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MBC Korean Music Wave in Google concluded successfully!

May 22, 2012

The ‘MBC Korean Music Wave in Google’ concert took place at 11am KST on May 22nd (local time, 7pm PDT on May 21st) in Shoreline Amphitheater, California, USA and was aired live worldwide simultaneously through YouTube.

On the previous day, SM artists performed at the ‘SM Town Live World Tour III in Los Angeles’ held at Honda Center in Anaheim in front of more than 12,000 fans. For the two concerts, the girls had to perform with only seven members as Yuri and YoonA were busy with their drama shoots.

The girls opened their performances with the English version of ‘The Boys’ and they covered YoonA and Yuri’s parts professionally throughout the song. Without an interpreter, the girls had some great time interacting with the audience.

Girls’ Generation then continued to captivate the audience with ‘Mr. Taxi’ and ‘Gee’. During the early part of their ‘Gee’ performance, there was a technical problem with the microphone. Nonetheless, the members kept their focus, showing no signs of panic and wrapped up their performances professionally.

‘MBC Korean Music Wave in Google’ was hosted by Taeyeon and Tiffany with great performances by some of the biggest stars of Kpop such as Girls’ Generation,TVXQ, Wonder Girls, Kara, Beast, MBLAQ, Sistar, f(x) and Super Junior. During Girls’ Generation’s performances the number of viewers rose to more than 119,000, which was the highest figure observed throughout the concert.

For those who did not manage to catch the girls’ brilliant performances, check out the video below:


‘The Boys’ recorded sales over 400,000 copies, the first in GaOn Chart’s history for a single album

May 11, 2012

Girls’ Generation’s 3rd album ‘The Boys’ has recorded sales exceeding 400,000 copies to date.

Released on October 19th, 2011, ‘The Boys’ topped GaOn’s Annual Album Chart last year with sales of 385,348 copies. Since then till April this year, sales of 205,194 copies were recorded, bringing the tally to 410,542 copies.

A representative of GaOn Chart said, “Since GaOn started tracking album sales in 2010, Girls’ Generation is the only artist to have broken the 400,000 copies mark for a single album (not inclusive of repackaged album)”.


Girls’ Generation’s ‘The Boys’ and ‘Mr. Taxi’ practice videos unveiled!

March 20, 2012

Girls’ Generation’s dance practice video of ‘Mr.Taxi’ and ‘The Boys’ has garnered huge attention among fans and netizens.

On an online community forum, the videos of Girls’ Generation practicing the choreography of their 3rd album’s follow-up songs, ‘Mr.Taxi’ and ‘The Boys’ were published recently. In the videos posted, the girls were seen practicing their dance moves in ordinary clothing.

With the charismatic dance moves, the practice videos reminded us of their actual performances on stage and it would never fail to captivate and overwhelm anyone watching it. In their comfortable training attires and wearing no make-up on their faces, the girls’ natural looks have attracted much attention.

Netizens who saw the practice video commented, “Even if I watch it again, they are really pretty”, “Sooyoung, the queen of ordinary fashion. She shines even in training attires only”, etc.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation are currently busy with their individual activities.

Check out the practice videos here!

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Girls’ Generation’s ‘The Boys’ featured in British daily ‘The Guardian’

March 15, 2012

A British daily, ‘The Guardian’ recommended Girls’ Generation’s ‘The Boys’.

On March 14th, in the song introduction corner of ‘The Guardian’ called ‘Now Listening: Reader Playlist’, the main artist selected for this week is none other than our 9 beautiful angels. Every week, this corner invites a reader to recommend the songs they have been listening to.

Along with the music video of ‘The Boys’, Guardian also stated, “Girls’ Generation, having already conquered Asia, are currently taking first steps to cracking the west with their latest single ‘The Boys’. Eschewing the standard four-member lineup of typical girl groups, Korea’s finest boast nine impeccably groomed, perfectly pitched and exquisitely choreographed young ladies who deal exclusively in hypnotically catchy numbers. Less a band, more a force of nature.”


Girls’ Generation’s 1st Japanese album and repackaged version to be available in Korea on February 9th

February 9, 2012

Girls’ Generation’s Japanese album and its repackaged will be available on the Korean market starting February 9th.

SM Entertainment stated, “1st Japanese studio album ‘Girls’ Generation’ and the repackaged album ‘Girls’ Generation: The Boys’ will be available in Korea on February 9th, where each of the album will be available in 2 editions (CD only and CD with DVD).”

‘Girls’ Generation’ consists of 12 songs, which includes hits such as the Japanese versions of ‘Gee’, ‘Genie’, ‘Run Devil Run’, as well as other new songs such as ‘You-aholic’, ‘Let It Rain’, etc. In addition, the music videos for ‘Mr.Taxi’, ‘Gee’ and ‘Genie’ will be included in the DVD.

The repackaged album has 15 tracks in total where it consists of the Japanese version of ‘The Boys’ as well as new song ‘Time Machine’ and the remix versions of ‘Mr. Taxi’, ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘The Great Escape’.

Released in June last year, ‘Girls’ Generation’ went into the history book for being an album by a foreign artist which recorded the high sales in the first week of release on Oricon in Japan. Girls’ Generation is also the first Korean girl group to have taken the no.1 spot on Oricon Weekly Album Chart. Within just a month, the album which recorded sales of more than 500,000 copies and was certified ‘Double Platinum’ by RIAJ. Along with the repackaged album, 1 million copies of the album were shipped out as of December 2011. The girls’ 1st Japanese studio album broke another record when it was placed within the top 10 of Oricon Weekly Album Chart for 17 weeks.


Girls’ Generation is excited to perform in front of European fans!

February 9, 2012

“We can’t wait to perform ‘The Boys’ and ‘Mr.Taxi’ for the first time in Paris,” revealed an excited Tiffany who couldn’t wait to deliver the performances of the new hit songs in front of the French fans for the very first time.

Tiffany met up with Sports Donga ahead of the KBS ‘Kpop Festival Music Bank in Paris’, which was held in Palais Omnisports Paris Bercy Stadium at 8pm on February 8th (Paris local time).

Tiffany said, “Since this is the first time that we will be performing ‘The Boys’ and ‘Mr.Taxi’, as well as other new songs in front of our fans in Europe, we are really thrilled and excited. As we have been making preparations for quite a long period, we hope the fans would enjoy our performances.”

Girls’ Generation’s participation in SM Entertainment’s first joint-concert in Europe ‘SM Town Live World Tour in Paris’ along with TVXQ, SHINee, etc in June last year, made huge headlines and garnered a lot of attention.

Tiffany added, “As Girls’ Generation’s album will be released on February 13th in France and followed by promotional activities after that, these performances are very important to us. This is our second time performing here, so we are determined to present better performances and we also wish to get even closer with our European fans.”

Besides KBS ‘Music Bank in Paris’, the girls are also scheduled to appear on French popular talk show, Canal+’s ‘Le Grand Journal’ on February 9th, as well as France2′s main news ‘Le Journal De 20H’.

In addition to these, Tiffany also expressed her excitement and joy as Sooyoung will be celebrating her birthday in France on February 10th.

All the representatives of the 8 groups who will be performing at the ‘KBS ‘Music Bank in Paris’ were present at the press conference which was held earlier. The representatives were – Tiffany (Girls’ Generation), JongHyun (SHINee), JunHo (2pm), KiKwang (Beast), JiHyun (4minute), Soyeon (T-ara), Kevin (UKiss) and Hyorin (Sistar).

The press conference was also attended by journalists and reporters from France and overseas media group such as Canal, France2, France24, Japan Life Style, Le Monde Magazine, M6, Paris Match, Radio France, RTL, TF1, TV5 Monde, etc.

The KBS ‘Kpop Festival Music Bank in Paris’ will be aired in 2 parts, each 80 mins (total 160 minutes) on February 18th, starting 11.05pm KST.


Sooyoungster detected: Simon Curtis

February 6, 2012

American actor and singer, Simon Curtis has completely fallen for Sooyoung.

On February 5th, Simon Curtis gave a reaction by retweeting a picture of him and Sooyoung made by fans along with the message, “Haha amazing”.

Before this, Curtis tweeted on February 4th, “I know today is Madonna day, but I can’t tear myself away from Girls’ Generation & their Letterman performance.”, suggesting that he was watching a video of Girls’ Generation performance on CBS’ ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ aired on January 31st.

He further tweeted, “Whoa, so many people reacting to my love for Girls Generation right now… where did this come from?! Lol. *does the dance from The Boys” and “I would share my favorite Girls Generation member, but i have yet to learn their names. Sigh. So much perfection.”

Simon Curtis then revealed his admiration towards Sooyoung by stating, “Okay, my favorite is the chick with the black hair on the left at 0:41 -whats her name?! *she does the hair flip”, hoping to get an answer from his Twitter followers. After fans told him that the girl in the video was Sooyoung, Curtis responded, “Ahh Sooyoung. Thanks guys! Now I can rave about obsessed I am with her. <3. She is the ULTIMATE” and even called Sooyoung ‘a goddess’ in his mention to a Twitter user.

On February 5th, he also tweeted, “I love how my timeline has been filled with Sooyoung links for 24 hours now. Dying with Korean bubblegum love”.


Girls’ Generation spent meaningful time with fans at Union Square, New York

February 4, 2012

At 7pm (New York local time) on February 2nd, Girls’ Generation’s 1st fan signing event in America took place at a record store within ‘Best Buy’ at Union Square, New York. About 1300 fans flocked to the venue to participate in the event.

To catch a glimpse of the girls, fans started to form a queue since the early morning and for the sake of the fans’ safety, New York’s police officers came to the venue to make sure everything was in order. In addition to that, ‘Best Buy’ halted all sales operations for safety reason.

A staff of ‘Best Buy’ said, “To this day, many fan signing events took place here but this is the first time since Lady Gaga’s event that we had to stop all sales activities for the safety of the fans”.

During the event which took place for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, Girls’ Generation greeted and shook hands with the American fans as well as spending some meaningful time by interacting with the fans directly.

Meawhile, for this promotional activities in United States, Girls’ Generation have appeared on main American TV channels such as CBS, ABC and NBC as well as interviews with various American media as well as ‘Meet and Greet’ sessions with influential club and radio DJs, broadcasting officials, promoters, etc. Girls’ Generation concluded all their American promotion schedules with the fan signing event which took place in ‘Best Buy’ outlet at Union Square, New York.


[Interview] Girls’ Generation, “We want to go on a world tour!”

February 3, 2012

“Were we intimidated by the audience?” (Tiffany)

“Not at all! We enjoyed the stage.”

It was just as expected from Korea’s top girl group Girls’ Generation, as they appeared one after another on main American talk shows. On January 31st, the girls appeared on CBS’s show ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ showing a strong and synchronized performance, and then appeared on ‘Live! with Kelly’ the next morning on February 1st grabbing the attention of viewers across America. Of course, wherever Girls’ Generation went, a crowd of fans also followed. After their recording at ABC, Joongang Daily met up with Girls’ Generation at their hotel.

It is the first time that a Korean artist appeared on all three main broadcasts, how do you feel?
Tiffany: I guess since I grew up in America being told that we would be appearing on these shows made me cry.

Weren’t you nervous?
Sooyoung: Because it was a live performance we felt a little bit of pressure. And on top of that it was David Letterman Show’s 30th anniversary so that just made it even more nerve wrecking.
Tiffany: During the rehearsals we were all jetlagged, but once the camera started rolling, we all screaming and just enjoying ourselves.
Taeyeon: It was the first time that we had performed this song with a live band, so it was very exciting for all of us. If another opportunity arises, we wish to perform with the live band again.

What kind of conversation did you share with David Letterman?
Jessica: Mr. Letterman shook our hands and told us that our performance was ‘absolutely fantastic’. We were all happy after hearing that.

How was the talk show with Kelly Ripa?
Seohyun: It was fun when we were teaching Kelly one of our dance moves. We all enjoyed ourselves. And a lot of our fans were also in the crowd, so it really gave us strength when we heard them singing along and cheering us on.

The audiences’ reaction was very hot.
Tiffany: We were only able to get this far due to our loyal and passionate fans. Wherever we go, they were always with us giving us strength. But we were really surprised to hear our fans cheering from inside the American TV studios.

Last year you performed at Madison Square Garden and now three main broadcasting stations. What is your next goal?
Yuri: We want to start an American tour, and dreaming a bit bigger, our big hope is to also do a world tour.
Taeyeon: We travel a lot overseas for our solo concert as well as other performances so there is one little thing that I wish to accomplish. And that is going on a world tour in our own private plane. (laughs)

In order to increase your activities in the US, wouldn’t you need to study more English?
Tiffany: We are studying hard in order to do our interviews all in English. There are a few members that are especially good at learning languages, such as Sooyoung and Seohyun.
Sooyoung: Thank you! (smiles)

Do you have plans on releasing an English album?
Tiffany: We do have plans on releasing an American album around spring or summer. Please look forward to its release.

Having nine members and having to always be around each other, do you get into fights or arguments?
Yuri: Of course we do. But because we all grew up together from such a young age we’re all pretty much sisters. We know what the other wants just by looking at their eyes.
Tiffany: Just like any family, if there is a mischievous and cheeky member, there’s also the kind and gentle older sister-like figure. We’re just one big family.

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