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[UPDATED] There’s no stopping ‘The Boys’

October 24, 2011

Who could stop the girls? There is no competition at all! As soon as SNSD’s 3rd album ‘The Boys’ was released, the songs in the album conquered top positions in the real-time charts on major music sites.

At 12am KST on October 19th, ‘The Boys’ was released simultaneously worldwide through iTunes and also via various music sites in Korea. As of 8am KST, the title song, ‘The Boys’ have secured the no.1 spot on real-time charts on melOn, Bugs!, Soribada, Olleh Music, Monkey3, etc as well as no.3 spot on Mnet. It is on the brink of making an ‘all-kill’ within just 8 hours after release.

Particularly on Bugs!, all the 12 songs in the 3rd album have managed to secure the top 12 spots in the real-time chart. ‘The Boys’ took the 1st spot, followed by ‘Telepathy’, ‘Mr.Taxi (Korean version), ‘How Great Is Your Love’, ‘Vitamin’, ‘Trick’, ‘Say Yes’, ‘Top Secret’, ‘Sunflower’, ‘My J’, ‘Oscar’ and ‘Lazy Girl’.

On Olleh Music, SNSD’s songs occupied 9 spots out of the top 10 spots with only Secret’s ‘Love Is Move’ in the 5th spot.

At 8.50am KST, the English version of ‘The Boys’ had also secured the 79th spot on overall iTunes Singles Chart and 33rd on the iTunes Pop Chart.


Update 1: Latest updates on the US iTunes Charts
At 10.20am KST, the English version of ‘The Boys’ continued climbing up the charts and took the 74th spot on the overall iTunes Singles Chart and 32rd on the iTunes Pop Chart.

Update 2: ‘The Boys’ topped Hanteo Weekly Chart

SNSD’s 3rd album ‘The Boys’ which was released on October 19th is no.1 on Hanteo Weekly Chart released on October 24th. Within 5 days, ‘The Boys’ recorded sales of 51,616 copies, averaging about 10,000 copies daily.


‘The Boys’ MVs recorded 4.6 million views in just 1 day!

October 20, 2011

The music videos of ‘The Boys’ which were released on YouTube since October 19th have recorded a total of 4.6 million views in just 1 day!

On October 20th (morning), the Korean version of the MV recorded 3.3 million views while the English version was viewed 1.3 million times, bringing the total of the two versions to 4.6 million views. While the teaser videos had accumulatively reached the 10 million views mark, it seems that the rate of increase in views for the full version music videos are much higher.

Released on October 19th, SNSD’s 3rd album ‘The Boys’ dominated all major real-time charts in Korea such as melOn, Bugs!, olleh music, Soribada, Mnet with an ‘all-kill‘. According to Hanteo real-time chart, ‘The Boys’ clocked in sales of about 26,600 copies as of 11pm KST on October 19th. Also within just a day, ‘The Boys’ had also managed to secure within Top 60 on iTunes charts worldwide.


SNSD crowned Best Artist in 2010 on Soribada

December 20, 2010

#1 Artist - SNSD
#1 Male Group – 2AM
#1 New Artist – Miss A
#1 Female Solo – IU
#1 Male Solo – Huh Gak
#1 Foreign Artist – Ke$ha
#1 Streaming – Bad Girl Good Girl (Miss A)
#1 Download – Bad Girl Good Girl (Miss A)
#1 Music Video – Bonamana (Super Junior)


SNSD took online real-time charts by storm

October 25, 2010

SNSD who transformed into lovely spies following the “Retro Power” concept for the new mini album “Hoot” have received interest from various parties, especially with the release of the title track “Hoot” which took the Korean music industry by storm immediately after it was unveiled by securing the no.1 spot on major online real-time music charts.

Prior to the release of title track “Hoot” via various music sites at 10.00am KST on October 25th, teaser MV and photos which were released earlier have increased the expectation and anticipation towards the 3rd mini album.

As soon as it was unveiled, “Hoot” had surpassed songs from the likes of 2PM, Psy, Supreme Team and SG Wannabe in terms of online real-time chart ranking where it secured the no.1 spot on Monkey3, Melon and Soribada. Such achievement is an early indication that “Hoot” has a huge potential to take the country’s music scene by storm.

Title track “Hoot” boasts a blend of lively retro feel rythm and each member’s unique voices which adds more varieties and charms to the song. “Hoot” represents the sound of laughter and the lyrics is about a girl conveying a warning to her boyfriend who often hurts her.

With the release of the mini album, the girls are expected to create a new “syndrome” where the public and music industry would take notice of their fashions and performances, especially during their promotional activities of the new mini album.

SNSD will be officially releasing the mini album on October 27th and they be making a comeback on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” at 5.50pm KST on October 29th with “Hoot”.