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Soshi’s comeback instills fear of confrontation in music industry

August 12, 2011

According to some media reports, SNSD will release their 3rd Korean album come this September and their promotional activities in Korea will follow suit.

A sensation in both Korea and Japan, SNSD have been secretly recording their 3rd album and it was reported by some of the Korean media that their domestic activities will kick off in September.

According to a broadcasting representative, “While there were talks about SNSD’s domestic activities in Fall, I believe it has been determined to be some time in September. Since they are in the midst of recording now, the date of release might be delayed 1 or 2 weeks, subject to the progress of the album recording”.

Along with Soshi’s comeback news, fans are expected to be more excited with this release, which is neither a mini album nor a digital single but a full studio album. 1 year and 8 months after the release of 2nd Album ‘Oh!’ in January last year, there is high anticipation for a more matured appearance from the girls.

Although little by little, the indications of when the album will be released is starting to unveil, the main concept of the album is believed to be classified even within SM Entertainment as well.

A SM Entertainment representative said, “SNSD are now having recording sessions and the possibility of comeback for the new album is big.”

Despite some media reporting SNSD’s Korean comeback to be in September, the SM Entertainment representative clarified that SNSD’s comeback and album release date, as well as their concepts, etc have not been confirmed.

Once SNSD’s comeback date is determined, there will be an ‘avoid confrontation with SNSD’ climate surrounding the music industry. In fact, because of the girls’ comeback, a music agency had actually postponed one of its singers’ comeback from September to October in order to avoid direct confrontation with SNSD.

A music industry representative said, “Since it is obvious that all the attention and interest would go to SNSD, it’s meaningless to confront them. Furthermore, since SNSD are going to release a full studio album, SNSD will most probably top various music charts”.

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