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Sohn MiNa gave Girls’ Generation a surprise visit in Paris

February 9, 2012

Sohn MiNa who started her career as an announcer, met up and posed with Girls’ Generation members in Paris and her beauty has garnered attention among netizens.

On February 9th, through her personal Twitter account, Sohn MiNa tweeted with a photo attached, “Jja jan~ My certification shot with Girls’ Generation! At this moment, even my mind is all about Girls’ Generation~ Since an unnie like me is thrilled with excitement, how about oppas and samchons? Even with killer schedules, lovely smiles can be seen on the faces of these girls. I hope they would be even more matured, great and subsequently rise to the top as world-class stars”.

In the picture, even around Girls’ Generation members, Sohn MiNa has the beauty that she can be proud of. Moreover, with her black outfit, Sohn MiNa looked as though she was one of the Girls’ Generation members as they were also wearing black costumes for their performances at KBS ‘Kpop Festival Music Bank in Paris’.

Netizens who saw the photo gave various reactions like “Son MiNa really went to visit them~”, “They are so pretty! Girls’ Generation~” and “Girls’ Generation’s 10th member?”.