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Jessica Jung, the modern day Picasso

November 13, 2011

In the November 12th episode of Star King, a wooden doll ‘Kkeo-Beong-i’, a nerdy boy in a famous children comic in Korea, drew a fine portrait of Sunny.

Refusing to admit defeat to a doll, Jessica challenged the doll through a drawing competition.

While Jessica was drawing her “masterpiece”, Sunny looked at her with a cute expression. However, Jessica produced an abstract and weird-looking portrait, which causes the studio to explode in laughter.

In response to that, Jessica said regretfully, “I’m sorry, Sunny-ya. I always scored zero for arts.”

As shown in the photo above, the portrait drawn by Jessica looked like a ridiculous yet funny comic character with big nose and nostrils, thick lips and sharp-pointed hands.

In response to this, netizens commented, “There’s a reason for everything”, “What is this? It’s really funny”, “Jessica and Sunny are both cute”, etc.

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Sunny and Jessica showed off their acting and drawing skills on ‘Star King’!

November 11, 2011

Sunny became the center of controversy, as two men in Star King fought fiercely for her!

A parody of ‘Warrior Bae Dong-soo’, a popular action drama aired recently, attracted attention. The highlight of this action drama is the sword fight scene where the main character Dong-soo fought an one-on-one match with a 16-year-old opponent at the age of 15. At this moment, Sunny of Girls’ Generation, who dressed up as a woman of the Joseon Dynasty, appeared in the scene, which led to a fierce fight for Sunny between the two men.

The studio gave a round of applause and exclaimed, “It seems like we’re watching a real action drama!” after witnessing the fancy sword fight and Sunny’s impressive acting skills.

On the other hand, Jessica showcased her drawing skills on the same episode of Star King, which startled the studio.

It started with the appearance of a wooden doll ‘Kkeo-Beong-i’, a nerdy boy in a famous children comic in Korea, who drew an abstract art piece of Tiffany with 100% synchronization. After looking at the art work, Yoo Hyun-sang, Boom and Jessica who were confident in drawing, carried out a drawing competition. Together with Kkeo-Beong-i, the four of them used Sunny as the model and presented their art pieces!

At first, Jessica lit up her artistic soul and her confidence in drawing attracted attention from the studio. When she revealed the drawing in the end, the studio were turned upside down with surprise! Curious about Jessica’s drawing? Star King will be aired on November 12th at 6.30pm KST.

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Soshi shed tears on Star King

November 30, 2010

Following the success of “Diet King” project, SBS ‘Star King’ will be showcasing a new project by Seoul University and Professon Kim Inhye called the “Miraculous Voice King” project.

The announcement about the project was being aired over the last 2 months during the broadcast of ‘Star King’. Applications could be made via phone, websites, etc. More than 1,000 applications were received and after 3 rounds of auditions, 16 participants were shortlisted.

On the show, SNSD members were moved to tears by some of the sad stories and performances presented by the participants. With tears in her eyes, YoonA said, “I do not know why but my tears keep falling”.

Want to know about the stories that made Soshi cry? I’m not spoiling it for you guys.

Don’t forget to shed tears with our girls as this episode of ‘Star King’ will be aired on December 4th.


Who says water can’t turn into cofee?

November 25, 2010

Magician Choi Hyunwoo’s magic show had SNSD members stunned.

On the recently recorded episode of SBS “Star King”, the girls participated in the magic show performed by Choi Hyunwoo. YoonA was shocked to see the clear water in the jug she held turned into pitch-black coffee. Besides the color change, YoonA was also surprised by the aroma emitted from the coffee.

Sunny on the other hand, was asked by Hyunwoo to sign on a card. Using his magic skills, Hyunwoo placed the signed card in a water bottle without opening it.

Catch the girls and Choi Hyunwoo’s brilliant magic act on SBS Star King which will be aired at 6.30pm KST on November 27th.


Jung sisters on variety show together for the first time

March 4, 2010

Jessica and Krystal on Star King

Despite the fact that Girls’ Generation and f(x) are two popular girl groups in Korea, Jessica and her sister, Krystal have never met each other on variety shows until today.

The Jung sisters attended the recording of SBS The Incredible Competition Star King today. Since this was their first time appearing on a variety show together, the show is expected to gain a lot of attention from the viewers. On the show, Jessica and Krystal were amazed with the skills shown by magician Jo Young Ho and Chu Seong Ho.

Hopefully, we get to see more of Jung Sisters on variety shows in the future.

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