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Girls’ Generation thanks fans for the win in YouTube Music Awards!

November 4, 2013

After Tiffany accepted the ‘Video of the Year’ award on behalf of Girls’ Generation at the YouTube Music Awards today, Girls’ Generation members took to their social networking accounts as well as the Girls’ Generation official account to express their gratitude to fans, who voted continuously for almost two weeks.

Taeyeon posted on her Instagram account:

[TRANSLATION] Girls’ Generation was able to receive the ‘Video of the Year’ award at the YouTube Music Awards!! kkya! Thank you so much to the many people who shared the video for days, and, as expected, SONEs are worldwide. SONEs who always make us move! And all the people who worked hard for the music video, thank you very very much. #ytma #IAmGirlsGeneration

Meanwhile, Sunny posted on Twitter:

Thank you!!!! SONE jjang (the best)♥ Thank you #sone♥ you guys are BEST!!!!! “@YouTube: VIDEO OF THE YEAR: “I Got a Boy” by Girls’ Generation #YTMA”

Yuri also wrote her message in English in Instagram:

today is a celebration for all our 소원s around the world! it feels like a dream come true..this will forever be a UNFORGETTABLE DAY!! thanku♥

Besides that, Sooyoung left her message on Girls’ Generation’s official website:

[TRANSLATION] Thank you for presenting us with a heart-felt day^^♥
Thanks to you, Soshi never feels lonely..hehe
Thanks to SONE, we’ve added on another proud title!!
I couldn’t be happier…^^

Once again
thank u so much for all your support and love^-^♥

Right now is Girls’ Generation!!

And finally, maknae Seohyun also left her messages, twice on Twitter and on the official website.

In her second tweet in English, she said:

Thank you again to our amazing fans all over the world who voted for GG to win a YTMA for “I Got a Boy”! love u guys❤

Congratulations again, girls! You deserved the award! And to SONEs, everyone did a great job!

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Welcome to Twitter, Seohyun!

November 4, 2013

SONEs worldwide have a lot of reasons to celebrate today on November 4th! Not only did Girls’ Generation walk away with ‘Video of the Year’ award at the YouTube Music Awards, Girls’ Generation’s maknae also started her Twitter account (@sjhsjh0628)!

In her first tweet, Seohyun thanked fans worldwide for their support for the win at the YouTube Music Awards and she promised to repay fans with better music and performances in the future.

Seohyun’s Twitter account was later verified when fellow member Sunny followed her, as well as the official SMTown twitter account (@SMTOWNGLOBAL) and Super Junior members Donghae and Yesung.

With Seohyun’s Twitter account, she became the sixth Girls’ Generation member to have a public social networking account and the second on active Twitter accounts, after Sunny.

Welcome to Twitter, Seohyun!


Girls’ Generation make em’ feel the heat on Music Bank

October 21, 2011

The 9 goddesses announced their return to KBS ‘Music Bank’ with a powerful comeback stage!

On October 21st, SNSD performed their very first live performance of ‘The Boys’ on KBS ‘Music Bank’ since its release on October 19th.

The 9 girls took the stage with each of them wearing completely different costumes, emphasizing their respective personalities and awed the audience with their strong, powerful and charismatic performance. Besides ‘The Boys’, SNSD also performed the Korean version of ‘Mr.Taxi’ for the first time on a music show.

The girls’ comeback on ‘Music Bank’ was made even more special when ‘GIRLS ARE BACK’ and ‘BRING THE BOYS OUT’ went on to become the trending topics on Twitter. Also, as of 8pm KST, the music video for the Korean version of ‘The Boys’ had surpassed 7.6 million views in less than 3 days.


It ain’t over yet?

April 7, 2011

Yonghwa is still keeping Seohyun in his heart it seems.

Recently, CN Blue revealed their true feelings through Cable TV Mnet’s ‘M!Countdown”s Twitter account. In reply to a question ‘Who will be cheering for me on stage today?’, CN Blue members picked Seohyun over Kim YunA and Kil RaIm.

Yonghwa and Seohyun’s last episode on MBC ‘We Got Married Season 2′ was aired on April 2nd, where the Goguma couple gave each other a farewell hug as tears came rolling down their cheeks.

On the answer given, netizens commented, “Ah! Jung Yonghwa expressed his feeling this way”, “CN Blue seemed to miss Seohyun too”, “They are a very compatible couple…”, “YongSeo couple, please come back again!”, etc.


The world celebrates Kim Taeyeon’s birthday

March 9, 2011

On her 23rd Birthday, SONEs all over the world joined hands to put ‘Kim Taeyeon’ on Twitter’s worldwide trending list. Besides ‘Kim Taeyeon’, ‘SNSD Sooyoung’ was also on the top 10 list.

At 12am KST on March 9th, International fans tweeted, “It’s now March 9th in Korea. All SNSD fans, please retweet”. Not only in English there were also tweets in many other languages such as Spanish, Thai, hangul, etc with messages such as, “Happy Birthday”, “Taeyeon Unnie, I love you” and various warm birthday greetings for the Kid Leader.

According to a real-time Twitter trend statistic site,, ‘Kim Taeyeon’ trended at no.2 worldwide at 9am KST. Based on the statistic, ‘Kim Taeyeon’ stayed in the top 10 trending list for about 8 hours. Besides ‘Kim Taeyeon’, ‘SNSD Sooyoung’ was also in the list, securing the 8th spot.

Meanwhile, Kwangdong Pharmaceuticals sent a birthday greeting to Taeyeon via their official Twitter account and attached a cute photo of Taeyeon with Vita500 in her left hand. On March 9th, Kwangdong Pharmaceuticals tweeted, “Today is Vita500′s model, Taeyeon’s birthday. She’s pretty, isn’t she? Miss Taeyeon, happy birthday”.

Fancafes ‘Cistus’, ‘Hwasooeunhwa’ and ‘Hwaitaeng’ on the other hand published an ad on newspaper to convey their birthday greetings to Taeyeon. In Taeyeon’s name, the fancafes donated 1 million Won each to Green Umbrella Children’s FOundation in Chungbook and Jeonbook region via Happy Bean, a campaign created by Naver where users collect imaginary beans which can be used to purchase items for charity organizations.


Better late than never

March 7, 2011

Kwangdong Pharmaceuticals, in conjunction with Sooyoung’s birthday on February 10th, revealed a photo via the company’s official Twitter account.

At 9.30am KST on February 7th, Kwangdong Pharmaceuticals tweeted, “Sooyoung, a member of Vita500 models, SNSD celebrated her birthday in February^^ Although this is a bit late, we will reveal a really fresh photo of her in conjunction with her birthday^^. She’s really pretty~ Who will be next?”.

In the photo released, Sooyoung who put on a cute hat was holding a bottle of Vita500 and a magnifying glass with a pretty smile on her face. Netizens who saw the photo commented, “The photo revealed is really nice”, “For other members’ birthdays, will they upload photo like this as well?”, etc.


[UPDATED] #SNSDtoMY topped Twitter’s worldwide trending topic list

February 1, 2011

Not sure what #SNSDtoMY means? It simply means ‘SNSD to Malaysia‘ and the hashtag went on to top Twitter’s world wide trending topic list, just 30 minutes after the first SONESEATrending The SEA‘ project kicked off at January 29h, 12am KST!

It was a success not only for Malaysian SONEs, but also South East Asia and all the SONEs in the world. It has been proven once again that Kpop is dominating the world stage and SNSD’s popularity have increased tremendously in the past couple of years. Malaysian SONEs have been dreaming of seeing the girls live in person for almost 4 years and it is time to have their voices heard. That effort was being channeled and echoed to the rest of the world through SONESEA, the South East Asia SNSD Fan Union‘s project ‘Trending The Sea‘ which started on January 29th at 12am KST. #SNSDtoMY being the first-leg of the project. For two months, there will be trending projects for the rest of the countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, etc where fans in the countries in this region are very ‘hungry’ and ‘determined’ to go all out just to catch a glimpse of the girl.

As mentioned earlier, the victory belonged to all SONEs in the world. Due to the passion and love for the girls, SONEs joined hands and helped out one another to make their dreams come true. Like Tiffany said, strong chemistry and team work is the strength and key to a firm foundation of a group. Indeed this also applies to SONEs. Fans have been standing side by side supporting and loving the girls for almost 4 years now and #SNSDtoMy’s success on Twitter along with other successful activities such as Soshified’s meet-ups, NorCal SONEs flashmob, etc are the indication of how united SONEs are.

As there will be more trending projects coming up, it will be awesome to see #SNSDtoTH, #SNSDtoINA, #SNSDtoVN, #SNSDtoSG, #SNSDtoPH, etc taking the no.1 worldwide trending topic spot as well. Let’s turn those wishes into realities, SONEs.

Hopefully, these efforts will be translated into the realization of dreams for the SONEs in South East Asia.

UPDATE 1: #SNSDtoMY’s no.1 trending on Twitter being featured on Malaysian newspaper

The news of #SNSDtoMY‘s successful trending exercise on Twitter had garnered attention from local Malaysian newspaper, Borneo Post. On February 1st, an article on it was published. The sensitivity and awareness of the media to the Kpop reactions in various countries is important in cultivating interest and spreading the Korean Wave and of course, the Soshi love as well. Here’s a scan of the article.

Credit: IQ_of_62@Twitter (Screencap)/Borneo Post

‘Death Note’ Director named SNSD as the best idol for the past 50 years

January 31, 2011

Shusuke Kaneko, the Director of ‘Death Note‘ who is also a big fan of SNSD tweeted about the girls recently.

On January 25th, Kaneko tweeted, “Although I’m saying this while I’m drunk, SNSD is the best idol group in the past 50 years (among singers)”.

He also tweeted earlier, on January 19th about the girls’ newly released MV for Intel Collaboration Song ‘Visual Dreams’. In his tweet, he mentioned, “I managed to watch the full version PV for SNSD’s new song ‘Visual Dream’. It’s advanced. Aren’t they going to release a Japanese version PV for ‘Run Devil Run’?”

Kaneko-san is current using a picture of the girls in Hanbok as his profile picture on Twitter. In his profile, he described himself as ‘SNSD fan, Film Director’. The well-known Japanese director had been tweeting a lot about SNSD.

Besides SNSD, he also showed his concerns towards Kara. On January 20th, Kaneko tweeted, “I have no idea but Kara seems to be in a serious situation”. On January 27th, he tweeted again but this time he was comparing SNSD and Kara’s songs. He stated, “The Japanese version of Kara’s songs are easier from Japanese to remember and sing along”.

Last year, after SNSD’s first showcase in Tokyo, Director Kaneko wrote in his photoblog, “I was stunned by SNSD’s stage performance. They were overflowing with charm on stage”.

UPDATE 1: Director Kaneko gave Shoujo Jidai 9/10!

Knowing that he is a big fan of SNSD, took a step further and asked a few questions via Twitter.On a scale of 1 to 10, Director Kaneko gave Shoujo Jidai a near-perfect score of 9/10! Best idol in the past 50 years and scoring 9/10, who can realistically defeat these girls?

When asked about his favorite member, Shusuke Kaneko’s reply was , “I don’t want to decide that”, indicating that he loves all the 9 girls equally. It has been a fun twitter-interview session with the ‘Death Note’ Director and in the future, hopes that there will be more chances to carry out this fun and friendly interview again. In one of the replies, Kaneko-san even quoted a line from ‘Oh!’.


Shoujo Jidai among Korean artists who conquered Japan’s Twitter community

December 23, 2010

According to Japan’s Twitter Search Statistic Site,, JYJ’s Hero Jaejoong was ranked 1st in the ‘famous individual’ category this year. Besides Jaejoong, there are many other Korean stars who made it within the top 10. Kara came in 3rd, SNSD in 5th, TVXQ in 7th and JYJ’s Xiah Junsu secured the 10th spot.

SNSD and Kara’s massive popularity in Japan is proven as they were among the top 3 Korean artists ranked within top 5 of the list. In 2010, SNSD who debuted in Japan in September, have released 2 Japanese singles ‘Genie‘ and ‘Gee‘ where both singles recorded sales exceeding 100,000 copies and received the Golden Certificates from Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) for such feats. In August, SNSD’s first Japanese showcase recorded a total attendance of 22,000 at Ariake Coliseum and ever since then, the girls are enjoying increasing popularity in Japan. In addition to that, SNSD’s newly released Licensed Japanese Edition 3rd Mini Album ‘Hoot‘ recorded a massive sale of 21,271 copies on the first day, putting the at #2 on Oricon Daily Album Chart.

Due to the increasing popularity, it is not surprising that these girls have become one of the hottest hot search items on Twitter and have since turning some Japanese celebrities into their fans as well.

Credit: (statistic only)