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SNSD to kick-off ‘Tak Jaehoon’s Style-Star Q10 Year-End Girl Group Special’

November 30, 2010

SBS E!TV’s ‘Tak Jaehoon’s Style – Star Q10′, a program that features celebrities’ weird and funny stories will be airing its  ‘Year-End Girl Groups Special’ starting from  December 1st.

In this year-end special edition of SBS E!TV’s ‘Tak Jaehoon’s Style – Star Q10′, top five girl groups who are active domestically (in Korea) and internationally will be featured. The 5 girlgroups mentioned are SNSD, Kara, Wonder Girls, 2NE1 and Brown Eyed Girls.

Stories about the groups since the beginning of their debut which are not commonly published or told would be made available on the program.

First up, SNSD, whose popularity and achievement have gone beyond Korea, notably their feat on Japan’s Oricon chart. Viewers will be served with stories full of laughters and emotions since the beginning of SNSD‘s debut. This episode of SBS E!TV’s ‘Tak Jaehoon’s Style – Star Q10′ will be aired on December 1st, 2010.

After SNSD, Kara who have also debuted in Japan, will be featured in the same program on December 8th.