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Have you taken SNSD Proficiency Test ?

January 31, 2011

Have you heard of Soshi Proficiency Test? If you have not, read further. Well if you have, there is no harm reading more about it either.

Recently,’SNSD Proficiency Test’ had surfaced on SNSD’s DC Inside Gallery and various online entertainment boards. The questions centered on SNSD members as well as their hit songs. There are 20 questions in total and The questions are arranged in sequence based on different levels of difficulties. Some of the problems in the test requires the ‘candidate’ to select the group that won the Daesang at the Seoul Music Awards, members’ birthdays,matching the name of lyricists, arranging sequence of the songs, etc.

Netizens who saw the post commented, “I’m also going to get my knowledge certfied” and “This is fun. Whoever created this is awesome”.

If you wish to try out the test yourself, you can download it HERE!

Credit: Inside