by this. Unnies also tell me often that I have changed.

9. You are 23 years old now. Do you feel that you are a real adult (society person) now?

- After debut, I always feel that ‘I look forward to next year’, as I do this, I did not have a sense of time at all. When we went to music programmes in the past, it’s natural that we see 14-15 sunbaes (seniors), but this time, we saw no more than 4-5 sunbaes. At times like this, I will be surprised.

10. Now, Girls’ Generation is one of the ’14-15 sunbaes’ to your juniors.

- That’s why. And we are the really aged ones among them… (laughs)

11. Is there something that you will never want to lose not as Seohyun, but Seo Juhyun?

- I want to be Seo Juhyun who does something stubbornly when she says ‘let’s do it’. Ah, and people think that I’m a very ‘textbook’ type of person, I’m not. There are many ‘free’ sides of me. It’s something different between Seohyun and Seo Ju-hyun. I hope that Seohyun can become more like Seo Juhyun. And I’m moving towards that direction.

12. It’ll be March soon. When spring comes, what do you wish to do?
- Go for a drive. I obtained my driving license when I was 21. (CeCi: Then you have to own an open car?) I guess so. But it’s okay if it’s a truck!

Credit: CeCi

SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Singapore concluded successfully!

November 25, 2012

The ‘SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Singapore’ concert was successfully held for the first time in Singapore on November 23rd at possibly one of the most scenic venues – The Float @ Marina Bay. With the beautiful Singapore city skyline in the background, SMTOWN artists – Girls’ Generation, BoA, TVXQ, f(x), SHINee, Super Junior, Kangta and EXO, performed a total of 50 hit songs in the attendance of 24,000 in the audience, making this concert the largest ever in Singapore in recent years.

Despite the occasional rain showers and drizzles before and during the concert, the artists performed professionally and kept the audience in awe especially for the heavy rain towards the end of the concert starting from BoA’s ‘Only One’, f(x)’s ‘Electric Shock’, SHINee’s ‘Sherlock’, Girls’ Generation’s ‘The Boys’, Super Junior’s ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ and most especially, TVXQ’s ‘Catch Me’. The professionalism of the artists performing and dancing powerfully on stage despite the rain received praises and much love from the fans who were also watching faithfully and without falter in the rain, clad mostly in ponchos and raincoats.

In the 4-hour concert extravaganza, members of Girls’ Generation performed a total of 11 songs including collaborations with other artists. The songs they performed during the concert were:
1. California Gurls – Jessica & f(x)’s Krystal
2. Devil’s Cry – Taeyeon
3. Run Devil Run
4. Genie
5. Twinkle – Girls’ Generation TTS
6. DJ got us fallin’ in love – Girls’ Generation TTS and EXO’s D.O, Luhan, Sehun, Chanyeol
7. Dance Battle – Yoona, Hyoyeon and Yuri with Yunho, Eunhyuk, Tao, Kai, Taemin and Victoria
8. Mr. Taxi
9. Gee
10. Kissing You
11. The Boys

Prior to the concert, a press conference for the concert was held at the Ritz Carlton hotel and it was attended by representatives from the SMTown family – BoA, TVXQ, Kangta, Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, f(x)’s Victoria, Super Junior’s Donghae, SHINee’s Onew and EXO’s Suho and Kris.

The artists expressed their excitement to be performing in an SMTown concert for the first time in Singapore and they felt that The Float was a really special choice of a venue because of the beautiful view as well as performing on a stage above water.

When asked about the backstage atmosphere, Victoria said that SMTown seniors and juniors mingle and chat in the rare opportunity to hang out together while having fun and they cheer each other on between performances. She also enjoys the last song in the concert, ‘Hope’ where everyone of the SMTown family goes on stage to sing and greet the fans.

Meanwhile, Seohyun was concerned when asked about her opinions of fans who queued up early for the concert. She was grateful for all the fans who turned up for the concert despite not having performed many times in Singapore. As for those who have been waiting for a week, she was really worried about their health because of the rain. With that, she expressed their determination to perform to their very best to repay their fans.

Meanwhile, the SMTown family are currently in Bangkok, Thailand, having left Singapore a day after the concert to perform for the next SMTOWN concert on November 25th.

More photos from the press conference by media will be uploaded soon.

Photo credits (those without watermarks): Running Into The Sun (Concert organizer)

Seohyun and TVXQ showcase ‘Timeless Eternity’ charms for CeCi!

October 12, 2012

Seohyun and TVXQ are featured on the cover of fashion magazine, ‘Ceci’ in 3 countries – Korea Republic, China and Thailand.

The November edition of ‘Ceci’ is available in Korean, Chinese and the newly-launched Thai edition. Seohyun, as well as TVXQ members, U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin were selected as the cover models and they completed the pictorial shoot with the theme ‘Timeless Eternity’.

Adopting the concept from the movie ‘Interview With The Vampire’, the two TVXQ members transformed into vampires with cold and deadly charms. Seohyun, on the other hand, has the image of a tender-hearted and innocent girl. The trio shot the 26-page pictorials with various poses and expressions.

In the revealed cover photo, Seohyun and TVXQ members were holding one another’s hands with mysterious expressions, highlighting their own individual charms at the same time.

This November edition of ‘Ceci’ magazine featuring Seohyun and TVXQ on its cover will be available in Korea from October 15th onwards and subsequently, in China and Thailand.


Seohyun and TVXQ to grace November issue of CeCi!

September 27, 2012

On September 27th, photos of Seohyun and TVXQ flaunting their good looks were posted on Girls’ Generation and TVXQ’s official Facebook pages. The photos were taken for a pictorial for the November issue of fashion magazine CeCi.

In one of the photos revealed, Seohyun was seen in a hot pink one-piece dress with hair accessory while Max ChangMin was wearing a neat suit with a bow tie while making a V-sign pose.

In another photo, Seohyun was sitting in between the two TVXQ members and she can be seen in an elegant dress while making cute poses.

Girls’ Generation had just released their new Japanese single ‘Oh!’ on September 26th, which topped the Oricon daily charts on the day of release, while TVXQ made their comeback with their 6th album ‘Catch Me’ with scheduled first comeback stage on Music Bank on October 5th.


Yesung tweets a photo with Seohyun!

July 26, 2012

On July 26th, Yesung tweeted through his personal Twitter account, “With my dongsaeng (younger sister), Seohyun who is really nice” and attached a photo of himself and Seohyun along with his status update.

In the photo shared, Yesung and Seohyun were looking at the camera while striking a heartwarming pose together with bright smiles on their faces. Dressed in a white one-piece to match with her feminine wavy hairstyle as well as neat make-up, Seohyun flaunted her mature charm.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Awesome… Yesung is handsome and Seohyun is pretty!”, “What should I eat to be like Seohyun? I need the recipe urgently”, etc.


2AM’s JinWoon receives a thoughtful gift from Seohyun!

July 19, 2012

On July 19th, 2AM’s Jung JinWoon revealed the gift he received from Seohyun as he tweeted from his personal Twitter account, “Ah.. she is really the best friend that I have” and attached a photo of the gift he received from the Girls’ Generation maknae.

In the photo, there was a birthday card made by Seohyun herself and a box of health supplements. On the card, Seohyun’s message to JinWoon read, “My dear friend JinWoon-ah. Take care of your health and have a safe journey to the jungle. I’m cheering you on for the risky adventure you’re embarking on. Jung JinWoon! Fighting ~ Seohyun.”

The gift is a sign of support from Seohyun to JinWoon who will be making a journey to the jungle in SBS ‘Law of The Jungle 2′. Jung JinWoon will be joining Kim ByungMan and the cast of the show as they embark on a journey to Madagascar for a 3-week filming starting July 20th.


Yuri, Sunny and Seohyun watched ‘Hairspray’ musical with Superstar K’s Esna!

July 19, 2012

On July 19th, a contestant of ‘Superstar K’, Yoon Bit Nara (also known as Esna) posted an update on her personal Twitter account, “Thanks to Yuri, I had a fun and exciting time watching the musical ‘Hairspray’. Gong HyungJin sunbaenim awesome, everyone is awesome! To all the pretty juniors, you guys are awesome too. Hairspray was AMAZING! Fun times with Yuri, Sunny & Seohyun.”

In the photo uploaded, Yuri, Seohyun, Sunny and Yoonbit Nara went backstage to look for actor Gong HyungJin and snapped a photo together with a ‘V-sign’ pose. Although the girls did not wear much make-up, their natural beauty stood out.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Seohyun is pretty”, “I wish to know where to get the blouse that Yuri was wearing”, etc.


Yoona, Seohyun and Yuri top poll for gorgeous bare faces!

June 28, 2012

SeoHyun, Yoona and Yuri were chosen by the netizens as first, second and third places for ‘cosmetic models who do not need cosmetics because their bare faces are prettier’ and proved that it is indeed Girls’ Generation’s era.

On the community portal site, DC Inside, a survey titled “Who are the cosmetic models who do not need cosmetics because their bare faces are prettier?” took place from June 19th to 26th. In this survey, YoonA placed first, SeoHyun second and Yuri third.

YoonA, who got 13,549 votes out of 31,076 votes (43.6%), have been Innisfree’s model since 2009 and came to be known as ‘Skin Beauty’. Yoona’s unique bright and pure image matches very well with the brand and her clean and bright skin expresses the brand’s concept very well.

SeoHyun, who received 13,014 votes (41.9%), became widely loved as the face of The Face Shop since 2011. She was praised that her pure and intelligent image suits the brand very well. She also sang the theme song for The Face Shop and is working ardently as their model.

Yuri, who received 1,602 votes (5.2%), started working as a model for Mamonde since this March. Yuri, who was chosen to be Mamonde’s model due to her outstanding talents as well as her friendly image, is known to have been using Mamonde’s product for a long time.

These three were followed by actresses Park ShinHye and Koo HyeSun as well as Miss A’s Suzy.

Credit: via bestiz

From Seobaby to Seolady: A birthday tribute to a girl with a big voice, a big heart and an even bigger dream

June 27, 2012

In 2007, we were introduced to Seo Ju Hyun, a member of Girls’ Generation, also known as So Nyuh Shi Dae in Korean, the youngest of nine and the apple of everyone’s eye. We met her in ‘Into the New World’, where we saw her release the paper aeroplane that not only signalled the first flight of all nine as Girls’ Generation but also the first chapter of Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun.

“There’s no reason for me to give up, I didn’t quit high school.” – Seo Ju Hyun in ‘Girls Go to School’ (2007)

Bright eyed, baby-faced and bursting with determination, looking back at their debut performance on ‘School of Rock’, like many others who share the same love for them, it still brings tears to my eyes. Amongst the many moments loved from GGTS, the most memorable was from Seohyun. Her tears were those that many would have shed in the industry, the insecurities from being exposed to the idol world at such a young age. From her tears came determination, the quiet perseverance from within her that sought to prove everybody wrong. It was those few words she said, those few tears that she shed that made Seohyun so special in my heart.

Seohyun to sum up in a word is unique. She is confusing, adorable and so endearing at the same time that it is as if she is unlike any other. Her undying love for Keroro, her disdain for anything hazardous to her health and her strict bed-time routines, they are aspects of Seohyun that make her unique; an exclusive bag of surprises that keeps us smiling for more.

“Unhealthy diet and junk food accumulates and eventually you’ll die.” – in Taeyeon & Hyungdon’s ‘We Got Married’ (2008)

Blunt, straightforward and undeniably Seohyun, the youngest member of Girls’ Generation has a voice, one that commands the attention of all eight, one that serenades those who listen to her sing, and also one that brings such unexpected, unanticipated laughter and joy. Who could forget the time during ‘We Got Married’, where she shot down Taeyeon’s ‘husband’ Hyungdon with a single string of words? Or her classic line on ‘Intimate Note’, where she nonchalantly, straightforwardly shifted the blame for her behaviour on the influence of her eight unnies. Blunt and forthright, Seohyun takes no prisoners when it comes to what she thinks. She stays grounded to her beliefs, staying true to who she is, staying steadfast for what she believes. It is what I think makes her strong and makes her so unlike any other.

The perfect maknae. The youngest of them all, the one that everyone dotes on. She receives all the love, but she gives it back tenfold. She gives back all the love, filial to her unnies she adores so dearly. She might be strict, demanding money for lateness but it is all endless love. She holds them up when they’re down; she wipes away the tears they shed when they are sad but most of all she is there for them when they need her most. She is the perfect maknae, one with the biggest heart and the most love to give. She is the warmth we see in Soshi, the bond that fills our hearts and makes us smile.

“If your dream is alive, then one day it will come true.”

From the meek girl in 2007, to the woman she’s grown to in 2012 today; chapter after chapter, we’ve watched her grow, from the bright eyed, baby-faced girl bursting with determination, to a powerful, elegant and beautiful woman at the peak of her career. Her dreams are endless and her determination to work towards them unending. So Nyuh Shi Dae, University, Acting, Modelling, her dreams are big, but so is the amount of effort she puts in to achieve those them. We’ve seen her dreams transform, we’ve seen them grow bigger and we’ve seen them change but not once did she give up. Her unyielding determination spurs her on and for Seohyun, even the sky has no limit.

We continue to be with her on her journey as she turns a year older today. As her beauty grows, so do her dreams. I speak for many when I say she’s an inspiration; she’s an inspiration for us to keep going.

Happy Birthday Seo Ju Hyun, may all your dreams come true.

Written by: LYRCat@ssf
Photo credits: RGB, Woorissica,,