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Sunny to star in ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ musical!

April 24, 2014

On April 24th, SM Entertainment confirmed that Girls’ Generation’s Sunny will star in musical ‘Singin’ in the Rain’.

The musical will also feature Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, EXO’s Baekhyun and more.

Adapted from the 1952 movie of the same name, the original musical started in 1983 by West End production in London. The Korean rendition of the musical will run from June 5th to August 3rd at the Chungmu Art Hall in Jung-gu, Seoul.

Sunny has previously participated in the ‘Catch Me If You Can’ musical performances from 2012 to 2013.

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Girls’ Generation thanks fans for the win in YouTube Music Awards!

November 4, 2013

After Tiffany accepted the ‘Video of the Year’ award on behalf of Girls’ Generation at the YouTube Music Awards today, Girls’ Generation members took to their social networking accounts as well as the Girls’ Generation official account to express their gratitude to fans, who voted continuously for almost two weeks.

Taeyeon posted on her Instagram account:

[TRANSLATION] Girls’ Generation was able to receive the ‘Video of the Year’ award at the YouTube Music Awards!! kkya! Thank you so much to the many people who shared the video for days, and, as expected, SONEs are worldwide. SONEs who always make us move! And all the people who worked hard for the music video, thank you very very much. #ytma #IAmGirlsGeneration

Meanwhile, Sunny posted on Twitter:

Thank you!!!! SONE jjang (the best)♥ Thank you #sone♥ you guys are BEST!!!!! “@YouTube: VIDEO OF THE YEAR: “I Got a Boy” by Girls’ Generation #YTMA”

Yuri also wrote her message in English in Instagram:

today is a celebration for all our 소원s around the world! it feels like a dream come true..this will forever be a UNFORGETTABLE DAY!! thanku♥

Besides that, Sooyoung left her message on Girls’ Generation’s official website:

[TRANSLATION] Thank you for presenting us with a heart-felt day^^♥
Thanks to you, Soshi never feels lonely..hehe
Thanks to SONE, we’ve added on another proud title!!
I couldn’t be happier…^^

Once again
thank u so much for all your support and love^-^♥

Right now is Girls’ Generation!!

And finally, maknae Seohyun also left her messages, twice on Twitter and on the official website.

In her second tweet in English, she said:

Thank you again to our amazing fans all over the world who voted for GG to win a YTMA for “I Got a Boy”! love u guys❤

Congratulations again, girls! You deserved the award! And to SONEs, everyone did a great job!

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Sunny and Tiffany attend Nike ‘Tech Pack’ showcase in Seoul

September 24, 2013

Tiffany and Sunny attended the Nike ‘Tech Pack’ commemorative showcase for its new series of athletic and sports design concept, which will be launched in fall and winter. The brand’s showcase was held on September 24th at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

The girls graced the event with Nike sportswear in black and white; Sunny in a casual white sweater and shorts, paired with a simple red cap and white-silver sneakers while Tiffany bared her midriffs to show off her lean abdomen with black printed jacket, black shorts and a grey pair of Nike sneakers.

The event was also attended by Epik High, Big Bang’s G Dragon and Taeyang, Lee Hyunwoo, Song Jihyo, Yang Donggeun and many more.

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Sunny greets fans on Instagram and Twitter!

July 7, 2013

It appears as though more and more Girls’ Generation members are getting their own personal SNS! After Taeyeon, Hyoyeon and Yuri on Instagram and Jessica on Weibo, Sunny became the next member to have not one, but two SNS accounts!

The Instagram account (svnnynight) became official the moment fellow member Taeyeon followed her, which led to the joy and cheers of fans worldwide, now that they will get to be closer to another of their idol. On top of that, her Twitter account Sunnyday515 was also revealed on the same day!

To kickstart her account, Sunny posted a beautiful unseen selca with the message “안녕?!..나야*^^* Hiiiiiiiii first post!!!”

So far, fans have been entertained and amused by the variety of photos and updates the other four girls have posted on their SNS accounts, which ranged from the beautiful selcas to the dorky selcas to their pets and things they see and do in their travels.

Perhaps we will see more SNS accounts from the other members in the near future too? I know I for one will be utmostly delighted, won’t you?

Sunny sings ‘Second Drawer’ for MBC drama ‘The Queen’s Classroom’!

June 13, 2013

Sunny will be lending her voice for the original soundtrack of MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The Queen’s Classroom’ for a song titled ‘Second Drawer’ (두번째 서랍).

The drama, a remake from a 2005 Japanese drama ‘Queen of the Classroom’ (Joo no Kyoshitsu), stars big name actress Go Hyunjung as the cold-hearted teacher and her students.

The song ‘Second Drawer’ is the theme song of one of the main characters, a student Sim Hana portrayed by child actress Kim Hyanggi and the song will depict the feelings of her character. ‘Second Drawer’ is said to be an emotional ballad, which has lyrical melody that goes well with Sunny’s vocals and a preview of the song was heard in the first episode of the drama aired on June 12th.

‘Second Drawer’ will be released at noon on June 13th across major online music sites.


Happy Sunny Day: The A to Z of Sunny!

May 14, 2013

It’s May 15th and it’s a Sunny day today! In conjunction with Sunny’s 25th birthday, let’s take a look at the A to Z of the irreplaceable sunshine of Girls’ Generation!

Alcohol: Sunny’s drinking prowess is well-acclaimed by her members!

Birthday: Sunny shares the same birthday as her two older sisters!

Catch Me If You Can: Sunny played the role of Brenda twice in the Korean production of the Broadway musical; first, in the second quarter of 2012 and the second time from December 2012 to February 2013.

Dubbing: Sunny participated in dubbing (or voice-acting) for animated film ‘Koala Kid: Birth of A Hero’ with SHINee’s Taemin.

Energy pill: One of Sunny’s nicknames. Why? Just take a look at her famous aegyo!

Fashionista: While most of Girls’ Generation are fashionistas in their own rights, Sunny is the one who pulls off the best sporty-casual fashion, which is evident especially in airport photos!

Gamer: Apparently, Sunny’s an avid gamer and I’ll bet that she can probably beat the majority of us at it too!

Handsome: Sunny came top in a poll where she took the majority of being a female celebrity who is both pretty and handsome! Fellow member Yuri came in second.

Intelligent: Sunny is smart and agile when it comes to handling surprising incidents that happened out of the blue. Don’t believe me? Watch this.

Jitters: or the lack thereof. Have you seen her handling chickens, snakes and cow without fear?

Kuwait: Sunny was born in California but her family moved to Kuwait she was just an infant but due to the Cold War, her family moved to South Korea.

Lee Soonkyu: The endearing Korean name of Sunny. She once jokingly said that Soonkyu is her offstage personality/alter-ego while Sunny is the glamorous Girls’ Generation member that people see on stage.

MC: Sunny played the role of emcee for several shows including music shows ‘The M’ and ‘Music Island’ as well as major events such as the Super Joint Concert in Thailand in April 2013.

Nomination: In the 6th ‘The Musical Awards’ in 2012, Sunny was nominated for ‘Best New Actress’ for her role as Brenda in musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’.

Original Soundtracks (OSTs): Do you know that Sunny participated in several OSTs for dramas? In 2012, she sang ‘It’s Me’ with f(x)’s Luna for the ‘To The Beautiful You’ OST and previously, she has also lent her vocals to the OSTs of other dramas such as ‘Oh! My Lady’, ‘Heading to the Ground’ with Taeyeon and more.

Pyrotechnics: Even the bravest person has their weakness too! Sunny has a fear of loud noises and she still gets surprised at the sounds of pyrotechnics! Poor Sunny!

Quotable: If you look past that first impression of Sunny’s aegyo and cuteness, she is probably wiser than most of us. She said a lot of quotable things in recent times such as “It’s most rewarding when I hear that fans gained strength from watching Girls’ Generation. Girls’ Generation will put on more performances to give you strength so you can say those things for a long long time.”

Radio host: Sunny was a DJ for the radio show ‘Chunji’ until July 2008.

Slam Dunk: She once mentioned that her favourite manga is the sports-themed manga ‘Slam Dunk’. She also said that she enjoyed reading ‘One Piece’.

Talented: She is one of main vocals of the group, she dances, she acts, she models, she hosts events, tv programmes and radio shows plus she excels in variety shows. Need I say more?

Uncle: It’s a widely-known fact that SM Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo Man is Sunny’s uncle.

Variety shows: Sunny is well-known for being a variety-dol (an idol who excels and is entertaining in variety shows) and she has taken part in various variety shows such as ‘Invincible Youth’ with fellow member Yuri, ‘Invincible Youth 2’ with Hyoyeon and ‘Star Golden Bell’ in earlier days.

Witty: One of the factors of Sunny’s success in variety shows is probably her wit and humour, bringing the shows to life with laughter!

Xantrochroic: Initially, Sunny gave everyone a huge surprise when she appeared with short, blonde hair during ‘The Boys’ but I think it is safe to say that most of us fell in love with that cool and chic transformation!

Youthful: Ever since Girls’ Generation’s debut, Sunny has been given the nickname ‘fake maknae’ because she was often thought as the group’s youngest member!

Zealous: Sunny may have been the last to join the company and the group but she was by no means lacking. She had previously diligently trained for many years at another entertainment company before auditioning for SM Entertainment, nailing it and debuting as the last member of Girls’ Generation!

So, the A to Z of Sunny are just the tip of the iceberg for this lovable person that you have to get to know over time! Words and facts aren’t enough to show you how wonderful she truly is. And for now, while still on the never-ending path of getting to know her and loving her, we shall conclude this with a sincere birthday.

From all of us at, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNNY! We love you!

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Sunny promises to buy soju for Jung HyungDon!

September 20, 2012

Sunny made a promise to buy soju for Jung HyungDon.

On September 19th, Jung HyungDon, the MC for cable TV MBC Everyone’s ‘Weekly Idol’, had a telephone conversation with Sunny.

Jung HyungDon said, “You said that you will treat me western liquor once you’ve settled your accounts but why haven’t you done so (buying the liquor)?”

Upon hearing that, Sunny replied, “I didn’t mention western liquor. I said soju.” Sunny continued, “Since I’ll be buying you soju, do contact me when you have time.” Jung HyungDon then jokingly replied, “Now!”.

Besides the talk on soju, Sunny added, “I’m not your personal connections for broadcast use and you only call me during broadcast”, much to the amusement of the viewers.

Netizens commented, “It’s amazing that Sunny and Jung HyungDon are close to each other”, “I’m so jealous that Sunny and Jung HyungDon are close friends”, “Sunny and Jung HyungDon are drinking friends? Wow! Awesome!”

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Sunny and Luna’s duet ‘It’s Me’ for the ‘To The Beautiful You’ OST released!

August 22, 2012

Sunny and f(x)’s Luna’s duet ‘나야 (It’s Me)’ for the part 2 of the ‘To the Beautiful You’ OST was released at 12pm KST on August 22nd today. SHINee’s Onew also contributed his vocals for the OST with ‘In Your Eyes’.

‘나야 (It’s Me)’, a song about bittersweet one-sided love, features Sunny and Luna’s sweet but strong vocals to bring out the feelings faced by the female lead in the drama. The song can be previewed and purchased online from the following websites: MelOn, Soribada, Bugs and Mnet.

The new ongoing SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘To the Beautiful You (아름다운 그대에게)’ has been receiving a lot of attention for the cute and youthful romantic comedy storyline, which boasts a cast of idols for most leads roles including f(x)’s Sulli, SHINee’s Minho and Lee Hyunwoo. The story is based on a Japanese manga series ‘For You in Full Blossom’ (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e) by Hisaya Nakajo where Minho portrays the role of Kang Taejoon, a high jump gold medalist, who meets his fan Goo Jaehee (Sulli), who disguises a boy to stay in an all-male high school.

Meanwhile, the first part of the drama’s OST was released on August 15th, a week ago, featuring a duet ‘Butterfly’ by Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and her sister f(x)’s Krystal as well as J-Min’s (제이민) ‘Stand Up (일어나)’.

Yuri, Sunny and Seohyun watched ‘Hairspray’ musical with Superstar K’s Esna!

July 19, 2012

On July 19th, a contestant of ‘Superstar K’, Yoon Bit Nara (also known as Esna) posted an update on her personal Twitter account, “Thanks to Yuri, I had a fun and exciting time watching the musical ‘Hairspray’. Gong HyungJin sunbaenim awesome, everyone is awesome! To all the pretty juniors, you guys are awesome too. Hairspray was AMAZING! Fun times with Yuri, Sunny & Seohyun.”

In the photo uploaded, Yuri, Seohyun, Sunny and Yoonbit Nara went backstage to look for actor Gong HyungJin and snapped a photo together with a ‘V-sign’ pose. Although the girls did not wear much make-up, their natural beauty stood out.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Seohyun is pretty”, “I wish to know where to get the blouse that Yuri was wearing”, etc.