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YoonA, the highest earning member in Girls’ Generation

May 2, 2012

Ahead of TaeTiSeo’s promotional activity for their mini album ‘Twinkle’, Tiffany made an appearance on SBS ‘Strong Heart’ aired on May 1st.

On this episode of ‘Strong Heart’, in reply to the question, “Among Girls’ Generation members, who earns the most?”, Tiffany said, “As YoonA is involved with a lot of  individual activities like advertisements and dramas, I think she earns the most among us”.

Tiffany then added, “This time around, I will be involved in the promotional activities of Girls’ Generation’s 3-member unit, TaeTiSeo. So, I’m looking forward to see how it goes”, drawing laughters from everyone in the studio.


Girls’ Generation’s ‘Dear Mom’ was written by Ivy aka The Lighthouse

May 2, 2012

Singer Ivy revealed that she was the lyricist for Girls’ Generation’s ‘Dear Mom’ which was released in 2009.

On SBS ‘Strong Heart’ aired on May 1st, Tiffany disclosed that she is a fan of Ivy’s songs and at the same time, revealed facts about Ivy as a lyricist. Tiffany said, “In one of our albums, there is a song called ‘Dear Mom’. As I’m a fan of Ivy, I knew it was her as soon as we received the lyrics”.

Ivy then responded, “I used the name ‘The Lighthouse’ while I was carrying out my songwriting activities. I was having a difficult time then and like a lighthouse, I wanted to give lights to people around the world. That was the reason why I came up with the name ‘The Lighthouse’”.

Tiffany added, “We kept this (Ivy’s identity) as a secret but now, I want people to know that Ivy is the songwriter known as ‘The Lighthouse’”. Besides Girls’ Generation, Ivy was also involved in SHINee’s album.


Lee Joon: I’m too shy to greet Girls’ Generation

April 24, 2012

MBLAQ’s member Lee Joon revealed his phobia of exchanging greetings with Girls’ Generation.

Lee Joon who participated in the recording of SBS TV’s ‘Strong Heart’ said, “I’m just too shy to greet Girls’ Generation.”

He further elaborated, “If I were to smile while greeting them, I’m afraid that they might think I’m weird. Seeing the reflection of myself in their eyes makes me really shy”, explaining the reasons why he has been avoiding to greet the members of Girls’ Generation.

Tiffany who also participated in the recording of this particular episode of ‘Strong Heart’ said, “Everytime we meet one another on music programs, Lee Joon would avoid eye contacts with us and went out of sight”, confirming the truth of Lee Joon’s confession.

This episode of ‘Strong Heart’ will be aired at 11.15pm KST on April 24th.


Tiffany talks about the stress of airport fashion

April 24, 2012

Talking about the topic of airport fashion, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany confessed to being stressed about airport fashion.

Tiffany recently participated in the recording of SBS’s ‘Strong Heart’, which will be aired on April 24th at 11pm KST.

During the recording, Tiffany said, “Last time, I used to go to airport without caring so much about what I was wearing. However, as airport fashion becomes quite an issue, I have been paying more attention to it.”

She continued, “On days when I dressed up nicely from head to toe, there were no cameras but strangely, when we came back from our overseas performances, there were many photos of us wearing slippers with no make up on our faces.”

Meanwhile, in addition to Tiffany, this episode of ‘Strong Heart’ features participation by other celebrities such as Ivy, Park KyungLim, Oh YoonA, Lee HyunJin, Lee Joon, Han JiWoo, Kim NaYoung, Sun Woo, announcer Kim Hwan, etc.


Model Lee HyunI admires the power of Girls’ Generation

March 7, 2012

On SBS variety program ‘Strong Heart’ aired on March 6th, model Lee HyunI shared her experience on the power of Girls’ Generation when she was having her modeling activities in Italy.

In this episode, commenting on Seohyun’s hope of becoming like UN Secretary General Ban KiMoon, Lee HyunI said, “I think Girls’ Generation are more actively involved in foreign relations than UN Secretary General Ban KiMoon”.

She added, “When I was in Italy, a person came up to me and asked ‘Do you know this song?’, while Girls’ Generation’s ‘Hoot’ was being played. During the 8-hour shooting session, Girls’ Generation songs could be heard around the set. Listening to Girls’ Generation’s songs in Milan, Italy made me feel really proud”.


Seohyun reveals her first encounter with ‘Bomb Shot’

March 6, 2012

During the recent recording of SBS ‘Strong Heart’, Seohyun revealed, “I was ‘forced’ to take a ‘Bomb Shot (method of consuming alcoholic cocktail)’”.

According to the production staff, Seohyun said, “We had a party after completing the Japan Tour. Together with the members, we some alcoholic drinks”.

Seohyun further elaborated, “Girls’ Generation members then prepared the bomb shot in a big glass”, much to the surprise of the participants on the show. She continued, “While having our drinks, we played a game and since I lost, I had to take the ‘Bomb Shot’ prepared by them as the penalty. It was my first time taking it”.

Seohyun’s first experience with the ‘Bomb Shot’ will be revealed in detail on SBS ‘Strong Heart’ which will be aired at 11pm KST on February 6th.

Meanwhile, this ‘Kpop Star’ special episode of ‘Strong Heart’ features Seohyun, Se7en, Park EunHye, Park KyungRim, miss A’s Min and Suzy, K.Will, Choi HalRi, Kim HakChul, etc.


Seohyun talks about Girls’ Generation’s appearance on French talk show

February 28, 2012

Seohyun revealed a behind story about Girls’ Generation’s appearance on a French talk show.

During the recent recording of SBS ‘Strong Heart’, Seohyun said, “Girls’ Generation was the first Korean artist to have appeared on France’s popular program ‘Le Grand Journal’. Beyonce, Usher, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and other Hollywood stars had also attended this program in the past and it was a great honor to have gone on the program.”

She added, “The thought of being in France as the representative of Korea was not the only joy as we were surprised and amazed to hear the audience cheering and chanting in Korean.”

Girls’ Generation made their appearance on Canal+’s ‘Le Grand Journal’, which is the no.1 talk show in France on February 9th.

Besides Seohyun, this episode of ‘Strong Heart K-pop Star’ which will be aired on February 28th also features Se7en, Park EunHye, Park KyungRim, miss A’s Min and Suzy, Kim HakChul, K.Will, Lee HyunI, etc.


Girls’ Generation talks about stalkers and stage wardrobe malfunctions on ‘Strong Heart’

November 16, 2011

On November 15th, part 2 of ‘Strong Heart’s Talk Selection Contest’ was aired. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, Tiffany, Taeyeon and Yuri appeared as guests and they showed off their talking skills once again.

As the topic shifted to blood types, Yoona talked about her losing temper at a stalker outside their dorm, revealing her hot temper as a B-type person.

After touching on the previously discussed ‘Jessica’s stalker incident’, Yoona continued, “I’ve also met the man who peeped around in front of our dorm. As I saw him going up through the staircase while I took the lift, I lost my temper immediately, shut the door of our dorm and kept staring at the direction of the staircase.”

Finally, Yoona witnessed the man peeking silently and shouted at him before signaling for the man to go to her. Yoona continued explaining, “Because I suddenly lost my temper, I asked the man if he lived here, then told him that he should not be doing that (trespassing).”

Yoona then said, “However, after knowing more, he turned out to be a very nice fan of us so I wasn’t angry anymore.”

Besides that, Yoona also told the story of her becoming ‘Torn Yoona’.

Yoona said, “We had special stages during the Japan SMTown concert a few months ago. There was a dance step where I was required to collapse onto the floor with hands stretched and stand up again. The moment I sat down, there was a weird sound. Although I felt something weird, I could not check anything. So I started dancing cautiously.”

Yoona continued, “I was afraid that photos were taken, so I went to search for them. Fortunately, no photo caught the moment. I’m worried that as I said this, people who have the photos will upload it. I sincerely hope that people will not do it.”

Funnily, after hearing Yoona’s story, Yuri confessed that she also danced cautiously as she thought the same would happen to hers, making the studio burst into laughter.

Taeyeon also confessed, “I once had my stage costume torn at the side and the clothes stuck to the body as I perspired a lot. As I covered the area with my hand and continued singing, I couldn’t bear with it and said ‘Help me!’ into the mic.”

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Girls’ Generation talks about diets and fried chickens on ‘Strong Heart’

November 9, 2011

On the episode of SBS’s Strong Heart aired on November 9th, Girls’ Generation members Yoona, Yuri, Tiffany and Taeyeon made an appearance as guests. According to AGB Nielsen Media Research Korea, the audience rating of that particular episode showed an increase of 2.2% compared to the previous week’s 9.9%.

During the episode, Yuri recalled a story about ordering fried chicken for supper after a call from Kara’s Goo Hara. Yuri said, “One day, we received a call from Goo Hara, who asked if the fried chicken brand we endorse is tasty. After the conversation, we felt hungry and decided to order chicken as supper.”

She continued, “We called the chicken shop and placed an order but we were told that it will take an hour. We called again, revealing that we are Girls’ Generation, and asked for faster delivery, but the shopkeeper hung up the call! So after a while, the members gathered and sang the CM song into the phone to convince the shopkeeper!” The studio burst into laughter at Yuri’s words.

On a different note, Yuri also explained the misconception about Girls’ Generation’s diet menu. She said, “Among all the rumors related to Girls’ Generation, the most ridiculous has to be the one that says we eat only 1,500 calories a day! It also says that we only have 9 broccolis and 1 sweet potato per meal. However, it seemed as though we have been eating more than 3,000 calories for each meal.”

She added, “Our manager oppa even said that our food expenditure is higher than Super Junior’s!”

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