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[EVENT] T-ARA Showcase in Malaysia

June 26, 2012

Here’s the official press release from Jazzy Group, the organizer of the showcase:

T – ARA will be coming to have their 1st showcase in Malaysia. It will be held at Dewan Wawasan, Menara PGRM, Kuala Lumpur on 3rd October 2012 (Wednesday), at 8.30p.m.

T – ARA is a popular Korean girl group formed by Core Contents Media in 2009. This Korean girl group insisted of 7 members, Lee Ji-hyun, Jeon Boram, Park In-jung, Park Ji-yeon, Ryu Hwa-young, Ham Eun-jung, Park Sun-young . They has signed a $4.3 million contract with management company J-ROCK for their Japanese debut, which is the highest out of all the girl groups debuting in Japan.

T – ARA’s first single, a remake of their 2009 hit “Bo Peep Bo Peep”, debuted at number one on the Oricon weekly charts with 49,712 copies sold and became the first for a debuting Korean girl group ever in history. T – ARA has also won “Top Artist of 2011”at Billboard Japan Awards.

The ticket list range for your favorite girl K-Pop group’s T-ARA tickets are as below : -
-VVIP (Lovey) – RM 683.00 + Free 1 T-ARA t-shirt and 1 T-ARA cap (Limited Seat),
- T1 (Dovey) – RM 383.00 + Free 1 T-ARA cap (Numbered Seating),
-T2 (Roly) – RM 283.00 + Free 1 T-ARA lanyard (Numbered Seating),
- T2 (Roly) Upper Level – (L) & (R)– RM 283.00 + Free 1 T-ARA lanyard (Numbered Seating),
-T3 (Poly) – RM 183.00 + Free 1 Transformer toiletries set (Free Seating),
-T3 (Poly) Upper Level – RM 183.00 + Free 1 Transformer toiletries set (Free Seating),
-T4 (We were in Love) – RM 103.00 (Free Standing)

*Ticket Prices including RM3 processing fees*.

Ticket will be open on sale at Monday (25/06/12). If necessary, please contact us to get more details
For Early bird, ticket starting from 25th of June to 30th of June will have discount 10% or free gift for every tickets purchase [Excluded the ticket for VVIP (Lovey) and T4 (We were in Love)].

Ticket for VVIP (Lovey) only avalaible at Jazzy Group office and the first 120pax who bought VVIP ticket entitle to be on stage to get T-ARA poster autograph.

Tickets are available at all Ticket Charge outlets ticketing counter and Jazzy Group office only.

Stay tune with Jazzy Group Facebook, Official radio station One FM, Hot FM and official TV station 8tv for their latest news update. Do not miss out your opportunity to see an awesome and beautiful performance from your favorite girl K-Pop group in Malaysia. Grab your ticket now. See you there!

For more information, please visit our website or contact enquiry hotline:
TicketCharge 03-9222 8811 ( / JazzyGroup 03-5622 1600, 016-2706253 , 016-2705892 (

Girls’ Generation takes on T-ara… in a game of Alkkagi?

January 20, 2012

On MBC’s New Year Special ’2012 Idol Star Alkkagi Championship’, which will be aired at 9.05am KST on January 22nd, Girls’ Generation, T-ara, Super Junior, SHINee, Sistar, Miss A, Rainbow, Infinite and other idol groups vyed for the ‘Strongest Alkkagi Player’ title based on tournament format.

In the surprise match, ‘Show! Music Core Battle of The Strongest’, MBLAQ faced Prince of Ballad, Lee Hyun while Queens of Kpop, Girls’ Generation took on T-ara in the game of Alkkagi.

In addition to that, Roo’ra’s Go YoungWook went up against Kim JiHyun while H.O.T’s Moon HeeJoon and Tony Ahn played against each other. After the game, the junior idol members pulled off brilliant performances of H.O.T’s ‘Candy’ and Roo’ra’s ‘Angel Without Wings’.

Credit: + Newsen (photo)

Sunny is Hyomin’s daily vitamin

December 11, 2011

T-ara’s Hyomin showed her affection towards Sunny once again.

On December 11th, through her personal Twitter account, Hyomin tweeted, “Gulping my drink. Kick off the morning strongly yeah~ it’s good (thumbs up)” and revealed a photo of Vita500 with Sunny on the label. Sunny and Hyomin are known for their close friendship in KBS 2TV’s ‘Invincible Youth’ (Season 1).

Netizen who saw the photo commented, “I like to see the reunion Sunny and Hyomin as the SoonByung couple once again” and “It seems that she really likes Sunny very much”.

Credit: (Hyomin’s Twitter account)

T-ara thanked SNSD for paving the way in Japan

July 29, 2011

T-ara’s Hyomin, JiYeon and EunJung were featured on TV YTN ‘News and Issue – Issue and People’ aired on July 29th.

EunJung said, “Since we’ll be debuting in Japan, I think we need to have rookie’s attitude. From the beginning, we have to go forward step by step.”

The anchor then asked, “Do you feel pressured by SNSD who debuted first?”

To this, Hyomin replied, “We actually feel more thankful than pressured. I think they relieved some pressure off us.”

She added, “Because of that, we are also getting more interest and expectation from people so I think we will be able to do well.”

EunJung added, “Rather, we are thankful to the public for their interest in Kpop.”

Meanwhile, during the broadcast of the program, they also said, “Today, July 29th is the 2nd anniversary of our debut and we hope to be no.1 on a music show as our present.”


Jessica-Hyomin Doppelganger story explained!

December 19, 2010

T-ara’s Hyomin was dubbed by netizens as Jessica’s ‘Doppelganger’ AGAIN after her recent transformation.

For the sake of the promotional activities for T-ara’s latest song ‘Ya Ya Ya’, Hyomin who kept her long hair for 4 years had to transform herself to suit their new concept and that involved cutting her hair short.

Due to her hairstyle transformation, netizens commented, “After cutting her hair, she seems to resemble Jessica” and “Hyomin is Jessica’s Doppelganger”.

About this ‘Doppelganger’ matter, Hyomin commented, “Jessica and I know about this. As much as I love to keep my long hair, I also want a transformation and thus, I have decided to cut my hair. After the transformation, a lot of stories about my resemblance to Jessica came along. It was fun though”.

She added, “Of course Jessica knew about this too. During her trainee days, Jessica was told ‘There is someone who looks like you’ and upon hearing that, she actually came to look for me. Since then, there were so many stories about us looking alike. Nowadays, Jessica and I laugh along whenever we hear these Doppelganger stories”.


2009 SBS Gayo Daejun

December 29, 2009
SNSD and f(x) performing 'Sorry Sorry' at SBS Gayo Daejun 2009

SNSD and f(x) performing 'Sorry Sorry' at SBS Gayo Daejun 2009

I tried and tried and still, I failed to stream. So sad. Anyway, thanks to our friends for their fast uploads. At least I still get to watch something tonight although not Live :(

SNSD to perform on Music Core Jeju Island Special

December 4, 2009
Girls Generation (SNSD)

Girls' Generation (SNSD)

Yes, it’s been a while and SNSD is back on Music Core this Saturday for the Jeju Island Special show. The girls will be showing their power of 9 again by performing their hits ‘Genie (Tell Me Your Wish)’ and ‘Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee‘ . On the very same stage, JYP and T-ara will also be making a come back to Music Core. JYP will be performing his new single ‘No Love No More’ and T-ara with ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ from their Absolute First Album, which was released on December 1st. There will be 15 beautiful girls (9 + 6) singing and dancing on the beautiful island. Someone please fly me to Jejudo. Also, I wonder if they will be throwing a surprise for Yuri tomorrow. It’s her birthday tomorrow, 05/12/2009. Have a wonderful and enjoyable birthday in Jeju-do, Yuri!