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Students want to see Girls’ Generation most after college entrance exams

November 4, 2011

A poll was conducted on music site ‘Monkey 3′ from October 27th to November 2nd to find the singer students wanted to see most after their College Scholastic Ability Test.

Girls’ Generation, who had just recently made their comeback with ‘The Boys’, took a whooping majority of over 57% (290 votes) from the poll of 510 votes, to take the top spot.

Infinite was ranked second with 14% out of the total votes while Big Bang came in third with 13%.

The examination candidates, who took part in the poll, said, “I want to relief the stress accumulated from the examinations by watching Girls’ Generation’s performances.”

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SNSD named the most deserving Hallyu stars to receive recognition outside Korea

August 3, 2011

A survey entitled ‘Top Kpop Hallyu Stars Who Deserve to Receive Recognition Even in Overseas’ was conducted from July 26th to August 2nd. From the result of the survey, SNSD captured the no.1 spot collecting 83,705 votes (43.7%) out of the total of 191,674 votes.

SNSD garnered huge supports from fans who commented, “Obviously, SNSD. The survey is meaningless”, “Right Now, SNSD. In the future too, it’s SNSD”, “Asia’s best girl group, SNSD”, “Without having to consider for even a second, the undisputed SNSD”, etc.

Super Junior who recently released their 5th album ‘Mr.Simple’ came in 2nd with 49,852 votes (26%). JYJ came in 3rd with 15,408 votes (8%), followed by TVXQ with 10,405 votes (5.4%) in 4th, Kara in 5th with 8,632 votes (4.5%). Big Bang came in 6th with 6,781 votes (3.5%) while SHINee were ranked 7th with 3,599 votes (1.9%).


Christians wish to attend church service with SNSD

July 30, 2011

A survey showed that most Christians wish to do church service together with 3 celebrities: SNSD from the entertainment industry, Park GeunHye from the political arena, and from the field of sports, Kim YunA.

In their first issue published recently, new magazine ‘Ranking’ conducted a survey on 512 Christians from churches in Seoul Jongno, Gyeonggi-do Yongin, Gangwon-do Donghae, Gwang-ju, Cheonan, Jinju and Yeongdeok-gun, from May to June.

Results of the survey showed that from the entertainment industry, SNSD were ranked 1st with 22% of the votes, Big Bang came in 2nd with 17.4%, while Lee Munse ranked 3rd with 16.0% votes. Also, actor Jo Sung-woo (9.4%) and Wonder Girls (6.6%) were ranked 4th and 5th respectively.

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‘Himnae’, the song of hope and courage

March 25, 2011

Netizens selected SNSD’s ‘Himnae (Way To Go)’ as the best song that could provide hope as well as courage to people who are feeling down, depressed or suffering from disasters like the massive earthquake that shook Northeastern Japan recently.

Music site, Monkey3 conducted a survey entitled ‘What are the songs that provide hope and courage?’ from March 17th to 23rd. SNSD’s ‘Himnae’ received overwhelming support from netizens where it was ranked 1st with 253 votes (40%). ‘Himnae’ was released in 2009 and it was one of the songs in SNSD’s 1st Mini Album ‘Gee’. The song is special such that it could provide ‘energy’ and brighten up the mood of a depressed or disheartened person.

Kim Soohyun’s ‘Dreaming’, the OST of KBS drama ‘Dream High’ took the 2nd spot with 181 votes (29%) while In SoonI’s ‘Goose’s Dream’ came in 3rd with 71 votes (11%). Big Bang’s ‘Oh My Friend’ secured the 4th spot with 55 votes (9%), followed by Jaurim’s ‘Ha Ha Ha Song’ in 5th with 44 votes (5%) and Roller Coaster’s ‘Cheer Up, Mr Kim’ in 6th with 31 votes (5%).


A peek into the lives of trainees

March 24, 2011

The conditions of trainees in entertainment agencies, the birthplace of idol stars were revealed.

On March 24th, according to the ‘Entertainment Management Industry Survey’ conducted by Professor Kim Mingyu of Ajou University, huge entertainment companies have about 100 trainees on average and about 70 of them are in their teenage years.

Average training period is 14.57 months. After group selection has been made, preparation for debut takes about 16.30 months. On average, the duration of the contracts signed by the trainees are good for 4.22 years. According to the survey, after debut, the entertainers signed a 7-year contract with their companies, in accordance with the standard condition of contract.

Generally, trainees begin their practice at 6pm – 7pm after their classes and reach home about 10pm – 11pm. Although complaints of unfair treatment are rare, some of the trainees were being asked to go on diet.

Also, 80% of the young entertainers missed their classes due to their schedules and activities as entertainers. The survey also studied cases where some of these young entertainers had to carry out long-hour activities through the night without prior consent.

The current trainee system was adopted since 1997 in companies like SM Entertainment, etc and today, the 7 main entertainment companies are practicing this system. The new Korean Wave (Hallyu) was spearheaded by idol groups who were mostly developed and groomed through the trainee system.

As the trainee system involves huge investment, it is difficult for small companies to implement the structure of the system which is similar to the ones adopted by big companies. Therefore, depending of the size of investment, there are variations in the structure of the trainee system in different companies. The education that the trainees received through this system is funded by the companies and they are mostly entertainment-related. Other lessons include foreign language studies, social skills, etc.

The ‘Entertainment Management Survey’ based on the existing environment of the entertainment industry was carried out to formulate plans that can be implemented to improve and strengthen the system in place.


Lee Soo Man topped ‘Korean Music Power 100′ survey, SNSD placed within Top 20

March 16, 2011

Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment has been ranked 1st in ‘Korean Music Power 100′.

‘Public Music Sound’ has conducted a survey – Korean Music Power 100″ on 86 music critics, reporters, musicians, and music producers. From the result released on 16th, Lee Soo Man took the no.1 spot. JYP Entertainment’s Park Jinyoung was second, and YG Family’s Yang Hyunsuk grabbed the 3rd spot.

Among artistes, Seo Taeji was ranked 5th, Asia’s top girl group SNSD came in 14th, Big Bang in 28th and World Star Rain was ranked 51st.

Even veteran artistes showed their impact on Korea’s Music industry. Shin Joonghyun in 7th, Jo Yongpil came in 8th, followed by Kim Changwan in 13th, Kim Minki in 14th, Bae Chulsoo in 31st spot, Deul Gookhwa was ranked 34th, and Han Daesoo in 37th place.

Among broadcasting stations, Mnet was placed 4th, MBC in 6th, KBS in 17th, and SBS in 18th.

For online music sites, MelOn came in 9th spot, Bugs! in 35th, Apple in 49th, followed by Dosirak in 69th.

Meanwhile, for portal sites, Naver took the 11th position, Daum came in 45th, SNS(Social Networking Service) in 52nd, and world’s most popular video site YouTube, came in 54th.

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Graduation hat goes well with Seohyun

February 25, 2011

Seohyun was selected as the most suitable singer to put on a graduation hat.

Recently, music portal, Bugs! conducted a survey entitled ‘Who seems to be the most suitable singer to put on a graduation hat?‘. The survey was conducted from February 8th to February 21st involving 2,552 participants. From the result of the survey, Seohyun took the 1st spot with 47% (1,183 votes).

Meanwhile, IU came in 2nd with 20% of total votes. Seohyun and IU both received such huge support due to their ‘highly-disciplined image’ which can be seen on TV shows. Lee Teuk of Super Junior came in 3rd with 13% while Tablo in 4th with 11%. Suzy of miss A took the 5th spot, followed by 2PM’s Taecyeon with 2%.

As the new academic season is starting soon, Bugs! is conducting another survey entitled ‘Which singers seem to be the most suitable class monitor?‘. The survey is currently underway with Taeyeon and G-Dragon both in contention to top the survey.


SNSD praised for being the most economical when it comes to online shopping

December 27, 2010

One A Day Social Commerce shopping mall, Crazy Ticket conducted a survey from November 29th to December 23rd entitled ‘Which girl group would pay great attention to economical shopping through social commerce?’ involving 889 participants. From the survey result, SNSD topped the list where 442 participants (49.7%) voted for them. T-Ara came in 2nd with 218 votes (24,5%) and 2NE1 in 3rd with 198 votes (22.3%).

A representative of Crazy Ticket said, “Through this survey, the public have told us about their thoughts and impressions of SNSD, T-Ara and 2NE1′s image. Particularly, many of the respondents expressed their opinions on SNSD’s thriftiness. Some of the respondents commented, ‘In view of their busy schedules, it seems that SNSD would only buy things they really need through online open market’,'Christmas gift to express gratitude towards SNSD seems to be available through social commerce’ and ‘I will only buy necessary items which are affordable and economical through One A Day Social Commerce’”.

Meanwhile, SNSD are also the most-searched figure in 2010. According to portal site, Naver, ‘SNSD’ is the 5th most popular keyword search and 1st in terms of most searched figure.


[UPDATED] SNSD picked as ‘Singer of The Year’ for 2nd consecutive year

December 21, 2010

SNSD was selected as the ‘Singer of The Year’ for the 2nd consecutive year from a survey conducted by Gallup Korea.

Gallup Korea, a specialized research company carried out a survey involving 3,401 random male and female participants, aged 13 and above to determine the ‘most favorite artist’ among these participants. The result went in favor of SNSD where 31.5% of the participants selected SNSD as their most favorite artist.

SNSD also gained massive supports in terms of different age groups. From those in their teens (above 13 years old) to those in their 50s, SNSD was selected as the #1 favorite singer, indicating that SNSD are indeed the ‘National Singers’. Based on different age groups, here are the percentages of participants who chose SNSD:

Teens (13 years old and above) – 43.2%
20s – 40.6%
30s – 43.1%
40s – 33.0%
50s – 21.6%

UPDATE: Best 5 Song Rankings of last 4 years