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Girls’ Generation successfully completes “2013 Girls’ Generation ‘Girls & Peace’ World Tour” in Taiwan!

July 22, 2013

Girls’ Generation has successfully concluded their “2013 Girls’ Generation ’Girls & Peace’ World Tour” in Taiwan!

In this second stop of the world tour, Girls’ Generation gave fantastic performances on the wonderfully choreographed stage production in front of more than 22,000 fans in the two concerts held on 20th and 21st July in Taipei Arena, where their previous two concert tours were also held.

The girls performed many of their hit songs including their popular title songs such as ‘Gee’, ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, ‘Hoot’, ‘Oh!’, ‘The Boys’ as well as the more recent ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘I Got A Boy’. On top of their numerous Korean songs, they also performed hit Japanese singles such as ‘Flower Power’, ‘Paparazzi’, ‘Love & Girls’ and more.

Fans showed their love and support by preparing various large-scale fan events which required tremendous amount of cooperation from the audiences including celebration of Girls’ Generation 6th anniversary with hand banners, forming members’ names with coloured papers, Tiffany’s birthday celebration and more unforgettable events.

A press conference was also held before the first concert on July 20th and it was attended by large numbers of the local media.

With the successful completion of the first two legs of the world tour in Korea and Taiwan, Girls’ Generation is expected to bring their passionate performances to more places around the world as they travel to meet their fans on their world tour.

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Jessica and Daniel Henney shared photos taken together from Burberry event in Taiwan!

April 27, 2012

A friendly photo of Daniel Henney and Girls’ Generation member Jessica has been revealed.

On April 27th, actor Daniel Henney uploaded a photo of him and Jessica together at the Burberry Fashion show in Taiwan, which was held on the evening of April 26th, to his Twitter account. He also included a comment, “Great event last night! Had fun w/Jessica from snsd…”

The released photo shows Daniel and Jessica being friendly and posing together, standing side-by-side. Seeing two good-looking people together has made netizens jealous.

Some of the netizens’ responses to the photo were, “Wow, they look good together”, “They are a good looking couple”, “That’s a good sight”, “Seeing Daniel and Jessica standing together makes them look like a couple”, and “I’m so jealous”.

Meanwhile, Jessica also left a message at the official Girls’ Generation website in the afternoon of April 27th, where she also uploaded a photo with Daniel Henney from the same event and she did not forget to thank the Taiwanese fans for their warm reception.

In her message, she said,
Had fun with Daniel :)
I had fun on my Taiwan schedule ^^ I am very thankful to all the Taiwan fans that greeted me so warmly~
I ate lots of delicious bubble tea and pineapple cake!
See you all again! ^^

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Girls’ Generation’s popularity in Taiwan and Japan proven yet again with music charts!

November 27, 2011

On November 27th, it was revealed that Girls’ Generation’s 3rd full album ‘The Boys’, released on the 19th last month, is ranked first on one of Taiwan’s three largest music chart, the G-Music Chart.

It is especially noticeable that their album has taken over popular top singers such as Jay Chou and Zhou Bi Chang, topping the chart with a deep implication. Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jay Chou’s new album ‘驚嘆號’ was ranked second, while Zhou Bi Chang’s album ‘黑擇明’ was ranked third and Westlife’s ‘Greatest Hits’ came in fourth.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation was once again proven to be the top K-pop girl group in Japan.

According to the ‘2011 Popular CD/DVD Rental Chart’ published by Tsutaya, Girls’ Generation’s ‘Mr Taxi/Run Devil Run’ and ‘Gee’ were ranked 4th and 9th respectively. Tsutaya is the biggest CD and DVD sales and rental market in Japan. The Tsutaya chart is considerably prestigious since rental of CDs and DVDs is more prevalent among fans in Japan compared to digital music.

Girls’ Generation is the only K-Pop in the Top 10, along with bestselling Japanese girlgroup AKB48 and the girls also topped the K-Pop artiste chart, ahead of KARA, FT Island, CNBLUE and Super Junior so this once again, proved their popularity in Japan.

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Super Dome thanks SONEs for SNSD’s successful 2nd tour in Taiwan

September 20, 2011

(Any official pictures for 2nd tour?)

Super Dome staff: Of course there will be photo sharing, we’ve already sent SM the photos, after some verification, we can post it for everyone!

(Do you remember what happened to YoonA when they reached the airport?)

Super Dome staff: I do remember, of course. When YoonA came out from the airplane, staffs realised that she wasn’t feeling well. After confirming with the Korean staffs, she was having a little flu then and her body was aching. She had injections on that day.

On the second day I asked the Korean staffs if she needed to go to the hospital, the staffs told me that she has fully recovered and we don’t have to worry!

Staff’s account:

Sone’s greatness… is growing continuously….

From the 1st tour to the 2nd, it’s not difficult to realise SNSD and SONE’s changes,

Seeing that the girls are becoming more mature, confident and enjoying their own stage performances, how about SONEs?

Just within 11 months, they were twice as fast when entering the stadium (it was surprising)!

I also discovered that female fans population grew after the 1st tour and there were also a lot of couples, spouses who came together!

SONEs at the first tour were enthusiastic and lively, yet SONEs at the second tour were better at organisation and unity. Besides just being enthusiastic, they became greater.

I was really touched at the scenes, feeling that 30,000 people are supporting them and being together with them, I enjoyed the performance too!

Some reporters who saw the performances of the SONEs and asked me, “How did they improve so much from last year? Exactly how much time did they spend preparing for the events?”

I replied him in pride, “Less than a week! Together with the generation of ideas and organisation, they took 2 months!”

Upon hearing my reply, the reporter was stunned and he made a conclusion, “You should take out some money and set up a company for them, there’s nothing they can’t do!”


I was happy and at the same time so proud that it seemed like my children getting 1st in their classes…!

I really have to thank the ‘Event committee’ who were involved in the planning and running of the events successfully this time.

I remember the 3 days we collaborated; we formed words, shouted fan chants, sang together and threw the pink ribbons together.

I remember the moment before the pink ribbon event, I saw an 80-year-old grandma at the yellow 2C area, who stood up, prepared, and throw the ribbons together with us..!

At that moment, I was 101% touched, to think that they could make an 80-year-old lady go “Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby baby baby”, they could make her return to her ‘Sonyeo’ times with SNSD – How amazing was their power?

Another point worth praising was the cleanliness of the stages.

Nearly no one threw towels or presents towards the stage, so I hope that we can achieve an absolute clean stage during the third tour!

However, I think that there is room for improvement during the third tour.

“Pink Ocean, is that really so difficult?”

This time, there were still a lot of purple, bluish light sticks in the pink ocean and some even brought lightboards, another with a super long light stick and others with horns of blue and pink lights.

Also, some forgot to turn off their lights after the word formation event…!

The Pink Ocean represents fans’ determination, also a form of respect for the girls.

What I don’t understand is that, since you can do it so well for ticketing and event practices, you should be able to ensure that your light stick is pink!

Lastly, I have to say thanks to all the fan clubs, because of your hard work, blood, sweat and tears, SONEs can have such a beautiful memory.

Even SNSD were so touched that they said, “This is the greatest treasure we got these years!”

Making them say this, I believe that our hard work and sacrifice of our sleeping hours were paid off,

Thank you very much!

I look forward to greater SONEs and Pink Ocean during the 3rd tour!

Super Dome staff 2011.09.20

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SNSD completed Taiwan concerts successfully, generating $3.5 million

September 14, 2011

Having completed their three concerts in Taiwan on the evening of September 11th, SNSD took an Asiana Airlines flight back to Korea from Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport at 1.30pm the next day, where they were greeted by over 500 waiting fans. At the sight of SNSD, they shouted, “Don’t go,” repeatedly. The girls waved back and smiled at fans, while also promising, “We will be back next year!”

The eight girls of SNSD, minus Sooyoung who is resting at home after an accident, flew to Taipei, Taiwan on the afternoon of September 8th. At the airport, the girls were surrounded by twelve security guards and sixty staff.

They held three consecutive concerts from September 9th to 11th as part of their ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ and sang a total of 32 of their hit songs during the 3-hour concerts in front of more than 31,000 fans.

The ticket sales for the concerts is estimated to have generated a staggering amount of NTD 93 million ($3.14 million) and along with the sales of official merchandises of about NTD 11 million ($372,000) , it was calculated that SNSD’s trip to Taipei  this time around made more than NTD 104 million ($3.51 million)!

This is SNSD’s second trip to Taiwan and they wanted to go sightseeing and shopping, especially at the landmark skyscraper Taipei 101, according to Hyoyeon, but due to the packed schedules, the plans had to be forfeited.

In the third and final concert on September 11th, SNSD and SONEs celebrated Hyoyeon’s birthday. Fans sang Happy Birthday in English, as well as forming her name in the audience using green cards. Despite having cake and icing on her face, thanks to her other members, Hyoyeon said happily, “Thank you for everyone’s wishes. I am really happy and I hope we can return to Taiwan for a concert next year with nine members.”

Also during the third concert, the girls were touched by fans’ special events such as forming the words “Don’t go” in Korean using green lightsticks among the pink ocean, as well as the sea of pink ribbons thrown by the audience. Even Taeyeon, who hardly ever cries, teared up at the gestures. The girls felt sorry for having to leave especially after seeing the efforts from fans and they said it is too bad they cannot turn back or stop time. However, they promised to come back as nine in the future.

Besides that, Taiwanese fanclubs’ support group spent NTD 330,000 ($11,000) in conjunction of the concerts.  From the total,  NTD 180,000 ($6,000) was spent on props and equipments for the special events during the concerts while the other NTD 150,000  ($5,000) was spent on food, mainly 21 local delicacies, including a refrigerator filled with various snacks and fruits.

During the press conference for the concerts on September 11th, the girls said the “Soshi Fridge” is very memorable to them. Taeyeon said, “We love to eat snacks and fruits so this special fridge is like a treasure chest to us. It was really creative!” while Sunny said, “The fridge will be auctioned and donated for charity in the future so we are really touched.”

The refrigerator with autographs from the eight members will be auctioned online at noon on September 24th with a starting price of NTD 9,999. The girls also mentioned that their favorite local food are the famous pineapple tarts and pearl milk tea!

Taiwanese SONEs also made a booklet to introduce the local delicacies, which was also translated into Korean. Fans provided various food support for three days, from main courses to snacks, prepared and delivered by 50 people with three vehicles. Some people joked that the girls were being treated as queens and even the presidential candidates will not get such special treatments!

During the concert, Tiffany said, “Thank you everyone for waiting a year for us! Taiwan is the first overseas stop for the second tour and I am really proud of you guys. We are actually very nervous because Sooyoung isn’t here. She is doing well and is recovering quickly because of your support.”

Tiffany and Hyoyeon were also spotted shopping at LV right after they touched down in Taipei. Tiffany, who seemed to have not shopped enough, said, “We only stayed for 10 minutes and there was already a huge crowd of fans!”

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Taiwan concert organiser Super Dome praises SNSD!

September 14, 2011

SNSD had just successfully concluded their three concerts in Taipei, Taiwan at the Taipei Arena from September 9th to 11th, as part of their 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour.

A representative from the concerts organizer, Super Dome, left a message on their website on the morning of September 14th, praising the girls for their professionalism and excellent performances.

The translation of the message is as follows:

Let’s Go Soshi, Let’s Go! (claps twice)

It has been an epic three days.
Truth be told, I saw more of SONEs than Soshi in these three days!

Let’s talk about the girls first.
In this second tour, it is quite obvious that the eight girls are enjoying their performances in Taiwan more compared to last year. The staff also felt their happiness from the moment they landed in Taiwan as they were singing happily in the vehicles and no one had the chance to sleep! It was really merry!

The girls had their concert rehearsal on September 8th and they rehearsed from 6.30pm to 10.50pm later that night. Everyone was rehearsing seriously, especially for their solo performances.
(Too bad Sooyoung couldn’t be there to perform her beautiful and sexy ballroom dance!)
Compared to the rehearsal of the first tour last year, each and everyone of the girls were more certain of their positions during performances, as well as their interactions.

I can still remember their rehearsal during the first tour last year. It was half a year since their previous concert in their tour so the members’ positions were off during rehearsal and they kept bumping into one another (laughs). Their improvements over a year is really amazing!

9/9, 9/10, 9/11
Throughout the three days of concert, I was quite worried about the girls’ staminas, just in case anyone gets too fatigued from the performances…
However, miraculously, the girls performed more and more passionately over the three days! SONEs’ loving support and cheers were the best battery for the girls!

In this second tour, the girls were not only performing on stage but they were also having lots fun! They interacted and played with each other and with SONEs too! It should be every fan’s dream to see their favourite artistes perform on stage, as well as enjoy and have fun while doing so!

The girls’ Chinese (Mandarin) improved a lot during this second tour and this certainly showed their sincerity. Looking at every girl and their Chinese speeches during the concert, I think their Chinese skills probably improved ten times compared to the first tour!

I must specially mention Hyoyeon’s Chinese. She wrote “I love you all!” in Chinese on the “Soshi fridge” along with her signature and her handwriting was very pretty! Hyoyeon was really cute and confident during her performances in Taipei. On the last day of the concert, the girls were busy putting icing from the birthday cake on her face but she still managed to smile blissfully and ate the cake and icing on her face. This goes to show how much she appreciated the birthday surprise SONEs prepared for her.

In this second tour, I think every girl did very well and scored extra points. Everyone looked like dolls who came out from their MVs but they were far cuter and friendlier in real life. (It’s not fair! and yet we’re all females…)

I’ll just write about the girls today. Will write about SONEs soon. I am flying to Nanjing for Jolin Tsai’s concert today… Because of Soshi, I didn’t dare to leave Taiwan for quite some time…

There will be a third tour, so please don’t worry about it! Also, people asked if Super Dome recorded footages from the concert. The answer? Yes we did film some, to supply to the media. However, the footages are only for media’s usage and we definitely do not have the rights to produce a DVD. We do not have the confidence to produce one as well but we will try to discuss it with the Korean side.

Super Dome representative, Hou Wen-yen 14th Sept. 2011


More than 30,000 fans turned up for 3-day concert in Taipei Arena

September 13, 2011

’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour in Taipei’ which was held in Taipei Arena from September 9th to 11th received explosive response from the fans. The 3-day concert attracted a total of 31,000 fans.

SNSD are the first foreign girl group to have a 3-day concert and recorded the biggest turnout so far. Originally, only 2 concerts were planned but due to the overwhelming demand and support for the girls, another concert was added on September 9th.

At the concert, SNSD performed their hit songs such as ‘Gee’, ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’, ‘Oh!’, etc as well as songs from their Japanese album such as ‘Bad Girl’, ‘The Great Escape’, etc. Also, each member graced the stage with their unique solo performances.

On the first day of the concert, fans formed the word ‘소녀시대9′ (2nd day – ‘FOREVER’, 3rd day – ‘가지마요><’) using green lightsticks. On the second day, the atmosphere was heated up further when fans held papers with the message ‘Your SONE’ (1st day – ‘Welcome back, We Miss You So Much’) written on them.

On the third day, after the final performance of ‘It’s Fantastic’, pink ribbons were thrown towards the stage and the whole venue was filled with pink. Also, before the girls left the stage, a surprised birthday party was organized for Hyoyeon who will be turning 22 on September 22nd. SONEs and Soshi together sang the birthday song in English for Hyoyeon.


[UPDATED] Taipei, put it back on!

August 24, 2011

Good news Taiwanese SONEs!

As announced on Monday July 25th, the Taiwanese stop of the ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ will be held on September 10th and 11th at the Taipei Arena!

The girls had just completed the first two concerts for their ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ at the Olympic Park Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul last weekends.

The news was reported in major Taiwanese media, in newspaper and on TV news, on Monday, much to the joy of fans in the region.

The success of the Seoul concerts were also reported on TV along with the announcement of the September concerts in Taipei, Taiwan.

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UPDATE 1: Ticketing details announced!

More details about the ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ in Taipei was announced yesterday.

The two concerts are scheduled to be held at the Taipei Arena at 7pm on September 10th and 3pm on September 11th local time.

The tickets for both concerts, priced at NT$4,500, NT$3,800, NT$2,800, NT$1,800 and NT$800, will go on sale at 12pm on August 13th at 7-ELEVEN ibon kiosks in Taiwan.

Super Dome members verified through emails and calls/smses before August 5th are qualified to preorder the tickets. Please check their website for more updates and details on this.

However, each member is limited to four tickets.


UPDATE 2: Third concert added!

Due to explosive demand, SNSD are set to perform three concerts at Taipei Arena for their ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ concert. The Taipei leg of the tour will kick off on September 9th from 7.30pm to 10.30pm (Taiwan local time). Tickets for the concert on September 9th will be sold through 7-Eleven ibon machines, starting August 27th from 1pm onwards.

Upon receiving the news, netizens commented, “Indeed, SNSD’s popularity is great”, “Performing 3 concerts. Awesome!”, “In Korea, they only performed 2 concerts but in overseas, they are performing 3 concerts… It’s not fair!”, “Let us have 3 concerts in Korea too, OK?”, “It will be tough on the girls”, etc.


20,000 tickets in Taiwan grabbed in a couple of hours despite glitchy ticketing system

August 17, 2011

SNSD will be rocking the Taipei Arena in Taiwan once again this September!

A total of 20,000 tickets for the two concerts, scheduled on September 10th and 11th, were sold out in under two and a half hours when they became available for sale last Saturday and many believed that it would have been a lot quicker if it wasn’t for the glitches in the ticketing system.

Those who did not manage to get a ticket registered themselves on the waiting list immediately and within one day, the waiting list had exceeded 6,000 people. Thus, fans shook their heads at their bad luck and commented, “Some things cannot be bought with money.”

To catch a glimpse of the girls in their second concert in Taiwan, after the first Asia Tour last year, many fans waited for hours before the tickets went on sale outside the thousands of convenience stores around Taiwan, where the ticketing kiosks were located.

A lucky male fan, who managed to secure his concert ticket, said happily, “So what if I don’t have a girlfriend? It is enough to get a Zone C standing ticket in SNSD’s concert!”

But not everyone was lucky enough to get a ticket to the concerts. Some braved the rain and skipped class or work just to line up at the convenience stores but mostly failed to get tickets due to the faulty ticketing system.

An annoyed fan, who failed to get tickets twice in a row for two years, made a Hitler parody video with fictional Chinese subtitles to express her unhappiness with the ticketing system. The video has since accumulated over 200,000 views since last year with most viewers agreeing with her opinions on the matter.

Another unhappy fan made yet another Hitler parody, where the famous historical figure angrily said, “I became a member (of the concert organizer Superdome) 800 years ago and yet I couldn’t get a ticket but those black market ticket sellers managed to do so!” and “The waiting list has exceeded 6,000 people. Isn’t this too much?”

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