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Taeyeon sings ‘And One’ for ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’

March 7, 2013

Once again, Taeyeon will be lending her voice for a drama’s original soundtrack! And this time, Taeyeon, who is gradually living up to the nickname of the new OST queen, will be singing for SBS drama ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’.

Taeyeon’s song for the drama, titled ‘And One’, described to have poetic and exquisite lyrics with sweet melody, was written and produced by fellow SM Entertainment labelmate Kangta and it will make an appearance in tonight’s episode (March 7th) of ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’.

‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’ is a melodrama series where two sad and hopeless people came to find the true meaning of love after meeting each other, starring big names like Jo Insung and Song Hyegyo, as well as Kim Bum and Jung Eunji.

‘And One’ is the next to be added to the list of soundtrack for the drama including ‘Gray Paper’ by Yesung, ‘Winter Love’ by The One, and ‘Snowflake’ by Gummy. Meanwhile, Taeyeon has made a name for herself in the OST world with her previous songs for dramas such as ‘Missing You Like Crazy’ for ‘The King 2 Hearts’ OST, ‘I Love You’ for ‘Athena: The Goddess of War’, ‘If’ for ‘Hong Gil Dong’ and many more.

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Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo and Taeyeon nominated in MAMA 2012!

October 23, 2012

With a little more than two months until the end of the year, music awards ceremonies are getting ready to take place to conclude the year of 2012. First up is the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) on November 30th at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

This upcoming MAMA ceremony, the fourth held annually with the past two in Macau and Singapore, will see the participation of many Kpop artists and it will be streamed live on Globat Mnet. The nominees of this year’s awards was announced at Incheon International Airport earlier today, October 23rd, at 5pm KST.

Girls’ Generation’s subunit trio TaeTiSeo were nominated for three awards, namely Best Female Group, Best Global Group (Female) and Artist of the Year while Taeyeon was nominated for Best OST with her solo song ‘Missing You Like Crazy’, which was included in the soundtrack of ‘The King 2 Hearts’.

Meanwhile, online voting begins today (October 23rd) and will end on November 28th. Vote for your favorite artists in their respective categories here!

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The One sings praises of ex-student Taeyeon!

October 4, 2012

Singer, The One, revealed his first impression of Taeyeon.

On YTN’s ‘News 12 – Issue and People’ aired on October 4th, The One, who was once a vocal trainer, talked about one of his students, Taeyeon.

During the programme, The One said, “Within the period of 10 years, I have taught over 400 artists including TVXQ, Super Junior, Sugar, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, etc and they were all bright students, especially Taeyeon.”

He continued, “While I was coaching her for 2-3 years when she was still in middle school, I knew she was different from the moment I saw the expressions in her eyes. She was very aware of the goals that she had to achieve and she kept her focus in achieving her goals.”


Taeyeon tops poll for looking younger than the maknae in the group!

September 26, 2012

Taeyeon was picked as the most young-looking ‘Unnie-dol’.

Community portal site ‘’ conducted a survey from September 18th to 25th to determine the big sister in girl groups who looks younger than the maknae (youngest member of a group).

Out of a total of 3,337 votes, 2,483 votes (74.4%) went to Taeyeon who topped the survey. In Girls’ Generation, it is known that Taeyeon has a small stature, cute-looking appearance and expressions as well as irresistable aegyo so she seems to give an impression that she is younger than the maknae of the group, Seohyun.

A Pink’s Park ChoRong came in 2nd with 204 votes (6.1%), followed by T-ara’s Boram in 3rd by garnering 104 votes (3.1%). Secret’s HyoSung, f(x)’s Victoria and Rainbow’s Go WooRi were placed 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.

In the male group category, JYJ’s Kim JaeJoong topped the poll.


Taeyeon performed ‘Closer’ on Inkigayo

September 16, 2012

On September 16th, Taeyeon greeted fans with a special stage of ‘Closer’ on SBS Inkigayo.

Taeyeon’s ‘Closer’ is an Original Soundtrack (OST) of SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘To The Beautiful You’ and it is also the love theme song for the main male and female character of the drama, Kim TaeJoon (played by SHINee’s Minho) and Goo JaeHee (played by f(x)’s Sulli).

With the song’s lyrical melody and Taeyeon’s delicate voice, the beautiful ballad creates a romantic atmosphere. Previously, Taeyeon has participated in several hit drama OSTs such as ‘If’, ‘Can You Hear Me ?’, ‘I Love You’, etc.


Taeyeon sings ‘Closer’ for the ‘To the Beautiful You’ OST!

September 5, 2012

The latest member of Girls’ Generation to participate in the ‘To The Beautiful You’ OST is Taeyeon with her solo song ‘Closer’, a song showing the affectionate relationship between the two main characters.

The song has been played since the fifth episode of the drama and it has made viewers curious with the latest OST addition. This song displays the love that one has promised forever and the well-suited lyrics adds to its charms.

Previously, Taeyeon showed her powerful vocals through other OST songs such as ‘Can you hear me’, ‘If’, ‘I love you’ and ‘Missing you like crazy’, which all turned into big hits.

Besides that, CSJH Dana’s ‘Maybe We’ is also released along with Taeyeon’s ‘Closer’ and it has also received attention after it was added to the 6th episode of the drama.

‘Closer’ and ‘Maybe We’ are released through online music sites at 12pm KST on September 5th. Check out the song on MelOn and Bugs.


TaeTiSeo: First Korean stars gracing Korean ‘Elle Girl’ cover

June 19, 2012

Having released their first mini album ‘Twinkle’ back in May, TaeTiSeo brought out their bright and lively charms for ‘Elle Girl’. Besides that, Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun are also the first Korean stars to be featured as the cover models for the Korean edition of ‘Elle Girl’, thus making this particularly issue a really meaningful one.

In the interview conducted along with the photo shoot, Taeyeon talked about TaeTiSeo’s activities as a unit group. She revealed, “Although there were pressure for being the representative of Girls’ Generation, we tried to enjoy the opportunities to sing to our heart’s content as much as possible while carrying out the activities.”

Meanwhile, other photos as well as the contents of the interview with Girls’ Generation – TTS will be available in the July edition of ‘Elle Girl’.


TaeTiSeo took part in ‘Be My Best Friend’ campaign

June 18, 2012

Girls’ Generation TTS and other stars joined hands to create awareness on showing love towards animals.

Besides TaeTiSeo, other stars from various fields such as Song JoongKi, Yoon DoHyun, Choi KangHee, Daniel Choi, 2PM’s JunHo, Park ShinHye, etc also participated in the pictorial shoot for ‘Be My Best Friend’, a campaign to promote love for animals by United Colors of Benetton.

Through this campaign, food supplies (1 tonne for each group of celebrity) will be donated in the names of the stars participated in the pictorial shoot to a protection center for abandoned dogs. Some of the revenues collected from the sales of the campaign’s merchandise will also be donated to the Society of Animal Freedom. The donation will be used for adoption and protection of abandoned dogs.


Taeyeon has the ideal image that men/boys look for in their university juniors

June 13, 2012

Netizens have picked Taeyeon as the female star who has the ideal image of a university junior that men/boys dream of.

Community portal site ‘DC Inside’ conducted a survey entitled ‘Who is the female star with the ideal image of a university junior that men/boys dream of?’ from June 5th to June 12th which saw a total of 26,436 votes cast. Taeyeon topped the poll with 9,020 votes (34.1%). In addition to her excellent singing ability, Taeyeon is a star who could melt any man’s heart with her cute appearance as well as her overflowing aegyo and charms. Besides that, she also received significant amount of supports from female fans for her easy going image.

Actress Lee YeonHee came in 2nd with 7,054 votes (26.7%) followed by Seohyun in 3rd with 4,693 votes (17.8%). Among others in the list of the poll were Kara’s Goo HaRa, miss A’s Suzy, IU, etc.